It’s beginning. Idalia is being felt in Florida. The first place is Key West.

The lower Keys will not experience hurricane effects. Merely bands of rain and gusty winds. Surges will be the danger. One to two feet sufficient to cause flooding. The City of Key West is providing sand and bags to shore up homes and businesses located in low lying areas. Some minor flooding has already been reported on South Roosevelt Boulevard and and Flagler Avenue.

Wind projection for Key West has been upped to 50 mph. It’s 6:30 am at the moment, pitch black outside, but I can hear heavy winds as I write.

Idalia’s worst will occur in northern Florida on the Gulf side. The Tampa area presently considered where Idalia will make landfall as a Category 3 hurricane. People there have been getting ready for days.

A hurricane of note hit the Gulf coast of Louisiana this day in 2005. Brought devastating floods to New Orleans. One thousand thirty six persons died.

DeSantis is “two faced.” He knocks Blacks constantly. Diminishes them as a people. Yet yesterday, he announced $1.1 million in grants to help bolster security at Edward Waters University and to assist victims of the racially motivated shooting in Jacksonville.

It will not help him. Floridians are becoming wise to him.

Trump abuses the court system. He thinks it’s his and he can do what he wants with it. The abuse is the multiplicity of lawsuits he brings clogging up the system. Baseless claims. On top of which he degrades judges and the court system from which he regularly seeks relief.

His conduct has created a sense of disrespect for judges in general. A cancer. It has spread to Trump believers. A growing group of disbelievers.

Some judges have forgotten what and who they are. From the Supreme Court to the system’s lowest levels. Thomas and Alito at the high end. Cannon at the lowest.

We are in trouble! Our legal system is eroding. Trump must be stopped in every respect, court wise and further electability, to begin a return to respect for the law as we once knew it. Otherwise, prepare for an authoritarian dictatorial government. One which the people will regret having succumbed to.

Zach Johnson will announce his six Ryder Cup picks today. Golf fans anxiously await identity of his choices.

A major gasoline screw up by CITCO at the wrong time. CITCO accidently mixed diesel with gasoline at the Port of Tampa. Such has resulted in widespread fuel contamination. The contaminated product was delivered to CITCO and certain other brand stations.

The State has warned that any fuel purchased after 10 am on saturday August 26 is likely to be contaminated.

DeSantis says if an auto tank was filled, the problem a definite one. If only 10 percent filled, your car may not have a problem. 

The screw up comes at a bad time. The area of contamination is where Idalia will hit. People need their cars to avoid the hurricane or otherwise prepare for it. 

The gas stations affected have been told to stop sales.

On this day in 1962, schools in Monroe County were integrated for the first time. Thirty African American students were admitted to Sigsbee and Harris elementary schools and Coral Shores and Marathon High Schools.

The Loch Ness monster back in the news. Enthusiasts from around the world are converging on the Scottish highlands for a big hunt. One hundred persons expected.

The biggest search of its kind since 1972.

Later this afternoon, Happy Hour at The Grand. Will I be able to make it? Street flooding the problem. I have a manicure appointment at noon. Tammy’s place of business is on Flagler. Reports of some flooding already. Always gets flooded. I have to figure if I can make it by taking a long route down Northern Boulevard and then over Kennedy. 

Just looked out the window. The trunks of palm trees are swaying when the wind gusts. A couple of feet back and forth.

Enjoy your day!



  1. We just experienced hurricane Hillary in California. It wasn’t so bad in our town. We just got a lot of rain and wind. But it caused significant dammage in other areas. Not to mention a simultaneous earthquake! Sending prayers to anyone in the way of Idalia. Stay safe and I look forward to reading your next post 🙂

  2. !00 % of ALL federal judicial positions during the last 20 years of Republican control of the Senate, have been Federalist Society (Libertarian) chosen, approved and sponsored. Including those of the Supreme Court, not just under the Trump administration.


    Each one of these groups has been very open about their Judicial hopes and plans – it has NOT been done in secrecy.

    Yes, there is a dark side within our government.

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