Florida’s Governor DeSantis is a hands on politician. Makes me assume nothing of consequence occurs without his consent.

This past week someone told me COVID numbers were getting better in Florida. First I heard of it. Finally got to researching the claim yesterday. The numbers were better. However, only because they were fudged. Manipulated to make Florida look better. Looking better was needed. Florida had become number one in adverse coronavirus data.

The CDC reported Florida’s latest coronavirus surge is the deadliest yet. However, Florida’s death reports reflect a significant decline.

Something stunk in Denmark!

Turns out Florida changed how it reported its COVID data to the CDC, creating an “artificial decline” in recent deaths. A new method which made Florida and its Governor look good.

Instead of reporting deaths immediately, time was taken for a death to be evaluated as such and a death certificate to be processed. In other words, the system for tallying deaths was slowed down.

Such gave the appearance of a “pandemic decline.”

Monday the CDC came out with the proper death data for the previous week. Two hundred sixty two daily deaths. Florida’s report per its “new system” was 46 deaths per day.

Who needs a leader who lies about important things to make himself look better? Especially one who is seriously being considered Presidential timber for the 2024 election.

Sacramento County, California, is another place where the COVID numbers are on the rise. No tampering involved. Though bad, honest.

School reopenings part of the problem.

Latest reports indicate 20 percent of new cases involve children. Also, African Americans are dying in higher numbers. Hospitals at near capacity.

Sacramento County is averaging 500 new cases per day and 5 new deaths per day.

To the San Francisco Bay area. Ivermectin popular! The horse and cow dewormer is “flying” off the shelves in stock and feed stores. Many perceive ivermectin a “miracle drug.” Especially those who fear and refuse to be vaccinated. Yet when inflected, run to purchase the anti-parasite drug.

The American Medical Association is “begging” people to stop taking the drug. The Association keeps reminding those taking it that they are not of the animal kingdom: “You are not a horse!”

Housing is a significant Key West problem. Especially reasonable rentals.

Santa Clara condominiums are located on Northside Drive behind the Sears Shopping Center.

The City believes the condominiums are “unfit for human habitation.” A hearing has been scheduled for September 13 to review the matter. It has been called via a Petition to declare the building an unsafe dwelling not fit for human habitation.

Recent inspection of Santa Clara has discovered exposed steel, major concrete cracks in walls and stair walls, unevenly distributed loads in floors and ceilings, and an uneven stairwell.

Santa Clara consists of 111 units. Should it be condemned, it will be next to impossible to find new condos/apartments for those who will be looking. The scarcity of rentals already over the top. Next to impossible to find rentals as it is. Most of those “legally removed” will be forced to leave the area contributing further to Key West’s lack of working help.

On this day in 1953, the Secretary of the Navy issued reprimands to a Rear Admiral who had been Commander of the Key West Naval Base and a Lt. Commander who was a former legal officer at the Base.

Each was found guilty of mishandling the investigation into the Charity Carnival Stag Show which turned into a sexual orgy.

Sort of a what goes around comes around situation. The Navy was constantly on the backs of local police enforcement to close down the various area whore houses which Navy personnel frequented. The whore houses best customers. Now the Navy itself sponsors a charity event which the sailors attended. An orgy results!

The whore houses should not have been blamed. The customers should have.

Recall poet Amanda Gorman. The 22 year old young lady who recited poetry written by her at Biden’s inauguration. She had been “discovered” by the President’s wife who recommended her husband have Amanda participate. Amanda was that good!

And so she was!

Amanda now 23. It was announced yesterday she signed a 3 year contract to be the face of Estee Lauder.

Success beyond belief! God bless her. God bless also Mrs. Biden who recognized Amanda’s talent.

It is time to “pack” the Supreme Court. The U.S. will not survive the Court as presently constituted.

In one week, the Court has forced 11 million households to face eviction and effectively overturned Roe v. Wade in the middle of the night.

Roe v. Wade was not overturned per se. However the Court’s near midnight decision does now allow Texas to by pass Roe’s requirement’s allowing abortions.

John Roberts has been Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for many years. Though a Republican, he has been a middle roader in many of the Court’s decisions. In recent years voting with Democrats on cases of consequence.

Without question, he has been the “leader” of the Court in practice as well as title.

No more. Trump’s 3 appointments have brushed him aside.

Another reason for increasing the number of Justices.

Ida did a number on New York and New Jersey. Death toll so far 44.

China no place for gays. China officially evidenced its “anti-gay” sentiment by two actions this past week.

China banned men considered “girly” from appearing on TV. The Communist Party banned “sissy men” in order to save China’s “revolutionary culture.”

Enjoy your day!


  1. Interesting to see where the Taliban is all upset that the Americans destroyed all those aircraft they left at Kabul Air Port as they left Afghanistan.

