Donna is on the mend. Slowly, but surely.

Terri texted me last night. Good news! Donna is out of ICU. Not certain when she will be discharged from the hospital. Will not return home immediately. First to rehab for two weeks.

Lynda Frechette telephoned. She and Bob still at their hideaway somewhere up north. We had an interesting conversation about Jimmy Buffett. She and Bob still can’t get over his death. I agreed it was difficult. I am having my problems with it and I did not know him personally. The whole country appears to be in a similar condition. The man had an impact on everyone!

Keys coral was aided by Hurricane Idalia by lowering the water temperature at a crucial time. The assistance temporary, but helpful.

Although Hurricane Lee is a Category 5, it is not expected to reach landfall. Spaghetti stripes show Lee making a hard right north while still way out in the Atlantic.

Lee will still affect waters off the U.S. east coast beginning sunday with dangerous surf and rip currents.

A Patrick Foley of Islamorada wrote a Letter to the Editor which appeared in this morning’s Keys Citizen. Re the new Monroe County budget. Read Foley’s letter! Says it like it is!

Some interesting comments in the letter follow.

“Commissioners increased spending by an astounding 44% in the last two years…..In 2022, spent $465 million, in 2025, $519 million. And starting this October, they will spend $667 million.”

“Commissioners will increase the Tourist Development Council’s budget this year by $50 million (totally $125 million). No one reasonably thinks the Keys or U.S. 1 needs more tourists.”

“Tell Commissioners to roll back the budget to $500 million annually. If they cannot run a tiny county, with just 82,000 residents, on a half-billion dollars a year, they’re not up to the job.”

Another must read. A Letter to the Editor by former Key West Police Chief Donnie Lee that a proposed new Deputy Police Chief position at a starting salary of $130,000 is not needed.

On this day in 1956, Elvis Presley appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show” for the first time. Sixty million viewers tuned in. It was 82.6 percent of the TV viewers at the time and was the most watched TV broadcast of the 1950’s.

I was a senior in college. Watched the show. Presley sang Don’t Be Cruel, Ready Teddy, Hard Dog, and Love Me Tender.

The place Turin, Italy. The time saturday August 26. Involved 36 year old banker Mattia Aguzzi and a little girl.

Aguzzi was walking to a bakery with his girl friend. Saw a little girl 5 stories up an apartment building hanging by her fingers to a ledge. Yelled at her to stay back, saw her fall, instantly ran forward to catch her, and did. He said he closed his eyes and hoped for the best.

It was! He caught her. Both fell to the ground. Both sustained some minor injuries. Both fine now.

God was with them both!

You can’t keep “really good people” out of the crazy mix at school board meetings.

At a Virginia public school board meeting last month, a woman addressed the board during the public comment portion of the meeting. Told the board she would use her time to “pray for Suffolk Public schools with all of you.”

The board chair said, “Excuse me, we can’t do that.” A short dialogue ensued. She insisted. The woman walked away after asking those in attendance to join with her outside after the meeting in prayer. A number of people in attendance stood and began the Lord’s Prayer. A spontaneous occurrence. Not planned by any persons.

The chair banged a recess and told the police officers to clear the room, followed by anther board member asking officers to remove those who were praying.

Can’t stop good people from doing the right thing. Like asking for the Almighty’s guidance. We need it at these school board meetings!

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco. Devastating. Eight hundred plus killed. It was the most severe hurricane to occur in Morocco in 120 years.

Don’t tell me there is no global warming/climate change. All these crazy once in a lifetime things happening around the globe!

Syracuse/Western Michigan 3:30 this afternoon. Syracuse a heavy favorite.

There was no blog yesterday. My apologies. I was under the weather.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Can’t stop good people from doing the right thing. Like asking for the Almighty’s guidance.

    Well, I suppose Ron DeSantis is giving you his nod of approval on that. I can’t however.

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