Trump the richest President. No question about it. Who second?

George Washington.

Washington was worth $525 million. He owned land, businesses, a distillery, and slaves. His Presidential salary nothing to be ashamed of. Negotiated I assume by him. His salary annually was 2 percent of the U.S. budget.

Fine tuned my podcast show in the afternoon. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Most of the show was to be Trump and Judge Neil Gorsuch. My show was ready to go at 3. Had to wait. Show time not till 9.

Then everything hit the fan in Washington. More Trump problems. Involving some of his campaign team members. The Judge’s questioning before the Judiciary Committee put on hold.

All hell was breaking loose.

I reworked my show plan to accommodate the news.

Re Trump, he is a man sitting on a sunny beach not aware that a tsunami is approaching. The coming disaster inevitable. He in the middle of it.

Money laundering originating in Russia creeping into the news. Watch for it. The money laundering reached British and American banks.

Judge Neil Gorsuch a winner! I was impressed! A legal mind!

Though he is a conservative, he will vote liberal if the case calls for it. My impression.

Newly appointed Supreme Court Justices sometime change sides. The conservative votes liberal.

Eisenhower’s opponent for the Republican nomination in 1952 was California’s Governor Warren. A black hearted Republican. Nothing in his history to indicate anything else.

Warren was appointed Chief Justice. He immediately turned. Warren was one of the most liberal Justices in our nation’s history. Eisenhower lamented the one mistake of his Presidency was nominating Warren to the bench.

Then came Justice Souter. A small town Republican lawyer who was fortunate to become a New Hampshire Judge. A conservative one. Appointed to the Supreme Court, a metamorphism occurred. He became a dependable liberal vote.

I have been into pythons for five years. The Everglades replete with them. They are now moving into the Keys. One or two made it to Key West.

The State failed to timely pay attention to their growing numbers. Pythons frequently engage in sex. They have overrun the Everglades. The actual number unknown. Cannot be determined.

Experts claim eradication impossible. Too many. The aim to date has been to mange the python problem. Impossible. They reproduce faster than they can be killed.

Now comes Florida State Senator Artiles. He wants the State to pay private contractors to go into the Everglades and kill pythons.

A guaranteed exercise in futility.

Robots. One of my favorite topics for a year. They are here and more coming in increasing numbers. Human jobs will be lost.

Arabs are smart. The Dubai Police Force announced that they will begin using robots for certain police work beginning in May. They expect that by 2030, 25 percent of the force will be robots.

Mark Twain and his friend Thomas B. Reed spent this day in 1902 in Key West. Reed was Speaker of the House of Representatives at the time. They were on their way to Cuba. Party time.

Jimmy Walker was a famous New York City mayor in the roaring 1920’s and into the early 1930 Depression years. He became too friendly with the mob. Under investigation, he ran off to Europe with his wife.

Betty Compton his wife. Somehow she got to Key West in later years. On this day in 1941, Betty Compton divorced Jimmy Walker in a Florida Circuit Court sitting in Key West.

Harry Truman. One of Key West’s favorite persons. Truman loved Key West. Key West loves Truman.

On this day in 1951, Truman completed a three week vacation at the Little White House and returned to Washington.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Louis, thank you for reporting on George Washington’s wealth. Yes, George seems to have been a truly great American capitalist. With his background in land surveying, he accumulated land with some family inheritance and later the smart man married a very wealthy Martha. Great American Capitalists. We have to love ’em. They make our country great.

  2. Lou, Judge Gorsuch MAY pan out as “fair” minded. I tried to wrap my head around his ruling against the semi-driver. I wish they offered more detail but as it was presented I feel he erred. I do believe the Constitution is more living document than not, he doesn’t share that view. I did not like his stand on the right to end your own life to escape the suffering and indignity of terminal illness. In that opinion he, like many conservatives, put too much weight on religious belief and impose on the rest that don’t. Judge Gorsuch was asked if Trump inquired to his position on Roe to which he replied in the negative. Considering he was on the pre-approved list compiled by GOP leaders then handed to Trump, the logical follow up would have been to inquire if anyone approached him for an opinion on Roe. Given the GOP’s crusade to reverse Roe it would have been an interesting answer.

  3. Yep, I see Washington as a great man. Flawed as we all are, but great at the same time. He was a social climber and as Diana said he married into money. He didn’t agree with slavery, but, along/same with Jefferson would not free his slaves. He also owned/operated the largest fishery and distillery in the country. I blame his doctors for killing him. They bled him to death, who the heck came up with that idea. But, it was a general practice for centuries.
    As with much of what our history books tell us, a lot of it is wrong. Real history is more interesting. One little tidbit is that He sent federal troops to western PA to put down a ‘protest’ against the new alcohol tax.

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