Proud Boys are receiving national acclaim. By their members, people who believe in their purpose, and President Trump. The debate tuesday night did it. Trump’s admonition to them: “Stand back and stand by.”

In other words, the day will come when I will need you. Be ready.

A wonderful comment by Trump to one the the U.S.’s worst terrorist groups.

Nicholas Kristof in his New York Times Opinion piece yesterday wrote about the organization. The article’s title: Real Threat To America – White House.

Some interesting comments/observation by Kristof.

“Trump calls on extremists to stand by.”

“Instead of condemning violent groups, the President marshals them.”

“Trump didn’t hurt Joe Biden in tuesday’s debate, but he badly damaged our country.”

Some Proud Boys background.

The group was founded in 2016. Terrorists, white supremacists, anti-black, anti-Semitic.

The Southern Poverty Law Center describes the group as a “fascistic – right wing political block.” The Anti-Defamation League compares them to a “gang.”

Its founder staid, “I cannot recommend violence enough.”

Its members have brandished guns, committed criminal assaults, and engaged in rioting. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have barred Proud Boys.

An anti-Semitic podcast once estimated that if Proud Boys were pressed, 90 percent of them would tell you some thing along the lines of Hitler. “Hitler was right. Gas the Jews.”

Nice company you are keeping, Donald. Guess no one ever told you that when you go to bed with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

The more I learn about Amy Coney Barrett, the more I believe she is not the type of person who should be on the Supreme Court. Her intelligence is not the problem. Her religious beliefs are.

People of Praise is a charismatic faith group.

Apparently, she has a concern about her relationship with the group. Note it is not a Catholic group. It is considered a para Christian organization.

Barrett was on Trump’s short list in 2017. People of Praise’s website deleted all mention and photos of her at the time. Barrett failed to mention her People of Praise relationship in the Senate Judicial questionnaire.

Thus far, neither she nor her husband have answered any questions about their association with the group.

There are 2 significant reasons why I oppose her confirmation.

First, she has been openly opposed to Roe v. Wade. she is anti-abortion.

Second, People of Praise requires that the wife be subservient to the husband, that the wife do all things the husband directs.

Once again Barrett might possess the finest legal mind in the country. Her People of Praise involvement however prohibits her taking a Supreme Court seat.

I believe she will receive Senate approval. The Republicans are gleeful of her nomination. The country will pay over the years for that support.

Yesterday, I reported Disney was going to furlough 28,000 employees. Today, American and United Airlines is planning and already may have started laying off 32,000 employees. American 19,000, United 13,000.

Some poker may be involved. The airlines says it will proceed with the furlough unless the government has in place in the next few days a new stimulus package that provides $25 billion for airlines.

In spite of my education, readings, and knowledge acquired over the years, I continue to learn. Learning has no cut-off date.

It has recently come to my attention the source of the Roosevelt family’s fortune. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s mother was Sara. Her father Warren Delano, Jr.  He was an opium dealer. Yes, FDR’s maternal grandfather made his fortune in opium.

The grandfather did not consider the sale of opium as that bad. He admitted it was wrong, but thought it no worse than booze.

John Kennedy’s father Joseph has been said to have made his fortune bootlegging during Prohibition. Historians question whether such is so.The only “credible” information they have is that of prominent Mafia bootleggers at the time who claimed they were doing business with him.

Today is October 1. Just yesterday it was January 1. Time moves fast, especially as one gets older.

Jimmy Carter is 96 today. Happy birthday, Mr. President!

Carter was one of our worst Presidents. Anything adverse that could happen did. Since these matters were on his watch, it affects his legacy.

However and without question, Carter has been the best post President. A good responsible man. When his story is told, it will be his post Presidency activities which will receive the most attention.

There were times in the past 20 years when Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Carter spent New Year’s with friends at a friends home on Summerland Key. Down the street from Howard Livingston’s home.

Hackley has been having a medical problem. It is today’s date 1855. Hackley in his third day of hemorrhoids. Among other things, he is taking warm baths.

Today’s remedy also. Little has changed. Surgery and ointments available. However, hemorrhoids seem never to really go away.

Enjoy your day!





    • Carter was attacked, not just by the Republicans, as you would expect, but also by the Kennedy wing of the Democrats. He never really had a chance and was constant;y hounded. His biggest problem was that, he was not a beltway guy. Didn’t know anyone there and they not him.

      Sad to watch. I’d say, he was then the same as he is now, really, just that as President unable to get traction that is politically necessary to govern properly.

  1. Also Carter’s term was dragged down by the unsolvable Iranian hostage crisis that dragged on and on. I remember when every TV newscast played a little graphic up in the corner showing what day of the crisis we were in.

    • Carter’s attempt to pull off a military rescue of the 52 US embazzy hostages might have changed history had it been successful. Instead the rescue mission was plagued by helicopter mechanical failures and a disastrous ground collision of a helicopter and a transport plane. Eight servicemen died. None of that was Carter’s fault, but it was a black eye for America, and it may have cost Carter the 1980 election.

      • Yes, unfortunate and something he was never given credit for at least having tried.

        But there is more to that story, where the incoming President Ronald Reagan, got these hostages released, in what can only be described as a campaign stunt, and unfreezing 8 Billion dollars in frozen Iranian a**ets. Something Republicans went ballistic with when Obama did the same thing, some 40 years later.

  2. Tell the world – “Donald Trump told Joe Biden (and I quote) “Not to to use the word ‘SMART’ with him” in no uncertain terms, during the debate infant of the whole world on Tuesday evening September 30th, 2020.

    Errrrrrrr, OK, Donald, how about the rest of us, please?

    Some times you are not so smart Donald.

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