Gordon grew in intensity over the Gulf. Made landfall west of the Mississippi/Alabama border. Now a category 1 hurricane.

One death. A child in a mobile home. A tree fell on the mobile home.

Keep in mind. All type storms and weather changes have been occurring in recent years. For me, it is global warming. As to hurricanes, the numbers have increased. The hurricane season runs to November 30. I hold my breath.

I wrote last friday that the Key West Citizen had been sold. The formal announcement would be tuesday. It was. Announced yesterday that the Adams Publishing Group had purchased all assets of Cooke Communications LLC. One of Cooke’s assets the Key West Citizen.

Sarabeth is a popular dining place at 530 Simonton Street. The building housing Sarabeth’s not always a commercial facility. The structure was built in 1889 to be a synagogue. The B’nai Zion Synagogue.

Pause the next time you pass by. Look closely and you can identify parts of the building as having been a synagogue.

Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Kavanaugh an extremely conservative judge. His thinking very far to the right. Too far. He is pro-gun, anti-abortion, believes in a powerful President, believes neither impeachment nor indictment till a President is out of office. A President too busy with important matters to deal with such situations.

Kavanaugh must be confirmed by the Senate. The first step a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The first hearing yesterday.

Chaos. Crazy. Fireworks.

Kavanaugh presents the worst nomination to the Supreme Court in modern history. His legal thinking will mandate his striking down hard fought legal victories of the past 70 years. Not because he is a bad guy. It is the way he thinks.

He will be confirmed. He will sit as a Justice of the Supreme Court. The sadness…..For the next 30-40 years.

Love investigative reporters! Two outstanding ones Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. The two who discovered Nixon’s wrongdoing resulting in Nixon’s resignation.

Both still active. Report and write books.

Bob Woodward’s most recent FEAR: Trump in the White House. Publication a few days off. The Washington Post got an early copy.

Wow! is the best way to describe the book. I can’t wait to read it.

A few items revealed and made available via the media.

Trump’s first lawyer John Dowd put Trump through some mock interviews preparatory to Mueller doing the same officially. Trump lied, lied, lied. He was incapable of telling the truth.

Dowd told him, “Don’t testify. It’s either that or an orange jumpsuit.”

Woodward reports contrary to what Trump repeatedly has said, he told Dowd the practice sessions: “I don’t want to testify.”

Dowd resigned the next day.

General Mattis is reported to have said, Trump has the mentality of a “sixth grader.” Chief of Staff John Kelly, Trump is “unhinged,” an “idiot,” “we’re in Crazytown, ” “the worse job I have ever had.”

Author Bob Woodward himself describes the Trump White House as “Crazytown.”

Carl Bernstein commenting on the book said, “The Trump presidency is a national emergency.”

Our President!!!!!

A possible oil crisis by year’s end. Actually, probable. Cause involves sanctions, tariff wars, increasing demand, and inflation. $4 a gallon predicted by year’s end. As high as $5 a gallon next year.

China needs crude oil. The U.S. needs crude oil. In 2017, China surpassed the U.S. in the importation of crude oil. China imported 8.4 million barrels a day. The U.S., 7.9 million.

Iran comes into the picture. U.S. sanctions preventing crude oil export. Two months from now, Iran will be exporting next to nothing because of new sanctions already on the books.

Inflation comes into play. Only 2.4 percent today. Rising, however still low.

Learned something I did not know. The government plays with the inflation figures. That is, how the rate is determined. If calculated by 1990 standards, today’s 2.4 percent would be 6 percent. If calculated by 1980 standards, 10 percent.

Trump pushes us closer and closer to a recession. Though not immediately apparent, such is inevitable when sanctions, tariff wars and increased oil prices combine.

I have been predicting a recession at year’s end or early into 2019 for some time. The handwriting is on the wall.

I love Russian novels. Something dramatic about them.

On this day in 1958, Boris Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago was published in the U.S. The novel had to be secreted out of Russia a few pages at a time. Russian authorities claimed the novel romanticized the pre-Revolution upper class and degraded the peasants.

Pasternak was awarded to Nobel Prize for Literature in 1958 also. Khrushchev would not permit him to accept the prize.

Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace was published in 1869 after previously having been serialized.

Dr. Zhivago and War and Peace two of my favorite Russian novels.

I had some fun last night ranting and raving on my podcast show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. So much to chat about!

Join me for the show next week.

Enjoy your day!



  1. I think we should give president Trump a chance before we judge him. After all, we gave Barak Hussie Oblama, until June of his first year before we really went after him with total vengeance!

