A second military has developed in the United States. Police. We may have more to fear from them than terrorists. No longer do police believe that protecting and serving the public is their prime responsibility.
Topeka, Kansas is an example. The Topeka Police Department has made a policy decision which shortly will be in force and effect. Done on their own and without any type approval by way of local legislative body.
Whenever there is a car stop, for a traffic violation or otherwise, every member of the car must immediately put their hands up. Driver and passengers. The purpose is not to protect the people in the car. It is to protect the police. They want to be sure to go home to their families.
Remember Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, etc. Fastest guns in the west. Today, police officers are the fastest guns in the country!
Many thought for years that police operated under a quota system. Especially in traffic cases. So many tickets a month. The truth is finally coming out.
A New York City hero police officer Craig Matthews claimed he was retaliated against because he complained to superiors regarding traffic and arrest quotas. He received unjust evaluations thereafter. A federal court recently said he has a right to sue New York City. The City claimed that as a police officer he had no right to sue. The court reasoned he had First amendment rights as a citizen to so speak. .
The Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court recently testified before a legislative committee that the court system would have to shut down by May 1. The reason was insufficient funds. The court system had come up $700,000 short. The court system relied on a certain number of traffic tickets being given out and fines received. The number was down the past fiscal year and sufficient funds had not been received.
A quota system is inherently wrong. The courts close their eyes to this wrong because in most instances judicial salaries, staff salaries and other court expenses are paid out of fine monies. Sort of…..You do not bite the hand that feeds you.
Not all police officers are of the highest moral character. In some instances, not even minimally. Lt. Benito Gonzalez, a Camden Metro police officer, recently pled guilty to lewdness charges. He was sitting at a table in Starbucks, pulled his shorts down, and started masturbating. He is still on the job.
Dr. Patrick Moore is a recognized supporter of oil companies and GMO producers. He recently appeared on a French TV show. The topic was Monsanto’s pesticide Roundup which several countries have determined to be cancer causing.
Dr. Moore said Roundup was safe, that drinking a glass of the pesticide would cause no harm. The interviewer happened to have a bottle of Roundup. He asked if Dr. Moore would drink a glass. Twice asked, twice refused by the good doctor. Finally, Dr. Moore asked the interviewer, “Do you think I am crazy?” With that, he got up and walked off the set.
What especially bothers me with the Dr. Moore incident is that it was reported on only a few media outlets in the U.S. Newsweek, Huffington Post and several minor liberal outlets ran the story.
Why wasn’t the story run big time on TV and in publications in the U.S. Simple. Major media in this country are owned/controlled by corporate America. They were not going to step on the toes of their compatriot Monsanto.
Bill Gates several weeks ago in his Blog reported that in 3 years China had used more concrete than the U.S. did in all of the 20th century. The three years were 2011-2013. China produces and uses 60 percent of the world’s cement.
While Congress is not willing to appropriate monies for infrastructure, bridges and schools, China is moving ahead.
GMO producers/manufacturers have been fighting labeling in every State. They are opposed to any label saying GMO products are involved. The GMO companies have not been successful in every State the battle has been fought.
If you can’t beat them one way, beat them another. GMO companies have had a bill introduced in the House of Representatives by a Republican member. If successful, the bill would give the authority to GMO labeling solely to the Secretary of Health and Human Services.GMO producers do not want the American public to know what they are eating.
The bill also provides that only the Secretary has authority to mandate GMO liability. The courts would be by passed.
The power of money!
Sex revelations at the highest levels of government have become common place. There are several that have received insufficient notoriety.
DEA agents, all with top secret clearance, were entertained at sex parties. The prostitutes were at the expense of the Columbian drug cartel. A DEA regional director was being given a farewell party in government offices. He had sex with prostitutes. Three DEA supervisors received money, expensive gifts, and weapons from drug cartel members.
DEA prostitution cases have been deemed a local management issue. Those partying with prostitutes in general have neither been fired nor prosecuted. They have been suspended for no more than 14 days.
Between 2003 and 2007, 54 Columbian children were sexually abused by U.S. soldiers and military contractors. The activities were photographed and later sold as pornography. No one was charged. An  immunity agreement existed which prohibited punishment for any wrongdoing with the Columbian civilian population.
While the Republican majority want to save money by cutting Social Security and Medicare and having Obamacare repealed, the Defense Department is experiencing losses with military equipment. An example is sensitive explosive gear. Losses means the Department have not been able to locate the lost gear, except when it appears for resale on Ebay and Craigslist. The value of the lost gear is estimated in the billions of dollars.
Military equipment leased or given to local police departments cannot be in many instances either.
It is expensive to get a college education. A recent study indicated that one in twenty UK college students worked in the sex trade to help fund their university costs, to make ends meet. Interestingly, men more than women.
I could not locate any similar U.S. study. However, there has been mention of sugar daddies. Many young ladies are advertising on-line for and finding older men. There are internet sites dedicated to this purpose.
NYU appears to have the most sugar babies. Four hundred ninety-eight.
The U.S. health care system is the most expensive in the world. Eleven industrial nations were involved in a study. The U.S. was first as to expense and last as to quality.
An example of the situation looking solely at dollars shows that the U.K. is listed second in quality of care. The U.K. cost per person is $3,405 per year. The U.S. which is listed last has a cost of $8,508 per year.
The study indicated extreme inequality exists in Good only for those who have enough money to pay for it.
The information herein is without question interesting. It is intended also to be an eye opener. Food for thought.


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