The FDA this week issued a warning. BEWARE of hand sanitizers. In January alone, hundreds were poisoned.

The hand sanitizers are ones primarily imported from Mexico.

In the January just concluded, there were more than 900 cases of accidental poisonings involving hand sanitizers. Five hundred involved children under the age of 5.

Poisoning can occur by the mere act of hand washing. Ingesting, also.

Nancy Pelosi is concerned about the safety of Washington lawmakers. She is uncomfortable especially with what she considers threats of violence from an “enemy” within Congress.

She may have a point. A lot of unbelievable trash coming out of the mouths of Representatives and Senators.

The Justice Building Blog discovered some “whatever happened to…..” A step back in time for those old enough to remember. Like “Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man and paper boy.”

Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven was first published this day in 1845. One of the most popular books of all time.

Poe’s earnings not consistent with The Raven’s popularity even in the immediate years following publication.

Poe’s lifetime earnings from The Raven totaled $9. You read the number correctly. $9. In today’s money, $277.

Poe had other writings, made speeches, taught, etc. His total earnings for the 20 years he worked were $8,200. In today’s money, $191,087.

A comment in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice food for thought. Reflecting misplaced concerns: “Feed the homeless, not chickens.”

Information on wednesday’s Publix website clear evidence that the rich receive attention more rapidly than others.

Monroe County received 200 vaccines. Palm Beach County 8,000.

Concededly, Palm County has more citizens. However not 32 times more than Monroe County.

In every respect of our lives, the affluent always have a step up on others.

I see Governor DeSantis’ hand in the mess. He made the Publix deal and has been on the airwaves bragging/telling the people about it. Never the shortcomings from a distribution point of view however.

The CDC reported this week Florida has used only 53 percent of vaccine ready received. Where’s the other 47 percent?

Another bumbling result by DeSantis?

Today a significant one in American history. It was on this day in 1919 that the ratification of the Eighteenth Amendment was certified. Prohibition had arrived! A glaring error pushed by do gooders who knew not that of which they spoke.

Prohibition was a folly that wrought more evil than the consumption of legal alcohol.

Big time crime was born.

Key West’s Januarys are sometimes cold and sometimes hotter than you would believe. Tend however to be on the cool side rather than warm.

May Johnson was teaching school in the morning of this day in 1897. It was so cold that at 11 am the schools were closed.

May was happy to go home earlier. It gave her time later in the day to “write a long letter to Everest.”

DAY 4…..Greece The First Time

Posted on May 30, 2012 by Key West Lou

I survived today. I finally fell asleep this afternoon for four hours.

I am sitting at the computer in the library of the apartment I am a guest at. It is a library as you would imagine from days gone by. Two walls of books floor to ceiling. Furniture galore. The room is not small. Furniture all antiques. The desk I am working at is the strangest I have ever seen. Strange only because new to my eyes. Different. Long, tall, wide, fancy heavy wood. A poor description, but the best I can do.  Old prints and paintings adorning the walls.

It is wednesday evening. Normally, I would be doing this blog in the morning. However, I must be up and out of here at 8 in the morning in order to get to the plane timely. I am not going out tonight. Too tired. So nothing will be missed by doing the blog at this time.

I hope to sleep tonight. Last night and this morning were disasters. I even took a pill this morning. I forget the name. It is what is taken in the United States to reduce swelling. It also induces sleep. It did not help me.

I lunched in at the apartment. The housekeeper took pity on me. She prepared a light lunch for me. She cooked a fish. A whole fish. Actually microwaved it. In oil. The fish is native to the Mediterranean Sea. I do not know its name. The name unimportant. The fish delicious!

She served me the fish and a fish knife. She said you know how to clean of course. I smiled and said, no. What would I know about deboning a fish and otherwise preparing it for consumption! She thought it cute that I was so inept.

I followed up the fish with a bowl of fresh strawberries.

When I was walking the streets of downtown Novara yesterday, I saw a chocolate shop. There were many. This one a Lindt. A Swiss company. The store had small thin hollow Easter bunnies. I love them! Bought one. Ate it as part of my lunch.

A couple of months ago, I read an article on Yahoo re chocolate producers. Lindt was listed as #1. The best chocolate in the world! I had asked Lisa to get me one for Easter. She still buys her father candy for Easter. She could not find Lindt in Key West.

I have spent a lot of time in bed the past 36 hours. Not necessarily sleeping. Trying to sleep. The mattress is wonderful. Hard. I love a hard mattress. This one the hardest I have ever slept on.

I inquired how so hard. The mattress is stuffed with sheep wool. Stuffed till the enclosure is at the breaking point. The covering holding the sheep wool was thicker than an American mattress and box spring combined. Big time comfortable! Even the pillows were so stuffed.

The mattress and pillows were not as down filled. The one I am sleeping on the rock of Gibraltar!

I mentioned the other day my acoustical theory about how pedestrians avoid cars. I was wrong. As far as I myself was concerned. Five times yesterday I almost got hit. I never heard the cars coming. Someone had to pull me aside each time. My theory needs adapting to I guess.

I am anxious to share with you my cherry and strawberry experience.

At dinner the first night, fresh cherries and strawberries were served. A huge bowl of each. Both looked anemic.

The cherries were small. The red coloring dull. Most yellowed.

A large bowl of water was set in the middle of the table. Spaghetti bowl size.

One of the guests had picked the cherries that afternoon. He took his ladder and climbed a tree to pick them. A bushel full.

I noticed everyone was picking up a handful of cherries and dipping their hand full in the water. Hand and cherries combined. Why, I asked. To clean the cherries was the response.

Although the cherries did not look appetizing, when in Rome do as the Romans do. I did. The cherries were the most delicious I have ever eaten

The strawberries looked anemic also. Small. Dull red. White in spots. Sweet! I asked if any sweetener was added. The host looked at me as if insulted. I explained why the query.

I shop at Publix in Key West. The cherries are huge and a deep purple. The strawberries fat and robust. No comparison between the taste of the fruit purchased in Key West and that eaten at the dinner party. The artificial additives to American fruit adds to its appearance, not taste. Whereas the natural fruit served in Novara with no artificial additives had a fantastically superior taste.

The weather is consistent. Hot by day, cold by night. Notice the use of the word cold as opposed to cool. From humidity in the afternoon to three blankets at night. The weather is much like that found in our Adirondack mountains in the summer. Think Old Forge. The only way to avoid the three blankets is to have body heat next to you which, unfortunately, I do not.

I will be in Athens tomorrow night. Another world I am told. I have been advised to be prepared to dance syrtachi and bouzouki. I am sure I have not spelled them correctly. My mind is already filled with Greek music. I can envision tomorrow evening and its pleasures.

So much for today. My next blog will report on my first day and evening in Greece. As much as some of you may not be able to wait to read it, I cannot wait to experience it.

Enjoy your day!


  1. So, now we are learning that pipe bombs found near the Capitol building on January 6th are believed to have been placed there the night before. FBI has videos of them being planted. This is further evidence that the insurrection was a preplanned event and not a simple spontaneous reaction to a so called peaceful gathering protesting the certification of Joe Biden as president.

    Why weren’t the many early warning heeded and PROPER protections put in place. Why was law enforcement restrained before hand?

    Why were the American people mislead both before and after this happened?

  2. Even the drug gangs in the slums of Brazil are enforcing mask wearing yet some of the top leadership of our Government are making a mockery of this simple health measure by not wearing them. What is wrong with this picture?

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