When a particular type violence occurs in one place, it generally happens in another. A copy cat effect.

An event yesterday occurred in Guatemala City which could easily occur in Washington, D.C. Or, any other capital city for that matter.

Yesterday protesters in Guatemala City set fire to their Congress. Heavy stuff.

Guatemala is experiencing difficult times. Two bad hurricanes recently hit. The people were hurting big time before the hurricanes. Worse since. Their Congress seemed to be doing nothing to help.

Congress passed cuts to education and health. At the same time, the legislators passed a bill to increase their own meal stipends.

Thousands in the streets. They had it. They set fire to Congress from the inside. One portion of Congress was severely damaged.

A picture appeared on the internet this morning showing a protester standing in front of the burning building giving the finger with both hands. A smile on his face.

It could happen here, including the finger. Our Congressional building could be set on fire. Perhaps even the White House.

American people are upset on both sides of the spectrum. Who knows what will happen. If it does, the U.S. definitely will have become a third world country.

My concern a serious one. Americans are upset. About everything. They are equally divided. Each side believing themselves to be correct.

When something different happens in one place, persons in another say…..”Hey ! A good idea!”

It could happen here.

Sidney Powell, a new leader of the pack. The legal group working for Trump to upset the election.

What happened to Giuliani? Quietly overnight has Trump replaced him with Powell? Giuliani’s track record having left nothing to be desired. Or is Giuliani still involved to whatever degree?

Powell is a Dallas attorney. Her background indicates a tough lawyer who enjoys working the difficult cases.

In the last 48 hours, Powell announced that this week she was going to bring a lawsuit of “Biblical proportions.” Warning in effect that the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were coming down on Georgia.

Indications are Powell is no different from Giuliani with regard to charges involved: “Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Her charges sound horrendous and gigantic. The wrongdoing by the Democrats beyond belief. Powell claims she has “tons of evidence.” As Giuliani did.

She has been asked by the media to share the evidence. So far, nothing. It is suspected “nothing” because there is nothing of substance. Hers the same type cases Giuliani had been bringing, with a new twist.

Her theory involves conspiracy. Among other things, she will claim Democrats used an “algorithm” to switch votes from Trump to Biden. The argument  will then indicate the algorithm failed because of the unanticipated large Trump vote. The Democrats then had to switch their wrongdoing to something else. The something else being the manipulation of the mail in ballots.

Powell appears to be a QAnon supporter. She has been known to run QAnon slogans on her social media site. Those referring to a conspiracy involving a cabal of child abusers in the life of the liberal elite manipulation of world events.

Powell also concurs with the QAnon claim: “The Storm Is Coming!”

This day in 1963 was a sad one. One of the saddest in U.S. history. President John Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.

The entire nation mourned. Political affiliation had nothing to do with their sorrow. Kennedy had brought a new vibrancy into the White House with him. Hope sprang eternal.

Then it ended.

The nation did not feel that same exuberance again till Barrack Obama was elected. As Kennedy had, he brought with him that special excitement.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. About Sidney Powell. From what I have heard she is not a Giuliani. She is a hard as nails former federal prosecutor, respected on both sides of the aisle as a kick-a$$ litigator. I laughed at Lou’s comment that she has refused to answer media requests to see her evidence regarding election fraud. Is it now a requirement to lay out evidentiary materials for the media even before it is presented in court?

    So we don’t know what she will bring to court. Maybe a bombshell. Maybe just another dud. But I know one thing. If Ms Powell were to bring a case against me, I would quickly move to Siberia to avoid her.

    • Isn’t she General Flynn’s lawyer? How’s that working out for him? If I recall she made a lot of noise with that too, at the beginning.

    • Looks like Sidney Powell got herself fired already, apparent;y too bat sh*t crazy for even Rudy.

      Looks like you won’t need to move to Siberia after all.

      Keep up the trolling, it serves as a constant reminder that you really don’t know what you are talking about and are really more interested in just causing trouble than providing anything useful.

      • Oh, sorry. Did my comments about Ms Powell cause trouble for someone here? What trouble? I just observed that (1) she is currently a public figure in the news, and (2) Lou wrote ten paragraphs about her this morning. Therefore I foolishly thought it was okay for followers like me to comment as well.

        It’s hard to keep up with the changes in the rules here. Never by Lou. Always by someone who decides what is appropriate for posting on Lou”s blog. I’ll keep trying ‘til I get it right.

        • Your comments were once AGAIN a rather thinly veiled troll about a freaky lawyer which you tried to rile up some sort of argument about how she was going to bring fire and brimstone with a court appearance on behalf of Trump in his effort to subvert the election process in Georgia’s court. And if that didn’t work, which it never does with you and then complain that the criticism of you post was some how an effort to suppress YOU, well you have the wrong blog, my friend.

          You got it wrong and you got dumped on for that and for attempting to do something that didn’t need to be done.

          If you are going to cry like a baby every time you do something stupid or attempt something foolish, then you are going to need a lot of Kleenex.

          If you don’t like it, go elsewhere – maybe Siberia

          • Read my post again. I pointed out only that she was tough. I specifically said that we don’t know what she will bring to a court appearance. That fire & brimstone conjecture about voting results in Georgia is all yours. Not mine.

            And then, instead of continuing an open discussion about Ms Powell, it somehow becomes all about me. How does that happen? Did you forget that she was among Lou’s topics today, and not me? I’m going to make a wild guess here and say that Lou prefers comments based on his topics, and not on baseless insults between his readers.

            I have other thoughts about Lou’s topics today. Let me know when YOU decide that I can post them. I’ll wait.

            • You don’t need to twist it, we know what you said. No one is trying to stop you from posting or suggesting you can’t. But none of your crybaby victim claiming has ANYTHING to do with you not being above criticism or commented about. You seem to always post only to create a way for you to be the victim whenever you get caught lying or trolling.

        • Who are you kidding that you just observed that “she is currently a public figure in the news. Yo do know that we can see what you wrote – “She is a hard as nails former federal prosecutor, respected on both sides of the aisle as a kick-a$$ litigator. I laughed at Lou’s comment that she has refused to answer media requests to see her evidence regarding election fraud.”

          Not exactly how you are trying to pa*s it off now that you got called out on this, is it?

    • I think it’s Trump that’s going to need to walk on water in 2024, with the stage he’s making right now, say nothing about the stage he built these last for years and the litigation sh*t storm he likely faces once he leaves office.

      • Why do you even bother answering that jerk. It’s just the same old troll who posts only to try and provoke an argument.

        Besides Trumps is a loser and everybody knows that. If he runs again, he’ll lose again. Who’ll want a felon in office anyway.

  2. Trump’s reign is ending at a time when illegal border crossings are higher than any month during Obama’s time as president. So much for fixing the problem with illegal immigration. Just another one of Trump’s failures.

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