That is the name! Capitals included!

A lot to putting this show together. Surprising.

Today, I am going to put the cart before the horse. I am going to spell out how to call into the show to ask a question, make a comment, etc. Even before I advise how to find the show for listening purposes. The reason is I do not have the find the show info down pat yet..

The show is talk radio. I talk. You talk, if you so desire. There are two ways to call in.

The first is direct dial. The number is 646-478-5731. The other is via Skype. There is a “Skype to Talk” button on the screen during the show. Click on it and join the show as a live caller.

Skype is free. You must have Skype to utilize it, however. Ergo, if without, sign up for Skype. It is free. The free application is at

American callers can use the direct dial or Skype procedure. Those outside the United States, Skype.

There will also be available a direct click button on Facebook. You can find the show that way. Perhaps on Twitter, also. Though I am not sure at this time.

The first show is Tuesday December 18 at 7 in the morning my time. I selected the time. Lets begin and see how it goes. I can always change to a later time and more time. The show at present will only be one half hour. I am crawling before I walk.

I encourage listeners to call in. It is a talk show.

A typical Sunday yesterday. A bit of shopping. Walgreen and Publix. A bit of walking.

I ran into Mandy and Tonto to at Publix. I have not seen them in well over a year. Not just nice people, great people! They have been a Key West two some forever. Mandy works at a mortgage brokerage house. Runs the shop. Tonto is a bartender. The last I knew she was working at La Te Da. We exchanged hugs and a Merry Christmas.

Seven years ago, I realized my Christmas had changed. I would now be alone, except for Lisa and her family. I always loved Christmas. I am the type that enjoyed all holidays and their celebration. I needed to create the Christmas spirit in my Key West home. To begin, I needed a Christmas tree!

To say I enjoyed the holiday is correct. However, not all aspects of it. I hated decorating the tree. Left the job to my wife and Utica grandchildren. It was obvious to me that a tree that had to be decorated was not in order. I researched through the various catalogues. Came up with a six foot artificial tree with over 400 lights on it. Top quality the ad said. Will last many years. The cost was around $450. I figured for that price it would last.

I have not been disappointed.

What a beautiful tree! I am impressed. The lights still work. I got what I paid for.

My Key West Christmas has moved from my home to Lisa’s. I really do not need the tree any more. My emotions of seven years ago are different today. Lisa now uses the tree. This is her second year. The family came over to get the tree yesterday. I store it well wrapped in the garage. Robert and Ally were all excited.

Enjoy your day!


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