Good Friday

He is dead.

Good Friday. The day Christ was crucified.

The Catholic Church notes the crucifixion/death with a three hour service beginning at noon. I assume Catholic Churches world wide will be packed for the three hours. Priests will speak, the laity pray.

I said assume because I have not attended such a service since high school. Shame on me! Attending a Catholic high school meant attendance was mandatory.

It was not my favorite time. The three hours took forever! Being in my teens, my mind was not necessarily where it should have been. I was prone to admire the lovely girl across the aisle.

My ribs hurt like hell yesterday. I was uncomfortable from 3 in the morning till 10 last night. Pain! Kept me on edge. I am waiting for x-ray results. My admonition….Don’t fall!

Obviously, I did not attend bocce last night. No way could I squat or throw the ball. I was not needed. Spoke with Keith this morning. We won all three games. The team is now 20-4. Hard to believe! We are tied for second.

The #1 team has lost only one game. We have not played the #1 team the the team tied with us for second place. Those games will be the moment of truth.

The Key West Library speaker series has turned me on to the Key West Library. There is a book sale saturday at the Library in the Palm Garden next door. Most books will be priced at $1. Some, a $1.50.

Libraries were a part of life when I was young. Computers and the internet did not exist. Through college and law school, it was the same. Much time spent in libraries. Took tons of time to research everything.

The internet is a wonder! A joy! Quick response to an inquiry. All the detail immediately available on screen.

A different day!

I screwed up yesterday. I admonished the Key West Citizen for failing to publish the Citizen’s usual Fools’ Day front page. Keely Brown commented that the April Fool portion of the Citizen was a whole section of the paper. It ran at the end of the usual paper. Following the want ads.

Before I start writing the blog, I first read the Citizen, E-Blast, peruse the New York Times and Washington Post, and three other news sources. Time becomes a priority. I stop reading the Citizen at page two of the Sport Section. Nothing after that is of interest to me. Yesterday was the wrong day to stop.

Thank you Keely Brown for your comment!

Enjoy your day!



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