Words spoken at a Christian Conference in effect in July 2022 by Representative Lauren Boebert: If Jesus had an AR-15, He would not have been crucified. Boebert is member of the Republican radical fringe that now controls the House of Representatives.

The House as presently constituted is opposed to any gun control legislation.

Michigan State University was the scene of the latest mass killing in the U.S. yesterday. Three dead, 5 wounded. Certain of the 5 may die.

The shooter a 43 year old man who killed himself when confronted by the police.

The year 2023 is still in its infancy. Only 44 days old. In that short time, 72 persons have died as a result of mass shootings in the U.S. Impressive numbers. Rallying numbers for gun control. Not going to happen in the immediate future, however. Not as long as crazies like Boebert and her ilk are in power. Not as long as certain of them can twist the Bible and create aberrations in support of gun control opposition.

These same Republicans, as well as those at state levels, have time to ban books that contain what they consider not proper reading for students. Permissible for mass shootings to continue. No time to control guns. Time however to alter children’s educations by banning books that contain the truth about discriminatory and racial practices in the U.S. past. All part of keeping America “white.” Lies which will wipe blacks adversity from the face of American history.

DeSantis has been especially adept at doing so in Florida.

Roberto Clemente and Hank Aaron are two great American sport figures. Both black. Both outstanding baseball players.

A book about Robert Clemente’s life titled “Robert Clemente, The Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates” has been banned because of its contents concerning racism and segregation. His son Robert Clemente Jr. said, “His story is his story. He went through racism. It’s something that can’t be changed.”

A book on Hank Aaron’s life containing discrimination and racial references was likewise banned. The book: “Hank Aaron’s Dream.”

The next example as outrageous as what happened re Clemente and Aaron, but also humorous. Concerns Sonia Sotomayor, Justice of the Supreme Court. The book: “Women Who Broke The Rules: Sonia Sotomayor.” Recommended reading for ages 6-9, grades 1-4.

My point: Time should be spent passing gun control legislation rather than banning books.

Another live and learn item. Corporal punishment remains legal in 19 states. Teachers and school personnel can hit your children.

How to catch an 850 pound grouper (Jewfish): On this day in 1969, Jim Markette caught the largest goliath grouper ever to that date. Using a rope with an 8 pound fish for bait and a small tractor, he was able to land a Jewfish that weighed more than 850 pounds.

I have not spoken of my ankles in some time. The reason being they are in terrific shape. Back to normal. Finally!

My ankles swelled dramatically back in June. Seven months later, ok. Three doctors treated them during that time. With no success.

Two months ago, they reduced on their own by 50 percent. Still large. Shoes did not fit. I was wearing crocks 2 sizes too large in order to get about.

I bought a stationery bike 2 years ago to lose weight. Placed in next to my bed. Used it for 3 weeks. Then gave up. For some reason, six weeks ago I decided to ride the bike again. To lose weight. Withing 4 days, my ankles were back to normal. Still are. My heart doctor said it was merely the exercise. It has been 3 years that I do not really walk. Need the cane to be sure not to fall. Nevertheless, I am only good for one block walking. So I was not walking.

The lack of exercise caused the ankle swelling.

I am now up to 45 minutes a day on the bike. Ankles remain the same. Perfect! Still can’t walk more than a block, however. Leg pain terrific at that point.

Now for my hands. My palms swelled about 2 months ago. Thought the fluid no longer in my ankles had found a home in them. My primary care physician disagreed with my diagnosis. He said arthritis the cause. I should bend my fingers frequently to reduce the size and pain.

I have. Did not do much.

I ordered a small palm ball from Amazon to see if that would help. Used it for the first time today. While riding the bike. Not for long. Three to 4 minutes each hand, squeezing the ball in one hand. No pain afterwards.

Pain now returning as I type. Not as bad. Swelling back. Going to keep the ball with me everyday. I suspect my hands will go the way of my ankles in due course.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you all!





  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Louis! We love you. We are packing. I asked Jean where to put something and she said, “put it on Louis’ bed”. So I did…

  2. Lou, jack off more, using your hands. I think you will find that method of exercise works just as well for your hands as the exercise bike does for your feet. But even if it doesn’t you’ll feel a lot better.

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