Famous saying…..You do the crime, you do the time.

Another way of saying, people suffer the consequences of their own acts. Break the rules, punishment follows.

Former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was sentenced yesterday to 22 years for the January 6 Capitol riots. The longest sentence to anyone yet.

Next, the political leaders. Trump and his group. They deserve that which ultimately will be their fate. Especially those who planned the day before on January 5 in a room at the Willard Hotel. It’s their time!

Tropical Storm Lee. Expected to be a hurricane thursday. A bigger one friday.

Lee is approaching the southeast U.S. Curving north. At the moment, looks like it will avoid Key West and the Keys. Cannot be certain, however. Hurricanes are fickle. You never know when their path will change. We’ll know by the weekend.

South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh is entitled to a new trial if the accusations of jury tampering by a court clerk are correct. Details of the purported tampering are all over the media. I’m not going into them here. However if true, he is definitely entitled to a new trial. You will recall he was convicted of murdering his wife and sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

Section Three of the 14th Amendment continues to be in the news. Former federal Judge Michael Luttig commented on Section Three again on a sunday talk show. He said the Supreme Court is likely soon to determine whether Trump is eligible to run for President in 2024, even before primaries are held. Cases are in the works all over the country to challenge Trump’s eligibility based on his insurrectional activities leading up to January 6 and thereafter.

I was the first to comment on Section Three following The Hill and law review articles. I even suggested Judge Luttig’s opinion should be sought. Now everyone is commenting.

Netanyahu has unquestionably gone totalitarian. Authoritarian at every level. He has transformed the Israeli government. The U.S. will look like the Israel of today if Trump is reelected.

Far right Jewish supremacists have taken over in Israel. Such is why there have been previously unheard of street demonstrations in the thousands by Israeli citizens protesting Netanyahu’s changing the way the Israeli court system works and other matters. The far right Jewish supremacists want to control everything, with no concern for the people.

Netanyahu is trying to sell a bill of goods to Biden and Saudi Arabia. His aim is to make both “his useful idiots.”

Beware, Biden! Beware, Saudi Arabia! Netanyahu has gone totally power crazy. He is not normal, nor is the government he leads.

Bess Levin continues to call them as she sees ’em. Her recent Vanity Fair article of 9/5  makes a point: Donald Trump’s Coconspirators Have Started Throwing Him Under The Bus.

She writes: “The thought of prison time is apparently testing the ex-President’s demands for total loyalty.”

Trump is not worth going to jail for.

It was happy hour at The Grand last night. A lively crowd. A good time.

The Grand’s local special of half price for everything during August was apparently successful. It has been extended for September.

Matt bartending. A good guy. I joined Steve, Cindy and Christine. Ate little. Enjoyed mussels in a red slightly spicey sauce. Dunkin’ good. Soft bread came with it.

A fellow stopped by and asked if I was Key West Lou. He introduced himself. Brett Garland from Arkansas. Nice guy. He wanted to thank me for the blog. He has been reading it for years. I find these moments embarrassing. Do however enjoy receiving the compliment. We chatted briefly. Hope I run into him again while he is here.

He was with his brother Blake who he introduced me to.

Sitting to my right at the bar was a couple. Did not know them. We began chatting. Locals. They have lived in Key West 7 years. Originally from Buffalo. I mentioned Utica and that got the conversation going. They are Kevin and Tammy. Very pleasant people.

We chatted quite a while. So much so that when I turned around to say something to Steve, he and Cindy were getting ready to leave.

Kevin asked if we could have dinner together sometime. I look forward to hearing from them. 

My plan is to visit Donna at the hospital today. I hope she is well enough to receive visitors.

Enjoy your day!


  1. That 14th amendment talk is just all talk, with nothing likely to happen. it is a Libertarian wet dream, where old men and a lot of wanna be’s sit around and discuss “what-ifs” – publish papers in the WSJ and pat each other on the back for being so smart – but don’t actually do anything!

    …and Trump knows it.

  2. Netanyahu’s intentions were well know to everyone, yet he was elected.

    This (Israel) is a place that is suppose to be protecting itself from this sort of thing, remember “never again”?

    Israel a Democracy? – Never Again!

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