Title says it all! We are in trouble! Trump does not know when to stop.

Problem is Trump thinks as President he is almighty, all powerful. He is not. Everyone knows it but him. If he read more and thought American, he would be aware.

Trump is interfering with the Judicial part of out government. A separate and distinct body in every respect, including power.

Four Americans stood up to him. The 4 Justice Department attorneys handling Roger Stone’s case. Per custom and law, they had submitted to federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson the government’s recommendation as to sentencing. Seven to nine years.

Trump had the Justice Department recommend a revision of the sentencing recommendation. The Justice Department in this instance being Barr himself.

The 4 attorneys withdrew from the case immediately. One even quit his position at the Justice Department.

During the past few days as this scenario was unfolding, Trump was tweeting all sort of nasty things about Judge Jackson and others involved.

Barr stepped in and said he was taking over. Forthwith he was going to be handling all cases the President had a personal interest in.

None of Barr’s business.

Trump is going to learn a lesson in this matter: Don’t screw with a federal district court judge! They are the most powerful in our governmental system and under the Constitution. Even more powerful than a President.

The wrath of the federal trial bench will befall him. Some judges may become blind in cases in which Trump is involved. What goes around, comes around!

If “justice” does not prevail in this matter, we are a step closer to becoming a tyrannical state.

Hillary Clinton in a tweet yesterday wrote: “Intimidating judges is the behavior of failed-state fascists.”

My day yesterday began early. Eight in the morning. Blood work.

Spent the rest of the day home till dinner time working on my Tuesday Talk blog radio show for last night.

Ran out for dinner. Shana Key. Good food, good company.

Twenty minutes of Tuesday Talk was eaten up with the Social Security/Medicare budget issue. Important enough to have taken that much time.

The show went well. Social Security, Medicare and Trump’s veracity close to my heart.

Big night ahead! Aqua Idol. Six o’clock at Aqua. Lynda Frechette’s fundraiser for the Waterfront Playhouse.

Not to be missed. Extremely entertaining!

Tino plays all sort of extra parts. Today, he is a prisoner. Third from right in photo. His back to us. Prisoner shirt, stubby, salt and pepper haired.


The New Hampshire primary was interesting. The mix moved a bit.

Sanders won. Buttigieg a close second. Klobuchar a strong third.

Sanders may be on borrowed time. His best states may be behind him. Klobuchar a flash in the pan. Buttigieg keeps moving ahead.

Biden and Warren may be yesterday’s news. However, there is still Nevada and Super Tuesday.

This whole thing may change dramatically once Bloomberg is in.

Key West loves Judy Blume! Judy and her husband must love Key West or they would not have settled here. Actually, settled has more than 1 location. They also have homes in New York City and the Hamptons.

Judy was born this day in 1938. Happy birthday, Judy!

Judy the famous author of children and young adult books. An occasional adult themed one along the way. Among others, she has authored Are You There God?, It’s Me, Margaret, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Blubber, and Forever.

Her books have sold 85 million copies world wide. They have also been translated into 30 plus languages.

Judy can be found daily at her special Key West love: Books & Books at the Studios of Key West.

The diary of May Johnson published daily in the Key West Citizen continues to garner interest. Especially her relationship with Miguel.

Continues to appear May’s mother does not like Miguel. May does. Yesterday’s February 11, 1896 entry has May visiting people and “then to Miguel’s.” Today’s entry: “Out for the evening: Miguel and I had it all to ourselves for a while. Ah much!’

Young love and a disapproving mother.

Things never change.

Cemeteries are wonderful places. Peaceful. The tranquility can be felt. Historical, also. Headstones tell stories.

The Key West Cemetery is beat up. The sun and salt air contributing factors. Then there are those stones/plots not cared for because the deceased’s families no longer reside in Key West.

Mayor Johnson has appointed an Historic Key West Cemetery Restoration Committee. Its mission a fact finding one. Determine how to restore the cemetery while maintaining its historical significance.

One of Key West’s more notable citizens in days gone by was Bum Farto. Key West’s fire chief, drug dealer, pimp, etc.

A checkered career.

The drug thing got him in trouble with the federal authorities. On this day in 1976, Bum was found guilty of 3 drug violations.

Bum faced 31 years in jail. He disappeared prior to sentencing. A Jimmy Hoffa type disappearance. Never seen since.

Bum and his story still available to locals and tourists. T-shirts. In Duval stores. Emblazoned on the front: Where Are You Bum Farto?

Trump is going to find out his “friends” may not be so. I refer to the birds of a feather thing. Though whose thinking and traits are similar.

The Philippine’s Duterte. In the process of proving that what goes around, can come around.

The situation arose when Trump had the visa of a Philippine senator revoked. Duterte waited a while. The visa was not returned.

Duterte took action.

The U.S. has a security agreement with the Philippines. Permits U.S. forces to be on the islands and train U.S. forces there.

Duterte unilaterally revoked the agreement. Sent a Notice of Termination to the U.S. Embassy. With the admonition that the agreement would not be reinstalled unless terms were “favorable” to the Philippines. The agreement would also be required to be of  “mutual benefit to both countries.”

Both sides can play the game!

Voltaire’s words have meaning in today’s society where the hand of Trump is becoming heavier: “If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Enjoy your day!


  1. The Dictator’s playbook:

    1. Find a common enemy: Hitler: the jews. Trump: invading hoards from south of the border from those “S*** hole” countries.

    2. Eliminate free press: Trump claims “fake news” of all except those who support him.

    3. Make up lies to tell how good he has made it: Mussolini said he made the trains run on time (they didn’t). Trump: Lies about almost everything and virtually claims he is the second comming.

    Advice to The Donald… look at what happened to the Führer and Il Duce.


  2. More boring references to failed dictatorships from 80 years ago. Isn’t there a more current and more relevant analogy? I can think of some.

  3. We get it. Trump is the next Hitler. Any minute now he’s gonna start the genocide of his own citizens then send his army to invade neighboring countries. Any minute now… any minute now. Well, maybe not now. But he’s gonna do it on his next term if we don’t stop him right now.


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