Governor DeSantis, School Boards, and people refusing to be vaccinated…..Irresponsible. There positions cannot be described otherwise.

The Governor wants to be President. He is Trump true and true. His position re vaccines is without merit. He merely wants to suck up to those voters in Florida and the U.S. who think the same way.

The School Boards I cannot understand. No member is running for President. They are free to exercise independent judgments. They were elected not necessarily to speak for the people. They were elected to exercise their personal judgments as to what is correct for the schools they control.

The school boards are sucking up to the voters. A great example of the exercise of independent judgment.

The ordinary citizen who refuses to be vaccinated is plain crazy. If the the Governor and School Board are off base, it does not give license the people should be also. The issue of vaccinations has been politicized. So much so, many believe the erroneous statements being made by others. Pseudo doctors all.

Wait till they sit at the death bed of a loved one who went unvaccinated. What then? Will they realize the mistake made in not being vaccinated?

What more proof is required than 99.5 percent of those in the hospitals today with COVID illness have never been vaccinated. Each and everyone of the 99.5 percent!

Not a statistic to be proud of. No pride involved in setting yourself or others in position for death to occur.

I would not be surprised if those who refused the vaccine for themselves when met by Saint Peter at the Golden Gates will be rejected. I can visualize Peter saying “We have no more room for you up here. Why the hell didn’t you get vaccinated?”

I have had my 2 shots. I understand that the Delta virus being stronger can exist 12 times more in my nose than previously. Means I should wear a mask though I probably will not get sick. The unvaccinated will  when the Delta variant leaves my nose and jumps to them.

Schumer claims with great confidence the has the votes to pass the $3.5 trillion bill.

I don’t know. He needs all 50 Senate Democratic votes. He may not be able to get them. Which means he is going to need a few Republican votes.

Does he already have them secured?

Manchin and Sinema have already said $3.5 trillion too much money. Montana’s Tester likewise.

Going to be interesting watching the scenario play out.

TACOS paragraphs 15, 16 and 17.

The store was almost open and funds were getting thin / I didn’t want to borrow but I finally gave in / Called my Mom on Sunday morning, said I needed $500 cash / She said, “Dad already sent it the day before last.

We just got all of our signs when Bobby and Wayne came to see / They brought all their equipment and painted the whole building for free.

Some friends from Lauderdale at a bar where I used to work / Could print your own logo on your own T-shirt / I gave them my store picture from off the wall / We had the first printed T-shirts ever sold on Duval.

I am back to wearing a mask and gloves. Also have returned to self-quarantine, though I may cheat a bit. Things are getting worse here. Even those who already have had their shots are coming down with COVID.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Looking back, it seems like Trump was getting ready to claim election fraud back in 2016 with his talk of the electoral college being rigged. But as it turned out they handed victory to him after he lost the popular vote and he shut up about it.

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