There is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish things.

One involves getting rid of an elected politician with whom you disagree. Vote the politician out of office. Such is the correct way.

The wrong way is to yell and scream, interrupt governmental gatherings, and so forth

In the world of politics, face to face confrontations achieve little if done in the fashion as it recently has with school boards.

California has a recall provision in its laws. File a petition with a certain number of names asking for the recall of a particular elected official. Hold the election. Vote the bum out if such is your wish!

It happened yesterday in San Francisco. Three school board members were removed from office via the recall method. Overwhelmingly! By 72-78 percent.

San Francisco Mayor Breed had supported the recall. It is now his responsibility to appoint three new school board members to serve till the next election.

The moral. Change things, do what you want, but do it the legal way. Which generally is through the ballot box.

An Ottawa update.

The police chief was fired yesterday. People believe he acted too slowly. He was not decisive in handling the truck blockade.

Command of the police chief’s duties and those of the police department have been taken over by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ontario Provincial Police. Ottawa police for the time being are acting in a secondary roll.

An HIV cure! A novel first time approach has resulted in success. An unrevealed woman who had been HIV positive for 10 years is now believed to be cured.

The woman only the fourth ever to be cured. Hers by a different approach from the previous 3.

Previously bone marrow transplant was the way forward. Very complicated. Rarely attempted for a number of reasons.

The new method involves the transplant of umbilical cord blood from a donor with the mutation that blocks HIV entry into the cells.

The bird flu is slowly moving through the U.S. First discovered in Indiana. Now in a very few days has popped up in Kentucky and Virginia.

A major outbreak may be in the offing. Authorities not sure yet.

On this day in 1959, Fidel Castro became Premier of Cuba. A mere one and a half months after the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista.

Regardless of what you may think of the Cuban government, what Fidel created still stands after 63 years. Call it Communist. Point out food and medicine continues to be scarce. People not living as well as they should. Whatever, the fact remains the government still is in power.

Rent increases across the U.S. continue to rise. The rent increase is described as a “brutal spike.”

We now it all too well in Key West.

Nostalgia time.

The Borders Book Store was previously on North Roosevelt Boulevard. Where the Pet Supermarket stands today. Borders went out of business in September 2011.

I was an unhappy camper at the time. I spent a couple of hours every afternoon at Borders reading. Never bought a book. Probably there were many like me and that is why Borders failed.

The chairs were comfortable. The flow of new books constant.

I have never been able to get comfortable with the Key West Library. Can’t explain why. In 30 years, I have probably been in the building 10 times.

Nothing to be proud of. However, that’s the way it is.

Enjoy your day!



  1. We were in Key West in November, seemed as if there were no cats. We were only in Old Town and not everywhere, but in past visits cats were everywhere. Has something happened ? Why no cats?

  2. About 7 years ago there was an outbreak of “bird flu in the US.
    The bird population in Key West was reduced. Most transmission is through the bird droppings, unlike the current flu. The last two humans to die from bird flu were in China two years ago the WHO reported. But like other flu bugs it can mutate, and it can also get trans mitted by other methods other than droppings. The CDC adds that this can happen when the virus is in the air in droplets or even possibly dust and a person breathes it in, or when a person touches something that has the virus on it then touches their mouth, eyes, or nose. So, when eat out side to practice social distancing
    you increase you chancing of getting bird flu. I never want to die so I eat inside with a mask on and with no friends!

    • Sandy is a well know troll on Lou’s blog. He himself has admitted to posting here only to “mess with” Lou’s readers. He has a habit of posting lies and weird conspiracy nonsense. He also posts using other peoples names pretending to be them with wild and weird posts, often racist and sometime vulgar content. Sandy cannot be trusted with ANYTHING when posting on Lou’s blog.

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