After 1 in the afternoon as I begin today’s blog. Medical tests this morning took longer than expected.

Some idiot wrote in Citizens’ Voice this morning that iguanas should be treated better than they are. Key West is overflowing with iguanas. The writer thought it wrong that Key Westers run around with guns shooting them.

I am unaware of anyone ever shooting iguanas with real bullets. Bebees yes.

If you are local and fortunate to live in the keys, one of your worst enemies is the iguana. They do not bite. You can walk up to one and it will not move.

They can be germ carriers. Salmonella.

The biggest problem is they destroy gardens and landscaping. They also defecate in your pool.

You may think so you plant new flowers. New plantings expensive down here. Many flower gardens extensive. My home for 23 years in Key Haven had large floral areas. The iguanas feasted on them 2 or 3 times a year. Even greenery.

They defecated in my pool on 2 occasions. The pool was large, had to be emptied and refilled with special chemicals added.

The flowers and pool replacement activity expensive.

I am for killing the iguanas in mass. A genocide is in order.

Crazy I am not. New York City and Hawaii consider them exotic pets and prohibit their existence or being kept. Hawaii tough on iguanas and anyone who might keep them for pets or otherwise. The penalty 3 years in jail and up to a $200,000 fine.

I read several months ago that the State was concerned by the growth of the iguana species in Florida. They wanted to take hold of the problem so it would not get out of hand as the pythons have.

I think the iguanas are already out of hand. Florida has waited too long.

The article mentioned that iguanas now could be killed. By a bebe to the head or crushuing the head. Apparently a humane manner of doing away with the iguanas.

Makes me laugh. From a handful of pythons in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew hit Homestead, there are now in excess of 1 million pythons in Florida. The State admits the situation is out of control. Never will pythons be totally eradicated. The hope is to control their number.

The State soft pedaled with the pythons as it is with the iguanas. They can only be killed by crushing their skulls or shooting them in the head.

Twenty years ago, my  friends and I began seeing a strange new species on the golf course. Relatively small. A foot long at best. Most green. Sitting in trees.

It was the beginning of the iguana invasion.

Now they are generally 1.2-3.3 feet long. Some grow as large as 5-6 feet. Look like miniature dinosaurs.

Iguanas are native to Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. A food in each place. Supposedly tastes like chicken. Described as “chicken of the trees.”

I have never met anyone who has eaten one.

My advice once again: Kill them all! Before the problem is out of hand as with the pythons.

There is a new butcher’s shop in town! At 1202 White Street. Named the Local Butcher and Market.

It will be the only butcher market per se in Key West. Fausto’s has 2 small supermarkets. They sell good beef. Expensive, however. I am not aware how expensive the new market will be.

I know this. Publix and Winn-Dixie’s beef and other meats are not worth the money we have to pay.

Speaking of meats, scientists are predicting that there may be an extreme shortage of protein available a year from now. The swine flu the cause.

It is rampant in some areas of the world. No cure available. One quarter of the world’s pigs have already been wiped out. Not a problem in the U.S. yet.

It is anticipated people will go to other meats when pork is not available. The problem then is the price of non -pork meats will rise dramatically. The law of supply and demand.

I read one of the finest magazines I have ever seen this morning. Keys Woman. Outstanding!

Generally directed to women, it covers a multitude of items affecting them but rarely considered.

I live and learn. Womankind ran an ad. The ad mentioned: “Did you know your ear lobes are supposed to line up with your nipples?”

Obviously directed to women. I checked my physical features. Looked in the mirror. For my ear lobes and nipples to line up my head would have to be at least one half larger.

A few ads are directed to men. Perhaps because women might indirectly benefit from the treatment offered. An ad by a male doctor specializing in erectile dysfunction.

The magazine is free throughout the keys. Look for it where free weeklys are found. I discovered my copy at the Marriott Beachside.

This weekend the Race World Offshore Key West World Championships. From 11/3-11/10.


Great boats. Huge cigar types. High speeds. In excess of 100 miles per hour. Helicopters zoo0ming over. The loudness makes you think you are in a war zone.

The boats owned by the very rich. An expensive sport. The owners come in with crew members and required mechanics. Not a cheap sport.

I met Tara last night. Tara of Gone With the Wind. Just as lovely. However much nicer. A sweet woman.

Tara and her husband Gerry were staying at the Pier House. I ran into them at the Chart Room.

A great couple! I enjoyed their company tremendously.

Married 3 years ago. Second marriages for both. Each has 2 children in their 20’s.

Tara and Gerry live in Nags Head, North Carolina.

Both have interesting occupations.

Tara went out of her way to tell me she had been a math major in college. A tough major! I could not handle the math in high school and college. Not my forte.

Today, Tara is a bigwig in the banking/investment world. She provides IT support for the entire east coast for an American financial group.

Gerry in an interesting field also. He is a realtor dealing in shopping centers and other large commercial developments.

They have a side business called Destination Venue. They organize and plan weddings, corporate meetings, etc. world wide.

Spur of the moment people. Know how to live. They had checked out of the Pier House yesterday and were waiting for Uber to take them to the airport. While waiting, decided they wanted to stay in Key West another night. Went back inside and reregistered for the extra night.

Tammy was at her usual best last night. All excited! She was on a float for Fantasy Fest. The Princess. They came in 2nd for Best Float. Won $2,500.

I asked how they split the money. They did not. They are saving it for next year to help finance a bigger and better float.

I enjoyed last night.

ISIS announced it had selected a new leader to replace Baghdadi. He was not identified.

My concern is where and how ISIS will retaliate for Baghdadi’s death. Wherever, however, will not be good.

Enjoy your day!

6 comments on “IGUANA GENOCIDE

  1. They say that people are eating more and more beef. Problem is, they say, that raising beef contributes to Global Warming. What do we do now?

  2. The simple solution to the protein and iguana problem. Two cookbooks:

    “Key West Iguana Killers Club Cook Book”
    “The Iguana Cook Book, Save Florida Eat an Iguana”

    Both available through Amazon.

    And of course there’s my soon to be released:
    “Key West Chicken Recipes”

    Kokomo Man

  3. NY City Police – with how disrespected the Cops are being treated (water being dumped on them, squads being vandalized), it’s amazing they all have not quit the force!

  4. ISIS will undoubtedly retaliate, probably against the US as did Bin Laden, all those years ago. Let’s be afraid, and so it goes

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