As an authoritarian figure, Trump wanted a quasi-military force he could rely on. Such would be his first line of defense if personally endangered. A group of this nature would also exist for intimidation purposes.

Trump selected ICE to be that baby, his baby.

ICE is short for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It is part of the Department of Homeland Security. It is the largest investigative  group within the DHS.

Ice was born in 2003. One of its duties to deal with border/immigration issues. They were a so so federal agency till Trump’s election in 2016.

Trump had a concern. Loyalty was most important to him. He needed a small band of marauders he could rely on to do as he dictated. To be his personal enforcement group.

He selected ICE. Made sure budget funds in significant amounts ended up in ICE. Selected a certain brand of persons to work as ICE agents.

Recall Trump’s first wife Ivana. She has mentioned several times over the years that Trump kept in  a drawer at his beside Hitler authored and other Nazi books.

Such was his bed time reading most evenings.

Trump wanted ICE to be his Gestapo unit. Loyal first and solely to him. To do that he wished as he wished

Trump succeeded.

I have written and discussed many times my fear of ICE. That it constituted an increasing danger.

If there was any question n my mind, it was put to rest the first time I saw ICE agents. Their mere appearance was enough to strike fear in a person.

Following some natural disaster (not Irma), many Key Westers were without living accommodations, water, food, etc. FEMA came in to provide such items to those in need. Persons deprived because of the disaster. What FEMA delivered was good, needed, and appreciated.

I am a curious animal. I wanted to see the operation. To understand first hand how the disaster was being handled. In the large parking lot behind the Fire Station on Simonton, huge tents had been erected. Chairs available. Social areas also available also under tents.

People were assassinated with paperwork, provided helpful information, etc.

All went well. I was impressed. My government was there and helping!

I enjoy walking around to see what is going on. I did so on 2 occasions at the FEMA site.

What failed to impress me were the ICE agents who I assume were there to make sure trouble did not erupt.

They scared me! All I could think of was Hitler’s Gestapo.

The agents were all the same. Tight muscle bound bodies.  Fair skinned/white. Primarily blonds. Each agent’s hair a crew cut. Not in recent day fashion. Rather the crew cut of many years ago. Roughly one inch tall. Stood straight up.

The men were dressed in dark green uniforms. Each carrying a side arm that was intimidating in itself. I know nothing about guns. These were big pistols for want of another description. One sitting on each agent’s hip.

It was obvious I did not belong. I was not signing up for anything. Knew no one. No one talked with me nor did I try to engage in conversation with anyone. I merely walked around looking.

The ICE agents apparently became concerned. Who is this guy? They started following me each time I was there. Never got close enough to engage me in conversation. I had no desire to speak with them.

Recall that point in the Trump era when he had immigration people going to major cities to weed out illegal immigrants. ICE accompanied the agents. The up front guys were not ICE. ICE’s function was to stand in the streets looking up at the building the immigration people were in. Intimidation time.

Immediately prior to Trump leaving office, he had the DHS enter into an agreement with ICE’s union (would you believe) giving the union the ability/power to indefinitely delay the implementation of any new policies affecting ICE.

The  agreement provided in effect the union ran ICE and not the DHS or Biden. Changes had to be made.

Trump’s purpose was to give him himself control over ICE after he was out of office. Sort of controlling things from the gave.

Got to give Biden credit. He recognized what Trump had set up. He was not going to tolerate it.

Biden almost immediately upon taking office had the DHS nullify the agreement with the Union. The grounds were that the agreement was not negotiated in the interests of the DHS nor was it in alignment with existing law.

And that is where it stands.

There are other problems as a practical matter. DHS has to transfer, terminate or in some fashion get rid of the ICE agents whose boots stomped in step with Trump. Replace them with agents who understand what democratic immigration and any other type enforcement calls for.

In short, get the Trump inspired bullies out!

Speaking of Trump. his stock seems to be going down every day. He lost the fraudulent election ballot cases, is threatening to sue the National Republican Party if they use his picture or name for fund raising, and the reception Trump received sunday night as he arrived at Trump Towers. Trump Towers was a what goes around comes around situation.

Key West and the lower Keys have been a U.S. Navy base for various purposes since well before World War II. Sometimes a bomb or other type explosive is found from days long gone by.

Such was the case on Fleming Key.

Yesterday, a 250 pound World War II era bomb was disposed of  by U.S. Navy Ordinate Disposal. They blew it up.

Safety not a problem. The U.S. Coast Guard maintained a safety perimeter around the area.

A job well done. Not the first rodeo so to speak for our professional military persons. This bomb discovery thing is somewhat of a frequent occurrence.

Enjoy your day!


    • This is an imposter, not me. What the hell is the matter with people anyway. While I differ in opinions from Lou, I respect his right to have those opinions.

  1. Didn’t Lou tell us last year that ICE agents and the Border Patrol would keep Trump in power if he lost the election? How is that working out?

