Love Christmas! It’s in the air!

Key West’s Christmas Parade last night. The best! I wrote about it earlier in the week. Thought about it often since. I was anxious to be there.

I forgot about the Parade!

Late in the afternoon and into dinner time, I had Syracuse basketball, the Alabama/Georgia game, and Tiger Woods’ golf tournament in the Bahamas I was watching.

The Parade was at 7. I remembered at 6 while switching back and forth among the three. It was too late to head out to the Parade.

All of Key West attends the Parade. I would have been a late car parker. Meant several blocks from the Parade route. Then the walk to the Parade. Even with the cane, I would not have not been able to make it.

So I missed the Parade.

Hopefully, I will get to see Santa Clause monday night. A Meet and Greet with Santa is scheduled for 6-8 at the Harborside Seaport.

Syracuse won. Beat Florida State 63-60.

A tough win. Syracuse behind by 8 at half time. Came back to win a close one.

Alabama did a number on Georgia 41-24. Georgia pre-game ranked #1 in the country, Alabama #3.

The golf tournament exciting. Seventeen of the top 20 ranked players in the world participating. Collin Morikawa finished with a 5 stroke lead going into today’s final.

Dr.Boros is well. Back to work. God bless!

Though I do not agree with the good doctor taking ivermectin instead of getting vaccinated, I’m glad he survived. The doctor issued a statement that he was “physically healthy and working on four projects at once.”

My question: Has he learned and been vaccinated? If not, I fear Boros is not as smart as the community thinks and as he does.

The Republicans and Trump have “radicalized” the Supreme Court. Six solid conservative Republican votes. The Court’s composition will change America dramatically over the next 2-3 years.

Issues to be decided include reproductive rights, gun laws, administrative rules, environmental rules, and voting rights.

Oh, the damage waiting to be done!

Ruth Marcus in a recent essay described the situation distinctly in the essay’s title: The Rule of Six: A New Radicalized Supreme Court Is Poised To Reshape The Nation.

Marcus observed that an every now and then “swing vote” seems no longer to exist. A new day that will “lead to bad results for a majority of Americans.”

Marcus was referring to Chief Justice Roberts.

Two new COVID study results.

One, pro-Trump counties now have far higher COVID death rates. The other, the risk of dying from COVID is 50 percent higher in red states.

The number of persons refusing to be vaccinated remains high. The single major contributor to eliminating the virus. Where ever people refuse to be vaccinated, how can lockdowns be avoided? Quarantine camps such as in Australia? Jail time as in Austria?

It is impossible for me to even conceive the use of Nazi type concentration camps or a place of isolation as leprosy victims were forced to live.

People are stupid. Wising up the only solution. Wise up and be vaccinated.

The alternative of failing to do so might not be as I have suggested. Could be equally worse or worse itself. A civil type war between those supporting vaccinations and those opposing. Those opposing willing to fight for their “rights” rather than accept the simple act of vaccination.

Happy Sunday!


  1. The abortion case does not completely ban abortion, it leaves the decision to the states.

    The covid vaccine will not or is not meant to eliminate this virus, it is meant to reduce the virus’ affects.

  2. Stop worrying, the truth is Covid is really just a hoax and that’s the truth. No vaccine can fix a hoax. That’s why the vaccines don’t work – end of story.

    Lets Go Brandon

  3. I would have been a late car parker. Meant several blocks from the Parade route. Then the walk to the Parade. Even with the cane, I would not have not been able to make it.

    Uh, Uber.

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