I had an 8 o’clock appointment at the doctor’s office this morning. Blood work. I was done by 8:15. My choice to return home and keep my self quarantine Simon pure or go out for breakfast. Breakfast won out.

Harpoon Harry’s. My intent was to leave if many people were there. No problem. I made customer #6. There were more workers that customers.

The bar was empty. All 12 seats. I took the one at the end. Wanted to be sure I would not be sitting next to anyone. Even placed my cane on the seat next to me to discourage company.

A guy came in. Sixties. What did he do? Sat next to me. In fact, sat on my cane and did not realize it. All other seats at the bar empty.

All I could think was what an asshole.

I politely said “… cane.” He apologized. I then quietly and politely asked if he would move one or two seats away. I told him I was “…..coronavirus crazy.”

He was a good guy. Moved one seat. Better than nothing. Embarrassed, though I was also.

California Republican Kevin McCarthy is dying to be Speaker. He presently is Minority Leader.

Over the past few months, he has become consistently more bullish. Now threatening.

Thirty five companies have had their records subpoenaed by the Congressional January 6 Committee. McCarthy upset. Probably because some of those records will contain material adverse to his well being. He will never become Speaker if revealed.

Yesterday, McCarthy claimed the 35 companies were violating the law if they turned over the information requested in the subpoenas. I am unaware of any such law, nor has anyone in the media been able to identify one so far.

McCarthy said,  “If these companies with Democratic orders to turn over private information, they are in violation of federal law and subject to losing their ability to operate in the United States.”

The next paragraph he uttered was even worse: “If companies still choose to violate federal law, a Republican majority will not forget and will stand with Americans to hold them fully accountable under the law.”

Would you believe such words could be spoken by a high political leader in our society? One that were he to become Speaker, would be second in line to the Presidency.

Ida did a job on New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Vented further as it raced north. Ida hit New York City yesterday.

Flash floods! The Big Apple flooded.

Subways flowing rivers. Inoperable. Internet photos of water pouring down the stairs unbelievable.

All New York City rain fall records were shattered. In one hour, 3.5 inches of rain fell.

The National Weather Service’s New York office declared a “flash flood” for the first time in New York City.

Today is the anniversary of the worst hurricane to hit the Keys up to 1935. Considered by some to be the worse ever. Even more terrible than Andrew.

It is called the Hurricane of 1935. Male/female names not in use at that time.

A Category 5. Passed over Lower Key and Lower Matecumbe Key. Winds 200 mph. Tides 18-20 feet above normal. Four hundred killed.

The number of dead occurred because most were involved in building Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railroad. Lived in tents by night and worked by day.

Miami knew a big wind was on the way. Sent a train down the Keys to where the men were working. The train was blown off the tracks and destroyed just as it reached the workers.

Not only were hundreds killed, the storm also put the Overseas Railroad into bankruptcy. The end of Flagler’s dream.

Forget not this is hurricane season. Nowhere near over. Ends November 30.

I share this because another hurricane is already on its way. Harry. Now a tropical storm. Projected to be a Category 4 on monday. A Category 3 on sunday.

Described as a “mega storm.”

The cone shows it way out on the Atlantic at the moment. However, moving fast.

There is a good factor. The cone indicates Harry turning north well before it hits U.S. shores. It may hit New York. Appears it will not hit the southeast U.S.

Big few days in Key West this week. The women have taken over the town. It is Womenfest! From 9/1-9/5.

Thousands of lesbians and transwomen are in town.

The event began 20 years ago. It is for females 21 and older.

It is dubbed the HOTTEST party for women in the Florida Keys. Most events are clothing optional.

The Supreme Court Republican majority is sick, except for Chief Justice John Roberts. The Court yesterday voted 5-4 to uphold the new Texas abortion law. The worst anti-abortion law since Roe v. Wade was decided.

The law simple in its application. Once the fetus has a heartbeat, an abortion is banned. The heart beat generally makes its appearance in the sixth week. Most women do not know they are even pregnant in 6 weeks.

There are other negatives involved. You will have already heard them by the time you read my blog.

Something has to be done! We cannot survive with the Supreme Court as constituted. Fairness gone in most instances.

The Court is presently 6-3 Republican. There is not enough time and Democrats in power to adjust the Court’s balance by normal means. It is time for Congress to act.

There is nothing sacred in the number 9 as the number of judges permitted to constitute the Court. The number has varied over the years.

The number of Justices must be increased legally by Democrats and Democrats must be in power throughout the process. Otherwise, the job will not get done. My solution is to increase the number of Justices to 13. Now! While the Democrats have some degree of control. Thirteen will make for a 7-6 Democrat plurality.

I do not suggest the change because I am a Democrat. I want it because the present Court is destroying our country. All Republicans seem to be on a radical path I never thought I would see. From the Texas legislature to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Another example of coronavirus getting out of hand because of an ill planned event.

In the last week of June, a church camp was held. A one week event for teenagers 14-18. Masks and social distancing not required.

Two hundred ninety four campers and 41 staff. To date, nearly 200 have been infected with the virus.

Two comments in today’s Citizens’ Voice worthy of note.

The first provides food for thought.

“Can someone explain why it is OK for hundreds of thousands to enter the USA illegally at the southern border and a few Cubans fleeing a communist country have to be returned.”

The other indicative of a proper thinking Governor. One Florida lacks.

“The Governor of Hawaii is pleading with tourists to avoid the islands right now. What are our leaders doing? Scheduling more super-spreader events and giving their TDC millions of dollars so they can tell tourists to come here. Hawaii is a good example of competent leadership.”

I conclude with a be careful and be aware admonition.

This week and continuing through Labor Day weekend, the Monroe County Sheriff will be participating in Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. Such is not merely a Keys program. It is part of a national effort to reduce drunken driving.

Enjoy  your day!


  1. TEXAS—Border Patrol workers in Texas are used to monitoring the state’s southern border, which it shares with Mexico. But now, they are stretched thin as they are having to monitor the other borders for hordes of unborn babies coming to Texas to seek asylum from their states’ more liberal abortion laws.

    • That’s probably meant to funny, but theBorder Patrol workers in Texas really are stretched thin with the Covid crisis killing all kinds of people including pregnant women and newborn babies, that nobody in Texas seems to care about.

  2. WHERE IS BIDEN – We’re drowning here in New York City and he’s no where to be found. Please, Please, we need paper towels and we need them fast.

  3. I wonder if Texans realize that the repressive ban on abortions in their state will most likely increase the number of babies born to immigrants and other less than desirable people, in their state,

    Those good christian people with $16.38 to their names will have no problem finding abortions in neighboring states.

    Not so smart Texas!

  4. The way Republicans have handled the Abortion issue in Texas and then THEIR response to that throughout the rest of the country, it makes it very hard for ANYONE to ever take them seriously about government of any kind in any place suppressing the rights of ANY citizen on ANY issue, doesn’t it.

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