Pence is fighting Justice’s Grand Jury subpoena. I am shocked and surprised!

I have always considered Pence a maladjusted Christian and weak sister. He was a loyal Trump supporter for 4 years till January 6. That day he stood tall by refusing to accede to Trump’s desire to have him lie. He stood honest and forthright. I thought my opinion of him was wrong. This was a good man.

No more.

Trump set him up on January 6. He rabble roused the mob to get Pence if he failed to come through for him. The mob had blood in their eyes as they yelled to get Pence, hang Pence. The rope stood tall outside ready to hang him. A lynch mob coming after him.

Pence is lucky he survived the day.

Pence’s conduct January 6 gave me a new admiration for the man.

Now he wants to be President. Maybe, I thought, he is qualified. I was wrong. He lacks something. The correct thing to do is testify. Instead, he is claiming a legal reason not to that will not hold up in court. In the end, Pence will be before that Grand Jury.

Many Americans must recognize as I do that Pence’s colors did not change. They remain the same. He is a weak sister. A true political hack.

Key West has a habit of passing asinine laws. Never complete. Something generally lacking.

One of the most recent was a local law prohibiting smoking cigarettes on Key West beaches. Hand guns are also prohibited.

A Citizens’ Voice comment this morning bears out my position: “Can’t smoke at the beach, but you can bring your rifle you haven’t been trained to use and smoke your cigar.”

Early sunday morning a shooting occurred in Key West. One which resulted in a death.

Lloyd Brewer III’s family own the Conch Liquor and Lounge on North Roosevelt Boulevard. They also own the building it is located in.

Garrett Hughes was outside in the back of the building. Its parking lot. He was urinating on the building.

Brewer shot Hughes one or more times. He died at the hospital.

Brewer called the police and reported the shooting.

Videos all over the place indicate both men were possibly drunk. The police claim the videos reflect Hughes’ actions did not justify lethal force and murder.

Brewer was arrested and charged with second degree murder. He was arraigned yesterday. The judge denied him bail. He must remain in jail pending trial.

Background affects a judge’s mind in arriving at a no bail decision. Brewer has a history of some violence. He was arrested 2 years ago for allegedly punching a girl friend in the face with his fist after drinking at the Stock Island Yacht Club. There is a 1985 gun incident. One or two other items.

On this day in 1898, the USS Maine exploded in Havana Harbor. Two hundred sixty American seamen were killed.

The sinking of the Maine has become a significant part of Key West history.

The Custom House had recently been completed. The U.S. Court of Naval Inquiry held its hearing to determine the cause of the Maine’s explosion at the Custom House.

The Maine’s sinking eventually led to the Spanish-American War breaking out in April 1898. Within 3 months, the U.S. had decisively defeated Spain.

A number of Maine seaman are buried at the Key West Cemetery. Their graves surrounding a USS Maine Memorial.

The tragedy of the Turkey/Syria earthquake continues. As it will for years.

A 77 year old woman was rescued yesterday. She had been buried 9 days/212 hours. Experts indicate it is highly unusual to survive under such conditions more than 100 hours.

Cinderella one of Disney’s greatest movies. It opened in theaters this day in 1950. The film is frequently reshown permitting generations of Americans to enjoy Disney’s marvel.

How times have changed.

President-elect Franklin Roosevelt escaped assassination on February 15, 1933 in Miami. Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak was with him at the time. He was killed.

The gunman Giuseppe Zangara was executed some 4 weeks later. Not 20 years later as most U.S. executions take today.

Syracuse won a big one last night! Beat #23 ranked North Carolina State 75-72. It was Syracuse’s first win over a ranked team since 2021.

A sportswriter described Jesse Edwards and Judah Mintz’s play as Batman and Robin.

Edwards even sunk a 3 pointer.

Enjoy your day!





  1. Pence has always been a doofus, ever really any kind of shining light. He’s now in a pickle. He can’t testify against Trump and expect to have ANY support from the GOP, rank and file or those in power.

    He hasn’t a chance, then or now. Frankly he’s a drag on Republicans and helping Democrats more than Republicans.

    Frankly I think he’s what they deserve, right now.

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