Happy Hanukkah!

The Jewish holiday began last night. It lasts 8 days.

I know little of the holiday. Though more I suspect than most Christians. The knowledge acquired I owe to my friends Aaron Wechter and Donna Barnett. They have spoon fed me along the way during my years in Key West.

My knowledge from the religious perspective is what is limited. The “fun” parts are what I know best.

For example, eating. Many of the foods are “oily.” Fried. Latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (donuts). Music another. Singing along in the synagogues. Gifts big! One a night for 8 nights. Considered by some to be an expanded reaction to Christmas.

A busy day ahead. On top of my already being behind. Spent a lot of time researching an item this morning I considered writing about. When I completed the research, I realized the issue was not worth writing about nor wasting your time reading. However it left me tired and time wise behind.

Anyhow, the January 6 Committee report will eat up most of the afternoon. I am a political junkie at heart. Would not miss it. Tonight, the Chart Room definitely. Meeting Steve and Cindy Thompson. Invited Laura Bateman to join us. She mentioned last week she would like to meet Steve and Cindy and pick their brains about “old” Key West. Laura lived in Key West for a time many years ago.

Mel Fisher an intrinsic part of Key West. Forever more.

Fisher died this day in 1998 at the age of 76. He spent 15 years searching before he found the mother lode of the Spanish treasure galleon Atocha in 1985. The Atocha was headed for Spain when it sank in a hurricane off the Florida Keys in 1622.

Political theorist and writer Thomas Paine published his first American Crisis essay this day in 1776. The essay’s opening words with us forever: “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

Paine also authored Common Sense.

Some Russians believe the Ukraine War has destroyed Putin’s aura of infallibility and represents the beginning of the end for him with the Russian people.

Let’s hope so!

Enjoy your day!


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