Syracuse’s victory over Cornell and the death of Louis Orr lead today’s blog.

Syracuse defeated Cornell 78-63. Didn’t look like it was going to be a Syracuse victory nor the slaughter it turned out to be. Cornell came into the game as the leading scorer of 3 point baskets in the nation. It was obvious they were during most of the first half. They were dropping 3’s from all over and some from long distances. At one point, Cornell had an 11 point lead.

It was all Cornell.

Then Syracuse began rallying and finished the half tied 37-37.

The second half was all Syracuse.. Syracuse totally dominated. Defense tightened. Cornell had difficulty making 3’s.

The victory was Syracuse’s fifth straight. Syracuse is now 8-4. Play Pitt at the Dome tuesday.

Louis Orr was one of Syracuse’s all time great basketball players. He died thursday of pancreatic cancer at 64.

Orr was one of the first players Boeheim recruited and coached. Orr starred at Syracuse 1976-1980. He scored 1,487 points, recovered 850 rebounds and led Syracuse to 100 victories against only 18 losses.

Boeheim described him as a great player. Even more, a great person.

There was a personal relationship between Orr and Boeheim. Orr also coached under Boeheim 1996-2000. In Boeheim’s press conference following the Cornell game, Boeheim said, “I have had a lot of great people and great players, but he’s the best of them all.” Fighting off tears, Boeheim terminated the press conference saying as he walked away, “It was hard coaching today.”

My afternoon was spent watching the game and working with Sloan.

It’s the week before Christmas. I would like to give something to each of you in the spirit of the holiday. I have decided to share a few musical items that have moved me. Not Christmas carols, though they have moved me as they do all of us. Something more personal.

I begin my Christmas giving to you with the 3 Tenors’ O Sole Mio.

Brings tear to my eyes.

Now to Trump and his digital trading cards.

We live and learn.

Trump is not the first politician to become involved in trading card sales. The Daily Beast reported yesterday Ron DeSantis did so this past May. Yes, DeSantis paved the way. Apparently DeSantis was quite the baseball player at Yale. He published and offered for sale a collection of trading cards using photos from his days as a star Yale baseball player. He was Rookie of the Year as a freshman. He batted .336 as a senior.

Five hundred “limited edition” cards were printed and sold. The cost $49 each.

Plus, 10 numbered “relic” cards autographed by DeSantis. They were sold at auction. Six sold for $3,000 each, the other 4 for at least $1,650. Friday one was listed for sale on eBay for $9,999.95. Imagine what it will go for if DeSantis becomes President.

Query: Does DeSantis’ prior involvement in the trading card business qualify Trump as a “copy cat?” A label Trump would surely love!

So much for today. Enjoy your Sunday!

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