What a game! What a half time show! What the number of people who watched the game who will call in sick today!

This year’s Super Bowl outstanding! Two well matched teams. Kansas City beating Philadelphia 38-35 on a 3 point field goal kicked with 8 seconds left in the game.

The half time show staring Rihanna one of the best ever! The lady was impressive!

I could not understand her attire. She was wrapped in a bright red ensemble from neck to toe. As her performance progressed, she unzipped what appeared to be a large outer coat which was covering a jump suit. Her stomach seemed to protrude. She appeared a bit on the heavy side. Fat was my thought.

She also seemed to show her mid section off. Like she wanted the world to see she was overweight.

Following the game, an announcement was made. Rihanna was pregnant and proud of it! This was her way of revealing her condition to the world.

In good taste. Beautiful.

Good taste, beautiful? To everyone but Donald Trump, of course. Trump attacked Rihanna after the show in a bizarre roast. He wrote: “EPIC FAIL: Rihanna gave, without question, the single worst halftime show in Super Bowl history. This after insulting for more than half an hour our Nation, which is already in serious DECLINE, with her foul and insulting language. Also, so much for her ‘Stylist!'”

I watched Rihanna’s whole show. Nothing foul or off color. Did some digging to determine what Donald was talking about. Discovered “foul and insulting” language is likely a reference to a photo taken in August 2020 in which Rihanna posed in front of a piece of art that featured a car with the words “Fuck Trump” printed on it.

The Kansas party after the game would have been outstanding! More so than any of the winning team parties I attended some 30 years ago.

A camera settled for a few seconds on a private box. Seated alone were Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch with their ladies.

The ads were as outstanding as everything else. The cost to run a 30 second ad was $6.5 million. Plus naturally the cost of preparing the ad, paying the stars, etc.

The ad I enjoyed the most was the Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez/Dunkin’ Donuts one. Loved it! And I am not a Dunkin’ Donuts patron.

Records/stats are kept for everything today. They have been kept for a number of years re how many people who watched the game last night would call in sick today. The numbers this year varied depending the company which did the research. From a low of 18.8 million to 26.6 million. One expressed the numbers as 1 in 5.

Whatever the proper tabulation, a lot of people failed to show up for work today.

Yesterday was a big sports day. I spent the afternoon watching the Phoenix Open. An exciting final round.

Scottie Scheffler won by 3 strokes. His prize $3.6 million.

The top 10 included golfing stars Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas, Jason Day, Ricky Fowler, and Jordan Spieth.

Excellent golf!

I sleep with the TV on. Woke at 4 to hear a fourth “object” had been shot down over Lake Huron. Didn’t make sense. There were only 3 when I went to sleep and none were anywhere near Lake Huron. Figured someone made a mistake.

Went back to sleep.

Turns out no mistake involved. A smaller and 4th object was sighted and shot down sunday night. Our government says China responsible for the first one described as a “balloon.” Not sure as to the other 3. Still working on it.

I continue to believe North Korea involved.

Speaking of Korea, Don Chrisdon of Don and Chris fame is an officer with a a major South Korean company. He was in South Korea yesterday. He sent a photo during the Super Bowl game of his offices and people watching the game.. Later, a note: “Super Bowl in Korea 9:20 am.” Later another: “Go Eagles!” I responded after the game: “The Eagles went!”

The Turkish/Syrian tragedy continues. Discovered deaths now exceed 33,000.

Yesterday, a 4 year old girl was found buried under the debris. She had been there 177 hours.

We all live and learn. We never know even close to everything no matter how old we are.

My latest discovery is the source of fingerprints. Where do our fingerprints come from?

The womb!

Fingerprints are created during fetal development when fine ridges on the skin form and crash into each other. That is why no two sets of fingerprints are the same.

More yet to living and learning. The same process gives zebras their stripes and cheetahs their spots.

Winter in the Keys this year is a day or two here and there. We are into winter again.

A cold spell started coming in yesterday. It was cool all day in Key West. Cold last night. Cold this morning. The high today only 71. Summer returns tomorrow. High expected to hit 80.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Donald Trump, of ALL people, should NOT be the one to accuse ANYONE else of “foul and insulting language.”

    He is a pig, on that subject in particular and anyone, especially everyone who has attended any of his “rallys” can confirm.

    Like the scripture says “Let he who casts the first stone….”

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