Would you believe, Ottawa truckers openly telling police their first line of defense is their children.

Parents are openly and willingly placing their children in harm’s way. Twenty five percent of the protesting vehicles are occupied by families with children.

Insanity! Who intentionally places their children in a path of danger?

An excellent article appeared in yesterday’s Washington Post authored by Miriam Berger and Amanda Coletta regarding the subject.

The article pointed out placing one’s children in the middle of the Ottawa confrontation complicates police efforts to end the stand off which has paralyzed Ottawa.

Sandwiched between big rigs blaring their horns and blockading major thoroughfares are playpens and bouncy castles. Makeshift food stands serve child friendly meals.

In one tent, there is a sign listing daily activities for the children.

Posters erected by the truckers are everywhere invoking the need to protect the children.

Police are prioritizing the “safest way” to have children removed from the area prior to any sort police action.

Parents have warned/threatened authorities if they try to intervene, “children could get in the way.”

Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act last week. The Act bars bringing minors to unlawful demonstrations.

Trudeau recently said, “The absolute safest way for this to end is for everyone to return to your communities. It’s time to go home – especially if you have children with you.”

The truckers have learned from the Taliban and other Middle East combatants to place children next to buildings or places that would be bombed or attacked by the opposition.

A distinction. The truckers are not Taliban. They are Canadian. A different breed. A nationality steeped in doing the right thing all the time.

The truckers are failing this time. They have abandoned their heritage by using their children as their first line of defense.

Putin is doing something with the Ukraine that is going too far. Farther than even surrounding the Ukraine with 150,000 Russian troops. Even more than spike shelling the Ukraine 20 times through 2 am this morning.

Moscow announced beginning tomorrow there will be a sweeping exercise involving multiple missile launches. The purpose to offer a timely reminder of Russia’s nuclear might. Putin is scheduled to oversee the exercise himself.

Putin flexing his nuclear muscle. The missiles tomorrow will be duds. However what about next week in the event an all out war begins?

Putin is playing with fire. Nuclear devastation. Russia and the U.S. are not the only countries with nuclear power. Today there are many. Putin could trigger a mindset that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Other countries may threaten in a similar fashion in their wars. Problem is along the way someone makes a “mistake” and hundreds of thousands could die.

Michael E. McIvor’s obituary appears in today’s Key West Citizen. My heart doctor and friend for 15 years.

The Doctor and I enjoyed many conversations involving Syracuse/Virginia sports. Especially basketball. McIvor was a proud Virginia graduate.

He an had a dry sense of humor. Many the time I was slow to catch on he was toying with me.

The good doctor was born in Morocco. Actually, Casablanca. I did not know till I read this morning’s obituary. His Dad was stationed in Morocco at the time with the military.

There will be a Celebration of Life sunday from 4-6 at the Marriott Beachside.

Key West’s One Human Family was not so back when. It was a very anti-black community.

A powerful one.

In the 1920’s, the Klu Klux Klan was established in Key West. Organized because of the white population’s opposition and fear of the growing political organization which was taking place in the black community. Its voice was heard throughout Florida. The Key West order became a Florida powerhouse.

Local Key West businessman Charles H. Ketchum was the Grand Dragon for the State of Florida. He ran the Klan during his term in office from his Key West home.

Today’s Citizen notes that on this day in 1924, the Local Order of the Klu Klux Klan put on a demonstration with a parade and naturalization ceremony at Bayview Park.

Take note of the “naturalization ceremony.”  A clear indication of how strong the Key West Klan was in the 1920’s. Lynching blacks by night and swearing in new white American citizens by day. Yes, Key West had a few lynchings back in those days.

Due to supply problems, there is a scarcity of new cars available for purchase.

The frosting on the cake. This past week, a cargo ship full of Porsches and Volkswagens caught fire in the middle of the Atlantic. The 22 man crew had to abandon ship.

The ship remains adrift. The ship owners are working at recovering the ship and whatever contents remaining. Problems have prohibited the reclamation to this point. Practical, not legal.

Enjoy your day!



    • …and now they are headed to Washington. Remember when Republican right wingers reacted to the Occupy Wall Street, calling them filth and bums, even attacking them violently and screaming authorities arrest and prosecute them? Now they are willing to Violently protest on a much larger scale for the right not to have to wear a mask in public places.

      Please do so… and don’t forget to pose, without masks, for the cameras, you idiots.

    • Let’s fill the jails with truckers who refuse to work in a time of great need and rather illegally block public places to protest having to wear masks. Let’s see how they like the maskless freedom inside jails.

    • Sandy you twisted jerk, only interested in starting arguments on this blog by telling lies and distorting info. Senator Byrd had renounced any connection with the clan in 1952 when he first ran for office, clamming he had only been involved with the clan for a short time in the 40’s. This is far less smearable than Trump’s longstanding ties to the NY and NJ mobs, for which you have NOT said a single word in all the times you have been posting on this blog. Always with the smear, eh Sandy?

      ….and why did you bring this up in the first place?

        • Quite a bit actually, but you make my point, you (quite out of the blue and for no apparent reason germane to any current discussion) are trying to smear Biden for a insignificant azzociation with a repentant colleague, all the while IGNORING a more recent and far greater fault, far more worthy of criticism, Donald Trump’s long azzociation with NY and NJ mobsters, let alone former AG’s alleged similar offenses (true or not).

          Can’t you make your case on point, without always coming out of the blue with some unrelated smear (usually factless)?

          Is it really comprehension problems or are you just a cheap hack, only interested in starting fights.

  1. I wonder if FOX News get J. Durham to set up a new investigation as to why Hilary Clinton is funding these trucker blockades? I wonder if Sandy is helping Hilary fund these projects.

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