George Washington died in 1799.

Ten years later, Parson Weems was in need of money. He was a bit of a writer. Actually not that good. He found a publisher to produce a book he had written about George Washington: The Life of Washington.

Many parts were fabrication. One a myth which has lived through the ages.

The years have resulted in many variations. The original by Weems was with reference to a cherry tree purportedly cut down by Washington when he was a 6 year old boy: “I cannot tell a lie…..I did cut it with my hatchet.”

The most popular variation: “I cannot tell a lie…..I cut down the cherry tree.”

An incident learned by all children in their earliest school years. Later in life some remember, others forget.

Two men who testified before the House Intelligence Committee yesterday forgot. They lied their asses off. Ambassador Volker and Tim Morrison.

What men will do to preserve a job. Educated, talented men. Supposedly men of honor.

Trump will give them 24 hours of honor. The nation will remember them for years as deceitful.

Another liar Gordon Sondland is testifying at this moment as I write the blog. Ambassador to the Euro Union. He is back befoe the Committee to recant to some the degree the many lies he told in an earlier performance.

Honor on the other hand knew no bounds during the testimony of Lt.Colonel Vindman.

Vindman came to the U.S. at the age of 3. He and his family had fled Russia.

Vindman served in Iraq, was wounded, and now serves in the White House.

It was a pleasure to watch him testify. Proud to be an American. Spoke only the truth.

The Republicans beat up on him. Insulted his service, insinuated he was seeking a high ranking job in the Ukraine, etc. Vidman was sensitive on occasion. Understandably so. He advised he had been threatened orally and by tweets. He and his family.

The threats may be true. Whatever, the U.S. Army moved Vindman and his family to an Army base last night for protective purposes.

Earlier, Trump tweeted that Vindman and certain others who spoke “against” him should be “dismissed.” Retaliated against.

Such is what our country has become. Those that support the U.S. must be destroyed. Only those who follow the tyrant may remain.

The Republican members of the committee can best be described as “thugs” and “bullies.” Jim Jordan the worst.

Trump claims he and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un have a “love” relationship. Appears one sided. Trump gives, Kim takes, Kim gives nothing in return.

The annual U.S./South Korea military exercise was rescheduled. Kim upset again. Trump called off the military exercise again. Trump has consistently claimed such exercises are a waste of money.

In the past few months, North Korea has been firing missiles in every direction. Forty plus missiles. Trump not concerned. Says the missiles did not have nuclear warheads on them.

Trump thought calling off the military exercise again would placate Kim. They could continue to be friends, hold hands, maybe go to the movies together.

Didn’t work. Kim takes the position the U.S. continues to be “hostile.” He expects more from the U.S. to show the U.S.’s good faith.

Pompeo another with a screwed up mentality.

He graduated #1 in his class at West Point. A cum laude Harvard Law graduate. A former U.S. Congressman. Now, Secretary of State.

He has been Trump’s right hand in destroying the State Department. He refuses to stand up to Trump. He follows his Pied Piper and does everything Trump wants.

New York Times’ columnist Tom Friedman referred to Pompeo in an article over the weekend as a “coward.” Friedman says he “would not want to be in a foxhole with him,” nor depend on Trump to watch his back in a battle.

Pompeo has consistently failed to stand up for and support the members of the State Department he heads. He deserves Friedman’s comments.

Tonight the Democratic Debate. Should be interesting.

Jimmy Buffett first sang in the Chart Room. He needed a place to write during the day. He used the Key West Library. Refers to it as his “first office in Key West.”

Buffet claims the peacefulness of the Library inspired some of the songs he wrote there.

Willie Nelson has to be around my age. Old! Still going at it, however.

It was announced yesterday that Willie Nelson will appear at the Key West Amphitheater on February 17. Tickets go on sale in 2 days.

Got to admire the man. An American legend. Singing his songs for more than 60 years.

St. Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church stands in all its glory on Truman Ave. The feel inside and out of a tropical church.

It has so stood since 1904. On this date in that year, the Church was dedicated.

I thought Florida’s Governor DeSantis ran a stupid race. He was Trump, Trump, Trump. He won, however.

I believed Florida was going to be poorly led during his time in office.

I was wrong. He has turned out to be a terrific governor so far.

Not in every respect, however. He’s human.

I am upset with one provision in the budget he is proposing.

Pythons are out of control in Florida. Especially in the Everglades. More than 1 million. Experts have determined they cannot be eradicated. Too many. Only controlled.

The State has been trying to reduce their numbers the past several years. Always little, never enough.

DeSantis’ proposed budget provides for an additional $1 million to assist in disposing of pythons. Amounts to $1 per python. Will achieve nothing.

Joe Biden a friend. He would make a good President in my opinion. Today he is 77 years old. Happy birthday, Joe!

Enjoy your day!




  1. Sure they had to move the guy to safety. Who knows what the Trump cult goons might do. So expose that whistleblower and see what happens to them.

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