    Are they the same soldiers that so many Republicans and the Wacko Right Wing Press insisted that Joe Biden pulled out of Afghanistan, ahead of the Americans it was leaving behind? And aren’t those aircraft the same ones that same WRWP said we carelessly left behind for them to sell to terrorists around the world?

    Why do Republicans and the Wacko Right Wing Press always seem to get things wrong and constantly try and scare their fellow americans about everything?

  2. Florida has been altering the number of Covid Cases and deaths it reports from the beginning of this pandemic. This time is nothing new. Let us not forget that former Florida health department Rebecca Jones blew the whistle on that back in May of 2020 and how the state (DeSantiss) came down on her. Then there are all of the (local) news (print and broadcast) reports that exposed countless major and minor suppressions.

    Of course everyone, including the hoards of right wing ditto heads, all denied it then and even Lou now treating it like it’s something new and unheard of.

    Get a grip Lou, this is Florida – not exactly the land of truth and honesty!

  3. So Lou, for the U.S. to survive the court has to be packed with Democrats? Is that correct? What happens if Republicans are eventually in charge and they pack the court so Republicans can be in charge? Will that be wrong? Is it only correct if Democrats are in charge?
    Just tyring to get a handle on your thought process.

    • Nonsense, doesn’t have to be Democrats – just intelligent people capable of understanding the law, the constitution and able to make decisions on their own without being beholden to some outside pressure source. Not something you can say about Thomas, Kavanaugh and Barrett, now +-can you?

      Remember it was Merrick Garland, who Obama nominated and he was a Republican.

    • At the moment, Republicans are not reliable citizens. From Trump, to Congress, to the Supreme Court, to State legislatures, Republicans of today are not those of yesteryear. Bad people! Things have to be corrected. One is a Supreme Court that is not basically conservative to the far right conservative. Decisions must be for the people as a whole and not just a special class of the wealthy, evangelicals, etc. Justice must return to being blind.I can live with a 5-4 court that goes both ways. Not the present 5-4.

      • 74 million “bad people”. Hmmm. I wonder how that attitude will work out for you in the end Lou? The number of bad people seems formidable. Hope it all works out for you.

        Reminds me of Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment. Seems to have lost the election for her.

        • No, No! It was those emails, that lost the election for her. you know the emails that no one has ever found.


          was it that pedophile ring in the basement of a Pizza Parlor here in NJ. you know, the one without a basement

          or was it Bengazzi

          I ask, because you seem to have decided it was what ever you wish it to be relevant to our particular need while posting.

          But then I realized that more people voted for Hilary Clinton than for Trump, which suggests your logic and statement is wrong to the facts anyhow and that once again, you really get anything right, without cheating!

          • Oh, one more thing that would be approximately 37 million, by HRC’s estimation. She won the popular despite of her comment and the “email scandal”, and the lies from the right and her cold fish persona.

  4. Right on Lou, Republicans are only interested in “winning” and not doing the right thing. You only need read right wing blogs to see that’s true.

    They would all be pro abortion, if that meant they won something.

    Republicans today are like those who died at Jonesville, thinking they’d won!

  5. So in Texas, everybody has the right to choose to wear a mask, or not, because that is the law they pazzed.

    However if you are a woman and you are even just thinking of terminating your pregnancy, for ANY reason (including rape) you can be reported and sued, because that is the law.

    What is wrong with Texas? and What is wrong with the Supreme Court for allowing that without so much as a peep?

    What is wrong with America

    Face it, Republicans are what is wrong with America!

          • Because the previous post said it was poetry that non-vaccinated people were dying and it was poetry. Merely pointing out that a large number of blacks are unwilling to be vaccinated. Blacks are not typically Republican voters.

            Are you really that slow?

            • Really?

              Always some left handed hateful racial twist effort from you, eh?

              This was a simple bit of humor about the poetry of Republicans dying for being stupid and you want to turn that into just another display of your racial hatred?

              I’ll bet you thought that was clever of you.

              No, just more stupid drivel from you not befitting of poetry.

              • Jeesus you are stupid. You are making the death of Republicans as poetry because they resist vaccination. I pointed out that blacks, in large percentage are resisting the vaccine. A rational and thinking person would then conclude their poetry comment was not appropriate because it would also apply to blacks, which is not your intent.
                The result is you turn my comment into a racist twist.
                The idiocy of people like you is just astounding.

                • Jesus?

                  You chose to use Blacks as an example, rather than anything else only because you are a racist provocoture.
                  You could have chosen Hasidic Jews, a group specifically know to be vax deniers, and ALL of them subscribe to that idea on their religious beliefs.

                  But YOU chose to bring up the “Black”s” issue yet again, many of whom ARE Republicans and others unable to get vaccinated for a variety of reasons, including unavaiiability to them in southern states.

                  I think you should look in the mirror before calling other people names, and maybe look into your heart before you make sweeping racial slurs and smears.

                  We all know what you are doing, you are not that clever. Stop the bull shet.

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