  2. Sorry Lou, but Biden didn’t take ANY action. He was unable to get himself out of a hardware store yesterday. His handlers are making all the decisions.

    I say we take bets on how long before Harris takes over officially.

  3. Of all 6 victims (there are now at least 7) that Cuomo molested, errrr allegedly., all were whiite women. Not a single man, transgender, black or brown. Cuomo’s not only a creepy criminal, but he’s a homophobe, anti trans and a racist. Maybe the 7 th victim will be revealed as a black tranny midget with dyslexia. Then he can’t be confused with someone who only victimizes white women.

    • I read today on Blabber Buzz where Roger Stone says he has evidence that Coumo actually raped at least five of these women. I’ll bet the Lame Stream Media won’t even report that.

      • If anyone knows of any black tranny midgets with dyslexia that are available, please let the DNC know. They’re always looking for qualified candidates for office, cabinet positions and judgeships.

  4. President Trump closed a kids-in-cages facility in July 2019.

    Biden just opened it back up.

    Jonathan Blitzer of New Yorker tried to eviscerate President Donald John Trump over putting kids in cages.
    Now Blitzer says Chairman Xiden has no choice but to continue to keep kids in cages that were built under Obama.

  5. With the mad run for the border, ICE is overwhelmed. Blitzer wrote, “The Biden Administration’s decision to reopen the Carrizo Springs facility, to hold migrant children, was met with swift backlash.”

    The press no longer calls it kids in cages as if infants are in the facility. Now they are “migrant teens.”

    The Biden administration says it is temporary.

    Just like the 15 days-to-bend-the-curve lockdown was.

    And just like the 2 weeks of the National Guard tour was in DC.

  6. Kyle Smith reported, “Andrew Cuomo Was Paid $65 for Every Book He Sold.”

    Smith has caught on to the big advances publishers give politicians for books that sell in the hundreds. He concluded as I have that this is graft.

    But the big money is in Netflix deals. Ask the Obamas how that works.

    By the way, the lockdown has been very, very good for Netflix.

    • You say those things like they are bad things – that’s spinning.

      But you didn’t mention that the RNC bought $2,000,00.00 dollars of Don Jr’s book, to prop up sales. That’s corruption, beyond anything you tried to make out on you VERY biases post.

      BTW, the Obamas drew one of the biggest viewership of any interview EVER done done on Nexflix, where’s the bad in that?

      …and thank god for Netflix during the pandemic. They were a godsend at a time we needed it. The only thing better were the Press Conferences Trump didn’t do.

      Where is the bad?

      You are weird !

  7. From Fox News: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests plummeted in February, just as the Biden administration imposed stricter rules on the agency in regard to which categories of illegal immigrants it can arrest and deport.
    The border is now a supermarket for pedophiles.
    Thanks Joe

  8. Don S. and Thomas J. apparently have been bared from Qanon, Proud Boys, and Oath Keepers websites and think they might have some luck here on Lou’s site.

    This is the same guy that tried many times to get Lou to stop mentioning politics on his blog and return to wholesome Key West stuff, like the “old days.”

    Even threatened to leave Lou’s blog, if Lou didn’t do what he wanted.

    Can’t fix stupid, eh?

    • OMG. I’ve been barred from all the right wing extremist websites? I didn’t know. Aren’t they supposed to send you an email or something? Well, I guess I can just sell my AR-15 at my next yard sale.

        • LOL. I was being sarcastic. No, we don’t get yard sales, and I don’t own an AR-15. And the facility is a lot more upscale than a common jail. This isn’t Mayberry.

          • Oh your so funny Thomas J., trying to be clever making jokes about AR-15’s and everything.

            But then it is hard to take you seriously about anything, you are all over the place on every issue, then denying it’s you, then saying “that’s not what you mean,: then this, but maybe not.

            BTW – what’s a handle?

  9. This Cuomo thing is just another Roger Stone political operation, intended to get a Republican guv elected in New York State. The idea is that Trump is going to need a pardon where he will almost certainly be convicted of financial crimes.

    Fun to watch how feckless right wing wackos buy into it with abandon in their faux outrage and absent criticism when their hero Donald Trump himself was grabbing his prey by the pussy or forcing himself on hookers went unmentioned.

  10. Sandy is a particularly nasty, bigoted and foul mouthed troll on Lou’s blog who has posted here for years under various names. He has openly posted here that he posts just to start fights. He has also made untrue claims about people and things he refuses to back up, or explain. His hatred and terrible comments about Jews, African Americans and Chinese are beyond belief.

    Sandy can only be trusted as an ignorant troublemaker. Today’s blog posts are just one example of his boundless disregard for decency.

  11. Obama deported more illegals during his presidency, than Trump did.

    Obama did the work, Trump just made noise and congratulated himself for things he didn’t do.

  12. I read where Trump did just one third of what Obama did in his first four years.

    That’s pathetic, especially with all of his promises and bragging.

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