I have been up since 1 this morning watching the news. The President and Melania have tested positive for coronavirus.

As much as I dislike Trump, no one wants another person to suffer and/or die. Trump who has had no empathy will receive tons of it from people like myself who oppose him. Because we have empathy!

The news has already filled everyone in on what transpired. I am not going to get into those details. However, I do have thoughts to express.

There is an old saying…..”The chickens have come home to roost.” In Donald’s case, the hoax has come home to roost.

Another applicable saying comes to mind. Concerns something coming round and biting a person on the ass….Coronavirus came around and bit Trump on the ass.

Finally…..”What goes around, comes around.” The President was a sitting duck for that one.

I am sure I will have more to say in the coming days.

The debate! The disgraceful one tuesday night. Trump made a mockery out of it.

Spencer Bokat-Lindell is a staff editor for the New York Times Opinion page. Appears to be relatively young. Deep in experience, however. Before his editorial position with the New York Times, he was an editor at the Paris Review and AXIOS.

He penned an article which appeared in the New York Times yesterday. Titled “Debatable.”

He described the debate as “an acutely cursed spectacle, the logical descent of political pornography intercourse snuff files.”

Interesting language. Is this the way today’s young describe things? Is this the new English? The language of this generation?

At 85, I have to wonder.

It is obvious I do not consider Amy Coney Barrett worthy of a Supreme Court seat. Little things keep popping up about her. Like her religion which she conveniently failed to disclose when she was going through the Senate approval process in 2017. In addition, her anti Roe v. Wade thinking concerns me.

More items not previously disclosed by her have come to light.

In 2006, she permitted her name, together with many others, to appear in an ad. The ad called for the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

When Barrett filed her Senate disclosure form for 2017 when she was a nominee for the Circuit Court, she failed to disclose her participation in the ad.

At some point also before her 2017 Senate review, she failed to report her reference to Roe v. Wade being a “barbaric legacy.”

The ad and language required disclosures . She failed to disclose. Hid her positions.

As she did her religious involvement with People of Praise. A charismatic group. Not affiliated with the Catholic Church. Its tenets make me wonder how she can render “blind justice” when sitting on the Supreme Court bench.

Politely said, the woman is a sneak.

Watched Joe Biden on one of his train stops yesterday in Ohio. Alliance, Ohio.

A sloppy performance. Where were the advance men? The people who go into a community and make sure there is a large turnout. They also know down to the minute how a speech is to be set up.

None existed in Alliance. Makes me question if he even has advance men for his two days of train stops.

I know that of which I speak. I helped the Democratic advance man who came to Utica in the 1960’s for 2 different campaigns. Rockefeller’s race against Frank O’Connor for Governor and Hubert Humphrey’s race for President.

Got to know the advance man well. The same person each time. He was our house guest each time he was in Utica.

My criticisms of Biden’s train stop are not intended to be derogatory. Hopefully someone will advise him of wrong planning as I am herein.

Biden stood on the side of a railway car. Trimmed to reflect America and his candidacy. Biden had a microphone in hand. The podium only faced one end of the crowd. All to his right. Not sure how many heard him. Also the set-up indicated someone did not know what they were doing.

Another group of Biden supporters were on the other side of the railway car. They could hear nothing.

Biden was wearing baseball cap. Take it off! It covered his eyes, he had to look up to be seen.

Trump’s people attended also. Provided music and singing to interrupt Biden’s talk. Songs like “God Bless the USA.” The group also provided via microphone clips of Biden’s gaffs.

Biden’s appearance totally lacking in political professionalism.

Permit me to share how Harry Truman did it.

It was 1948. I was 12 and in the 8th grade. Me and two of my buddies rode our bikes to the railroad station to hear Truman speak. We arrived a bit late. He was already talking when we arrived.

He too was doing a train stop campaign. From the small deck on the rear of the last car. Most important. A huge crowd was in front of him. Everyone could see Truman and he could see them.

My buddies and I were upset. We did not want to stand all the way back.

We did something only kids could get away with. We rode our bikes to the front of the crowd. There was a 5-6 feet area between Truman on the back of the train and the crowd. We moved our bikes in front and had the best seats in the house!

I mentioned this happening in 1948 to Truman when I was a senior at the Syracuse Law School. Truman was spending 2 days at the University giving talks. A luncheon had been arranged involving allegedly top University students. The University’s top 12 and Truman.

