God punishes!

So many believe that most wrongs inflicted on the human race is God punishing sinners. Perhaps. I don’t buy it, however. God responsible for a child developing brain cancer? The holocaust?

Does not make sense to me.

Even today, certain religious leaders subscribe to the belief.

Let’s zero in on earthquakes.

In 1750, England suffered two severe earthquakes. One February 8 and the other one month later on March 8.

A pornographic novel had earlier been published. The Memoirs of Fanny Hill aka Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure. Authored by a John Cleland.

Cleland was in prison and in need of money. Such drove him to write Fanny Hill.

Fanny Hill was the “first original English prose pornography, and the first pornography to use the form of the novel.” It has become one of the most prosecuted and banned books in history.

At the time of the two earthquakes, science was of the belief that such were caused by air pockets beneath the earth’s surface.

Thomas Sherlock was Bishop of London. He did not buy science’s reason as to the cause of earthquakes. Especially the two mentioned. He believed it was God punishing man for man’s wrongdoings.

In this instance, Fanny Hill. He considered Fanny Hill a “vile book, the lewdest thing I ever saw.”

The novel’s “heroine” Fanny Hill was a 15 year old girl in a London brothel. In a series of letters, she describes her life. One she liked. She wrote fondly of her experiences.

I read Fanny Hill. When I was in college. A copy of the book was floating around the dorm. By the time I got a hold of it, the pages were worn. I struggled through it.

An experience to have read! Especially at 19! Fanny’s activities could have caused an earthquake or two!

Lisa, my Lisa. I am proud of her. All the time.

She has created her own podcast. Kick In The Yes. kickintheyes.com.

Real stories of successes in life, love, and business. Sort of a “you can do it” thing.

Watch the podcast. You will enjoy and learn.

Family day. Want to mention my grandson Robert.

Robert is a tennis player. A sophmore at Key West High School, he is the team’s #1 player. So ranked. Remarkable for a sophmore.

The school played its first matches yesterday. Robert won all that he played in. Singles and doubles.

My grandson!

To something I have written and talked about frequently.

Irma blew through the lower keys September 10, 2017. Some 2 1/2 years ago. Recovery no where complete. In some areas, people still living in tents, without water, toilets, etc.

The federal government under Trump never completes what ever assistance it promises to provide. Which it is obligated to provide.

The State steps in. Florida in this instance. Even slower.

One and a half years ago, Florida announced an $812 million program. The money was appropriated. Its purpose to help people rebuild.

Thus far, only 10 properties State wide have been completed. In the keys, none have even been started.

Of the $812 million, only $21 million has been spent.

What the hell is the State doing with the money? Get it out! Put it to use! There are people still crying out and in need! Why isn’t “Help Me!” being heard?

I wrote recently how Keys spiny lobster fishermen are suffering because China has canceled its import of spiny lobsters due to the coronayvirus epidemic.

As a result, a lot of spiny lobsters remain unsold.

Another spiny lobster tale of woe. With an opposite effect, however.

A 400 pound goliath grouper is sitting off Key West shores in 12 feet of water. Eating spiny lobsters. “Like popcorn.”

Part of Key West’s history involves Ernest Hemingway. On this day in 1964, the Hemingway House was formally dedicated as a museum.

In many of its earlier days, Key West was replete with whore houses. Fishermen, salvagers, and sailors providing the business.

Mom, her name otherwise unknown to me, operated 3 houses of ill repute in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Two in Key West and 1 on Stock Island.

Busy day and night.

The authorities kept closing Mom’s down. The local authorities did it. Reluctantly so, however. It was the U.S. Navy that pushed them to do it.

The Navy considered places like Mom’s neither popular nor proper with the “good people.” The Navy was also concerned with the venereal diseases its doctors had to deal with because of the establishments.

One of Mom’s working girls was not a happy camper. Why, I do not know. However, on this day in 1941 she overdosed and died. An apparent suicide.

Her name Cecelia Thompson Trunks.

Tino time.

Tino played an extra in a TV show that took place in either a U.S. Mexican neighborhood or Mexico itself. Tino played the part of a street peddler with cart selling polita. Mexican ice cream.

The New Hampshire Democratic Primary Debate last night.

The 7 participants all good. My sense is Sanders and Mayor Pete will come out 1 and 2. Not sure in which order.  Biden did well. Very well. However, I am not sure he can overcome the down slide he has been experiencing.

The moderators impressed me. ABC. They gave the candidates the opportunity to speak. Did not cut them off. When a topic, such as health care, was on a run, they let the candidates play it out. The moderators did not interrupt or cut the candidates off for any reason.

ABC treated the 7 candidates for what they were. Persons seeking the Presidency of the United States. Respect was shown.

I don’t want a President who is revengeful. Trump is. Too much so.

Yesterday, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was walked out of the White House. His brother a Lt. Col. also.

Ambassador Gordon Sonderland was called back from Europe.

In a sense, I cannot blame Trump. These persons spoke out against him. Did not support him. Did not lie for him.

I would want them out also if I were President. But do it with dignity and class. Two attributes Trump is lacking, however.

Whose head falls next?

Trump had a medal placed on Russ Limbaugh during the State of the Union. Wrong move! Vindman should have received the medal, not Limbaugh.

Syracuse/Wake Forest at 8 tonight.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I for one don’t pity Sonderland. Having “bought” his Ambaszadorship for $1m was his own choice, knowing full well that almost everyone who gets involved with Trump gets burned eventually. I think Sonderland is a fool who got what he probably should have known what he was getting in to. Let this be just one more example for anyone else wanting to play with fire.

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