  2. Giving Trump a chance, or, credit for something just ain’t gonna happen here. As mentioned, TDS is as high as it can get here. Well, upon reflection, I’m pretty sure as time goes on it’ll get higher.

    • So do you give a tantrum throwing petulant child credit for waiting until you’ve finished your meal while dining out?

      Maybe we can find a real mobster to do good things for this country, should we ignore his methods or character as long as he produces?

  3. Why all the talk from you Patrick about Tiny Dick Syndrome. You got something on your mind, or you just like to talk dirty in public?

  4. abby seems to be the one to bring up Tiny Dick Syndrome. Do you have a problem with dicks or are you just worn out ? You seem the type that likes to talk dirty in public and private.

    • Gee-Wiz Patrick, Tiny Dick Syndrome (TDS) is a known and well used acronym. It is even on the internet andI have even seen it used on Lou’s Blog before. You should probably do your homework before you try and smear others for something that makes you want to clutch your pearls.

      • Gee-wilikers abby, I’m not the one that keeps bringing up Tiny Dick Syndrome. You must have some kind of obsession .I respond to Trump Derangement Syndrome [TDS], but, you know that. I thought your form of the syndrome was funny when I heard/read it but I’m not worried. Gosh, its so nice to be back on here.

        • but Patrick, YOU are the one who kept bringing up the term TDS, without (apparently) understanding (or explaining) what the term meant (at least to you). I didn’t know what TDS was, I thought it was another one of your frequent trolls. I looked it up and the first thing I saw was Tiny Dick Syndrome. It’s not OUR problem you wanted it to mean something else. Your lack of comprehension on this, just shows how totally self centered you are blundering into situation after situation, then blaming everybody else for your ignorance and affinity of stepping into it. You always just want to pick a fight, never really to add anything.

          • Tim, thats pure BS from you as usual.

            The main topic was/is about our President as were the comments. Anyone with 3 functioning brain cells would know which TDS I was talking about. So catch up.

          • I never heard that term either. you live in a fox news bubble then unfairly attack anyone who doesn’ get your attempt at humor. man up patrick you got this wrong

          • A quick check of a couple search engines shows TDS as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Quick and easy. No where does the TDS search show Tiny Dick Syndrome.

  5. Trump Derangement Syndrome needs to be brought up here quite often since it is so prevalent.

    Tiny Dick Syndrome is pretty funny and and maybe it would apply. One would have to ask any of Mr Trumps ‘girlfriends’. Rather than being paid off to keep quite about the ‘quickies’ maybe the payments are made for something else.

    • Trump Derangement Syndrome ?????? Wasn’t that the same “thing” back in the days of the Bush – Cheney era (error) ??? Only back then you called it BTS ???? You guys just LOVE the poor old “woe is me” stuff, don’t you? Always blaming your troubles on somebody else.

    • Something else? Could that be like trips to Russia to pick up campaign contributions? Or maybe payments to Stormy or Karen were for help with office decorating. Good help with illuminating that Patrick.

  6. I hope the new Citizen owners go back to putting out a Saturday edition and a separate, fresh Sunday edition. Can you help out with that, Lou?

  7. Not only is it a waste of time here, but, last night 4 attempts to hack me were made. Just a warning in case you’re having problems

  8. Paranoia Patrick? Maybe it has something to do with your frequent ‘connects’ to various Russian collusion sites and nothing to do with Lou. Asuming you’re not lying about this too!

  9. If Trump finds the West Wing leakers he should put them on the White House lawn and execute them with an anti aircraft gun, just like his buddy Kim would do.

  10. Nan on September 6, 2018 at 3:31 pm said:
    No, it’s just him and I in an old Albany thing. He knows, that part is nobody else’s business.
    end quote

    Sorry Nancy, but, I still don’t remember. Wish I did. Let me know where and when it was, it might help. We could sit and discuss it.

  11. Well still Nancy I have no idea what you are talking about. It just seems that you referring to me is what is weird since I still say that I don’t know you and was just trying to be polite and figure out what you were referring to. I won’t take up any more of your time.

    • Disappointing Pat, but then I guess it’s in your best interests not to remember isn’t it? Probably not very smart of you to even respond in the first place, but smart isn’t your strong point is it? But being mean always was.

  12. I guess you’re right Nancy, I shouldn’t have responded. But, you brought up the subject and then expect one to be a mind-reader. I’m now convinced that we do not know each other. Bye, bye.

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