I was selected to represent the Law School.

Two round tables. Six students at one. Six students plus Truman at the other.

Seating was determined by the University. I sat to the immediate right of the President. I told him the story of my bike friends and I in 1948 at the railroad station in Utica.

Truman was excellent company. He spent 2 hours with us. Recalled vividly the 1948 election itself. He was predicted to be the loser. New York’s Governor Tom Dewey an easy winner.

Election night, some big town newspaper (I believe a Chicago one) had an extra on the streets before midnight. Headline: Dewey Wins.

H.V. Kaltenborn was a noted radio commentator. That same evening he went on national radio and said Truman had lost.

As we all know, Truman won.

Truman was obviously happy recalling the evening for us. He mimicked Kaltenborn to everyone’s delight.

Several people called this morning asking if I had watched Rachel Maddow last night. I did not. Apparently it was the best show ever from all that called. The 11 o’clock news also described Rachel’s show in glowing terms.

I understand it is being streamed on MSNBC this saturday.

Just as I was ready to write today’s blog, I received a telephone call from KONK Life’s Guy DeBoer. He has a morning talk show. Always a guest. His guest for today had called in and said she could not make it. He asked me. The show was to start in 3 minutes.

Since I could do it by telephone, I agreed.

Guy may never invite me back again. The topic was Trump and everything involving him. I consider Trump to be worthless. He has done much damage to the U.S. nationally and internationally.

One topic involved Trump leaving the White House on January 20. I said the people would storm the White House if Trump did not leave.

Guy was of the opinion getting Trump out could be done peacefully. The people and the Constitution would prevent such an occurrence on January 20.

I disagreed. Trump would stay. ICE, the Border Patrol and certain terrorist groups would protect him. A civil war in the making.

I was a bit verbose this morning. My apologies.

Enjoy your day!


15 comments on “HOAX COMES HOME TO ROOST

  1. Hi Lou,

    Your blog wouldn’t take my comments, so I used my message as a post of my own. It links back to you.

    Click on my name (Enough) to read my comments.

  2. You have to appreciate the irony here. Trump has been throwing up every bright and shiny object he can to divert attention away from his awful handling of the coronavirus. And, with the Supreme Court nomination, he has been fairly successful at it. Then, Trump catches the virus and it’s back in the headlines!

  3. I guess we can now say with confidence, that the hydroxychloroquine therapy Trump so loudly touted along with all those people on this blog that defended it and Trump for using and promoting it, isn’t anything but a crock of sh*t, just like the actual experts said it was.

    can we now start paying attention to people who know what they are talking about instead of Trump whose agenda isn’t helping anybody but himself?

  4. I love conspiracy theories. But the one about Trump refusing to leave office after losing the election just doesn’t hold up. In our country the man/woman in the Oval Office holds the power of the office only as long as his elected term allows. The power of the Presidency resides in the office, not the person who sits behind the desk. So if someone (Trump?) claims Presidential powers that he no longer has, he will be cut off at the knees. No control over Congress, no valid proclamations, no authority over the military, no treaties with foreign nations, no Air Force One, no Secret Service, no Constitutional authority.

    Ask yourself this: if you were the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, why would you follow the orders of someone who no longer has any legal authority over you? If you were a Senator, why would you vote for a bill demanded by a powerless former President. If you ran a grocery store, why would you fear someone who has absolutely no control over you? If you were a Secret Service agent, why would you be willing to stop a bullet for someone who is not the President?

    • JG, you are persistently either naive or ignorant and ultimatly hopeless, to be taken seriously anymore.

      You are also all talk and no action.

      Over these last three or four years you have come on this blog and pompously pontificate about how Trump could or could not do certain things, like not give testimony, or buck Robert Mueller, only to be wrong in every single instance.

      Trump and Barr have told us already what they are going to do and you are to blind (really too foolish) to see that happening. Have your opinions if you want, but don’t get your hopes up – you are batting 0’s and making a fool of yourself to an audience that no longer willing to listen to you.

      No wonder Libertarians have no voice.

      • I think Ygritte of the Free People north of the wall had the best response. She often said “You know nothing, Jon Snow”.

        • Fantasies JG? what’s next, cartoons?

          The problem with you freaks is you do not think in reality, you are always off in some fantasy world, where trickle down works and where people, if they only did “wxyz” we’d be fine.

          Get a grip.

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