It’s the little things that are important. Paving Simonton street beginning February 18 is one.

Simonton is a major Key West thoroughfare. I travel it every time I go to the Chart Room.

For several years, it has been a mess. Not potholes like up north. The road merely sinks in spots. Just as bad as a pothole.

I have complained off and on for several years. Fix Simonton! To no avail. My voice one in the wilderness.

Finally, it will begin. I am thrilled. Excited. That is  how much the repair work is needed and how happy I and others will be.

The ultra right continues to insult those on the left. Demean and speak poorly of liberals.

Ann Coulter’s “liberalism is a mental disorder” is on the move again.

An informal survey was done by an outfit called Slate Star Code. More than 8,000 surveyed. The survey found left wing thinkers more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

Like having been “formally diagnosed with depression, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.”

Wowie! I have been a nut all my life!”

The survey further revealed 38 percent of those questioned identified politically as Marxists.

The ultra right qualify as crazies to the nth degree.

Sick people. The survey itself sick.

They forget who there leader is. Donald Trump. Can anyone be further out? How many of the mental conditions mentioned define him?

Me thinks Republicans should look in their own backyard before criticizing liberals in such fashion.

History speaks of many tyrants. How they gradually obtained control, conducted themselves while in power, and the ultimate ruination they brought to their country.

There are more than Donald Trump.

He has been compared to Adolph Hitler in the 1930’s. I worry that Trump will leave the U.S. looking like Berlin when the Allied troops entered.

It could happen. It has happened before.

Attorney General Barr has agreed to appear before the House Judiciary Committee March 31. Roughly 6 weeks hence.

Why so long? He is involved in many things requiring immediate attention. Six weeks is too long to wait. Things have been moving since Trump’s “acquittal. What next? How many more “wrongs” have to be committed?

There definitely will be many more in the next 6 weeks.

A patient bleeding internally requires immediate attention. Otherwise, the patient could be dead in 6 weeks.

I was raised to pay my bills. Bill paying was an obligation. I suspect most of you were so raised.

Student debt is a major continuing problem. Placing a hold on moving ahead in life while paying the bill post-education.

Many bills in excess of $100,000.

Student college debt today exceeds $1.7 trillion. Thirty percent of that amount is in default or delinquency. Student debtors exceed 44 million.

Former students are revolting. Refusing to pay. Screw you their attitude. They have gone on “strike” in refusing to pay.

An organization called Debt Collective has been formed  which encourages them to avoid payment. Composed of a group of activists who met during Occupy Wall Street 10 years ago.

My generation and those that immediately followed had no where to borrow. Loan money for education was unheard of.

So those of us who did not have parents who could afford to pay for our educations worked.

Two to three jobs constantly in addition to classes.

None of us considered it an imposition or tough. It was something that had to be done in order to get an education. We made it and graduated owing no one anything.

I must admit had a loan program been available, I would have been first in line to borrow.

Something has to be done to help those presently burdened with near impossible of repayment loans. The Democrats are talking about it. Hopefully no matter who is elected, a solution will be arrived at.

Whether a solution becomes available, there will remain one unquestionable problem. These kids now young adults will never understand the propriety and necessity of pay back.

Staying with debt for a moment, the Federal Reserve Bank reported U.S. debt exceeds $14 trillion for the first time. Borrowing has increased for 22 consecutive quarters.

Debt can be somewhat comparable to part of the marriage vow: Till death do us part. As to debt: Until debt tears us apart.

The saga of May Johnson continues. On this day in 1896, May wrote in her diary that after dinner she went to La Brisa with her “Mama.” La Brisa was a resort at the end of Simonton on the Atlantic.

They returned home. May combed her hair and returned with Charlie to La Brisa. Apparently Miguel was not there. May wrote, “My how I did miss Miguel.”

Three years later of February 13, the Key West Electric Street Railway operated its first car on Duval Street. Carried almost 500 passengers the first night.

The street car went to the Atlantic. Simonton was one short block from the end of the street car line. People began using the line to get to the La Brisa Resort. May Johnson’s favorite place.

The Keys Electric people were smart. They also owned La Brisa. Smart in the sense that the street car line could deliver La Brisa customers to the resort.

Finally though not the least important…..Tino. This time performing as a flower street peddler. Amazing the many diversified parts Tino can perform.

Enjoy your day!


  1. James Clapper, Oboma’s CIA director, lied to Congress while on TV at a hearing. The DOJ should have charge him as well as Roger Stone for lying. But again the DOJ under Obomer was dishonest. A big part of the swamp is in the DOJ

  2. I have a degree in LGBTQ and Modern Feminist Studies. I’m $120k in school debt. Not a single racist homophobic cisgendered white privileged male will hire me. I’m all for cancelling loan debt.

  3. I remember back in the 70’s the word on the street was to go ahead and get a college student loan. Then just forget about paying it back because nobody did and nobody cared.

  4. Following World War II tax increases, top marginal individual tax rates stayed near or above 90%, and the effective tax rate at 70% for the highest incomes (few paid the top rate), until 1964 when the top marginal tax rate was lowered to 70%. This was how they paid for the war.

  5. Regarding Student loans, let’s remember what has happened to the cost of higher education, particularly at public institutions, over the last four or five decades. There was, indeed, a time when one could work full time during the summer and hold down a part time job during the academic year and emerge without student loan debt.

    Since then, student costs have escalated dramatically, particularly in public institutions, as higher education declines in funding priority. Community colleges used to be funded 1/3 by the state, 1/3 by the county and 1/3 by tuition. That 1/3 student share is now up to 1/2 of the cost. Similarly, many state universities charged little or no tuition to those who could gain admittance. Definitely not the case today.

    Public higher education was once regarded as an investment in society’s future. Now, it is just another expense to be cut, with the gap filled by student loans; loans, incidentally, which are increasingly held by private lenders and which cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

    So, yeah, it’s all on those lazy kids.

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