Hitler began his air blitz of London this day in 1940. His intent was to bomb the Brits into submission. It didn’t work. The blitz lasted 8 months. Hitler finally gave up when he began losing more planes than the British. He redirected his air power to the Russian front where he sorely needed help.

Jimmy Buffett still on my mind. We are poorer for his loss.

Lee. Expected to become a hurricane today. Became a Category 1 yesterday. Expected to become stronger friday. Maybe a Category 5. Even before it makes landfall anywhere.

I watched the TV hearing in Atlanta before Judge Scott McAfee to determine if the Cheseboro and Powell cases should be tried together. The two had asked for “speedy trials.”

I was unimpressed with Judge McAfee during the some 3 hours of attorney arguments. The Judge asked a ton of “what if” questions that were all over the place. I thought what a disaster this Judge is going to be.

His decision changed my mind. Instead of reserving and issuing a written decision down the road, he decided immediately from the Bench. Try the cases together. Everything else he raised during the 3 hours, extraneous bullshit.

I was impressed. No wasting of time decision making. Decide and move on. The way the matter should be handled.

Mexico’s Supreme Court upheld abortion rights nationwide. Mexican judges apparently more prone to the will of the people. Doubt any are taking free plane and yacht trips and vacationing on someone else’s tab. I would be surprised if any free loaders are on the Mexican Court.

Another DeSantis “winning move.” He ordered flags flown at half mast two years ago when  Rush Limbaugh died. He did not do so this past weekend when Jimmy Buffett died.

Limbaugh was divisive and a hate monger. Buffet a warm happy guy who spread good feelings.

Moms for Liberty a sick group. The organization’s name misleading. DeSantis sick. Both bad for Florida and U.S. citizens.

DeSantis recently appointed Tina Descovich, Moms for Liberty co-founder, to the Florida Commission on Ethics.

Moms for Liberty is an American conservative group that advocates against school curricula that mention LGBTQ rights, race and ethnicity, critical race theory, and discrimination. Multiple chapters have also campaigned to ban books that address gender and sexuality from school libraries. The group are extremists.

Never left the house yesterday. Hit with a bout of tiredness. Hopefully today will be better. Morning better so far.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Kind of wonder when today’s new Hitler begins his 8 month blitz oo Tehran, claiming all the same reasons Hitler claimed about London, back then.

    Russia will back Iran and lot’s of American’s will die.

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