Recall the adage a picture is worth a thousand words. The veracity of the statement is found in a photograph which is all over the internet this morning.

It bears out the “utter desperation” which presently exists at Kabul Airport.

The picture is of the inside of the body of an American C-17. The plane had taken off. Six hundred forty persons in the picture. Actually, 640 heads. A sea of heads.

A C-17 is obviously a huge plane. Some how the 640 got on board. They were not suppose to. The plane was already moving down the runway to take off. A decision had to be made. The crew made the decision to go.

Six hundred forty lives saved from suffering, many from death.

Yesterday, I danced around the point the U.S. has lost all but one war it had engaged in since World War II. That was Grenada. A bunch of old ladies could have won the war. Grenada is a small island in the Caribbean. An insignificant army. The war ended in a very few days.

All other post World War II wars the U.S. has engaged in have developed into disasters. The U.S. lost. Korea, Vietnam, Iran, both Iraqi wars, Libya, and Afghanistan.

There is a message in such a track record. The U.S. should stay out of wars against small countries.

Florida hospitals are being pushed to the limit as the state fights the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the nation. Florida presently accounts for 18 percent of new cases in the U.S.

Florida has “distinguished” itself in fighting the virus under the leadership of Governor DeSantis. Masks and vaccines are the weapons to fight the war. Proven weapons of the virus war. Yet the Governor refuses to agree. A know it all. He has continuously refused to revisit calls to enforce mask mandates and other pandemic related measures.

Hospital beds equipped to handle coronvirus cases are in short supply in every state. Florida has a distinction here also. Florida leads the nation in having the most hospital beds in use for virus cases. The number 28.2 percent.

DeSantis is on a new kick. A Trump trait. As Trump did, DeSantis is pushing Regeneron and not vaccine as the way to combat coronavirus.

Regeneron is a “short term” treatment to accelerate the curing of the virus. The patient must first get infected, however.

DeSantis is talking in dollar terms here, as Trump did in many situations.He claims the drug will “normalize hospital rates.” People will not remain hospitalized as long as they are now.

A Regeneron treatment costs up to $6,500. Who is paying the bill? Not those who get sick. So said DeSantis.  Regeneron’ manufacturers or the State? An interesting query.

Recognize again, Regeneron promotes a treatment whereas the vaccine promotes prevention.

DeSantis is  establishing clinics to provide people with free monoclonal (Regeneron) treatments. Last week, he opened four such clinics in Florida.

Why is DeSantis pushing Regeneron?

Two top DeSantis donors have major investments in the drug.

One is the Citadel, a Chicago based hedge fund. The fund has $15.9 million in shares.

The other is Citadel CEO Ken Griffin. He has personally donated $10.75 million to a political committee over a 3 year period which supports DeSantis.

An adverse mask comment in the Citizens’ Voice in this morning’s Citizen: “My kids will not be wearing a mask and neither will I. Stay housed, not scared.”

The husband/father  and family could very well become instruments of death as soon as they leave their home.

Governor Abbott of Texas is discovering retribution occasionally comes down from above.

It was reported Abbott tested positive for coronavirus yesterday.

The man anti mask and anti vaccine.

The Governor is presently quarantined in the Governor’s Mansion.

He had no prior nor present symptoms. He is not suffering nor sickly.

Interestingly, Abbott did a campaign stop a few days ago. Six hundred surrounded him .No one masked. How can the virus be traced under these circumstances?

Abbot as with DeSantis is a Regeneron/monoclonal anti body treatment supporter also.

Virginia Dare was the first child born in present day America. Born this day in 1587 on Roanoke Island, North Carolina.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Trump gave Regeneron $450,000,000.00 in July of 2020 to develop the drug. It was rushed through as part of his :warped Speed program, something Rupublicans now object to as “untested” when it come to vaccines.

    BTW Rand Paul’s wife bought stock in Regeneron just before Trump pushed through the $450 mil to the company.


  2. The Surrender of August 15 has united Americans as no world event since, well, 9/11. In one fell swoop, Joe Biden threw away 20 years of hard work, sacrifices, ultimate sacrifices, and the nation’s prestige just to accommodate the very people who cultivated and protected al Qaeda.

    • CNN reported, “Democrats grapple with Afghanistan fallout after Biden administration ignored their previous warnings.”

      • fghan President Ashraf Ghani fled his country on Monday.

        Biden may be next.

        The swamp critters are not rallying behind him. The New York Times wrote, “Intelligence Warned of Afghan Military Collapse, Despite Biden’s Azzurances.”

        Someone in the media may be defending Biden, but I cannot find that person.

        He is losing the country.

          • Nonsense from Don S. (Don Surber) who makes his living from distorting facts to suit his purposes.

            Don is notorious for total Bull Sh*t and twisted nonsense. As noted here just yesterday, he recently tried to defend Ashli Babbitt for her part in the Capital uprising as just a Tourist. And that only one example of his off the wall attempt to spin the truth.

            Don is not just a trouble maker, he is a rabid and dishonest one at that. He will go to any extreme, including misrepresenting himself on other peoples blog to do so.

            For honest people who wish to discuss any topic, Don Surber can not be included, for no other reason then his constant abuse of the truth.

            • Yeah, I remember when Don was insisting, absolutely INSISTING that Joe Biden RAPED that Tera Reade gal, back when that was all the rage among the wacko right wing bloggers. This despite anyone else, including Tera Reade herself, claiming that. Don was completely off the wall about that too!

              This guy is a wacko and a jerk.

                • Don is NOT rift Raft – he is a lying creep, who has spread lies distortions, and terribly racist crap on Lou’s blog for many years, often under false names. Din has his own rightwing blog, but prefers to spread nonsense on Lou’s blog. He is the problem wih America and a hateful SOB.

    • Stay focused, Jan 6 is the only insurrection we Americans need to deal with. Trump and Biden both pulled the plug on Afghanistan and it was LONG overdue.

  3. Sorry we just pretend to be your savior. The truth is we don’t really care about you, we just pretend so that we can make some money off you and keep our own people thinking they are superior.

  4. I seem to remember that Don S. predicting that Joe Biden would never be the Democrat nominee, last year just before he got the nomination.

    I also remember Don S. blabbering on and on how Joe Biden would never be elected as president, just before he won by a landslide.

    I remember how Don S. was sure Donald Trump would prove the election was stolen from Trump. Something about how Sidney Powell had absolute proof.

    I could go on about things Don S. said were true, that turned out not to be true, but that would require listing almost everything Don S. sas said in the last several years.

    Why does he think anyone believes anything he say is true, iven if it was just the time of day. Don S. does seem to want to lie about everything he says, just for fun, then wonder why no body wants to hear him about anything.

    Wait, maybe all’s he wants is to complain why nobody believes him or why he’s always wants to know what all the fuss about him is all about.

    Don S. wants to be the victim so that he can wallow in his own self pity, nothing more.

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