Trump lies. Nothing new. Everyone knows it.

Politicians have a way of saying things which help their reelection.

Social Security and Medicare always an issue.

Saturday (a mere 3 days ago) Trump tweeted his new $4.8 trillion budget would be forthcoming soon. He was clear there would be no cuts to Social Security or Medicare: “We will not be touching your Social Security and Medicare in the filed 2021 budget.”

Nothing could be clearer.

Contents of the proposed budget were revealed sunday. Yesterday, the budget was forwarded to Congress for its review and approval.

The proposed budget contained “steep reductions” in social programs. Included were cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

The “do nothing” Republican Senate has announced it will not hold hearings on the budget.

The Democratic House will, without question. I am assuming the cuts will never become law. It is inconceivable the House would permit cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

The noted columnist Dana Millbank in an Opinion piece in the Washington Times yesterday made some interesting observations. He opened with: “The budget reveals a tremendous fraud.”

The budget was spelled out to the press by Acting Budget Director Russell Vought.

He began with: “Promises made, promises kept.” Cheerfully said.

Now came what was involved from Trump’s perspective. Not. cuts. Actually the purpose was to “remove certain parts of the program, and once those pieces are no longer called “Medicare,” it would moderate their growth with reforms.”

In simplified verbiage, the removed portions would no longer exist so nothing was really reduced.

Difficult to understand! Cut it out, no longer there, so no reduction in benefits! Wow!

Another approach to justification is simpler and equally as strange.

Spending on Social Security and Medicare will be higher because of increasing enrollment. Means increasing costs. So actually no cuts even though amount received by beneficiaries would sharply drop. Ergo, not a cut.

Another Wow!

Vought was of the opinion that “cuts are good government reforms.”

My admonition to seniors who voted for Trump in 2016: Beware. You were misled initially. Don’t let it happen again. Vote Trump out of office!

Millbank made an interesting observation in his column. He was of the opinion that the Democratic primary candidates are missing the point: “Democrats should be shouting this from the mountain tops. Instead, they are bickering over who has the purest form of Medicare for all.”

A lie is a deliberate mistruth, deceitful, and false. Yet the American people continue to buy the snake oil Trump peddles. Wake up! A lie is a lie! Especially when it affects your pocketbook!

My evening last night began with Kate Miano’s birthday party at the Gardens. Big crowd! As would be expected.

Love Kate!

Then to Dueling Bartenders. No Dueling Bartenders. Don’t know why. The bar was empty. Not one soul. Not even Rick Dery.

Drove over to the Chart Room. Glad I did.

Met the new bartender who is replacing John. Jason. Seems to be a nice guy.

I was actually excited because David was there. I have not seen him in at least 2 months. Spent an hour with him. His warped sense of humor always amusing.

There was a woman sitting to my left at the bar. Fiftyish. From Marco Island. She was with what I thought was her husband. Not. Her boy friend.

The boy friend lives in Key West. She comes down periodically to visit him. Her husband remains home on Marco Island. He is aware.

The world turns. Changes. People probably did this 50 years ago. However back then they did not openly brag about it.

Time to eat. Opted for Antonia’s. Nicolle bartending.

Nicolle has now lost 34 pounds. Into new clothes. All excited. I wish her well. Whatever her goal, she will make it.

Today is tuesday. Means Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 tonight my time. A quick half hour of Louis ranting and raving. Guaranteed you will enjoy. Does not mean you will necessarily agree with me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

My daily podcast What Bugs Me Today will be on again today and every day. Join me. A quick few minutes on one topic. Today obviously will be Trump’s proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

What Bugs Me Today can be found on my Key West Lou site. If you cannot get it, it is because we are not “friends.” Ask to be my friend so the podcast will be available to you.

Tino time!

Extra/silent actor.

Today 2 pictures of him from the Empire series.

Tino gets to play all kind of characters. Yesterday, a man in a tuxedo. The day before a politician sitting next to a mayor. Today, a beat up run down type.




Enjoy your day!




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        • That’s just plain total Bull Sh*t, Right up there with Hillary Clinton’s Pizza parlor nonsense. NSC was increased because it needed to be after Bush had decimated it. Trump is now cutting things again because he doesn’t really care about National Security and because ONE of it’s members ratted accurately with the truth on him.

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