The move is underway in Florida to make Big Brother part of everyone’s family. A legalized spy answerable only to the State.

Governor DeSantis wants to be President DeSantis. He is constantly trying to appeal to those who supported Trump in 2016. Appealing in many instances to to an extent not even attempted by Trump.

DeSants is promoting the Free State of Florida. He is doing so via surveillance and censorship.

There is a bill presently being fast tracked through the Florida legislature: The Don’t Say Gay Bill. It represents the beginning of the Big Brother concept becoming a legal part of our everyday existence.

Once law, it will require video cameras in classrooms, video camering of all conversation between a teacher and student(s), requiring videoing of all visits by a parent and child, parent alone, child alone, with a doctor re trans young issues. Additionally, teachers would be required wear microphones all day while working.

My initial reaction…..Thank you Adolf Hitler.

What makes it even worse is the Florida legislature will pass the legislation. They follow DeSantis as if they were children following the Pied Piper.

What is in the process of occurring is surveillance of the highest order. It is Orwellian, autocratic, authoritarian, and fascist. Dictatorial power foisted on what are supposedly a free people.

DeSantis’ efforts, which will be successful, are nothing more than a craven attempt to build power on the back of LGBTQ people.

DeSantis denies the legislation is an attempt at surveillance. He claims the “legislation has nothing to do with surveillance…..It is trying to protect…..students from forced indoctrination.”

What a joke! Who is attempting to indoctrination who? DeSantis’ aim is to “indoctrinate” people with his way of thing, falsehoods.

Floridians…..We are in trouble.

Several months ago I wrote a blog re DeSantis’ desire to have a private “police force” answerable only to him. Such in my opinion would be his Gestapo. If he had such, would it be his “Gestapo” who would enforce the surveillance powers being sought?



      • Well yes, he was doing bad (traitor) things and she was hoping to expose that. Had Joe McCarthy been around nowadays, Donald Trump would have been forced to appear before his committee of unAmerician activities and probably jailed for his involvement with Russia, like so many other Americians. Things have changed and Republicans now seem to be OK with other Americans involved with communist Russia

    • I read where the Russians had an office in Trump’s Tower directly below Donald’s office, back when he was running for President the first time around. With Wi-Fi the way it is, what ever Donald knew, they new. My guess Durham will give us his report on that too, probably soon?

    • J*hn Durham, a FOX News appointed “special investigator” is now reporting that his investigation, has uncovered that Hunter Biden was using a laptop computer during the time he served on the Board of Directors for a Ukraine company and that Hilary Clinton knew about that, yet did nothing. Additional revelations on what is basically an anti Hilary Clinton project to follow.

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