A Big Pine story. A miniature pet goat named Billy Bob Thornton. Knee high. Four years old.

A homeless drunk stole Billy Bob. His owner notified the Sheriff’s Department. A Deputy found Billy Bob and the thief asleep on the grass next to a bicycle.

Billy Bob’s owner opted not to have the drunk arrested. She knew him. He knew her and Billy Joe. He had done odd jobs for her the past 10 years.

One problem. Billy Bob was drunk when he was returned home: “His eyes were so dilated…..They didn’t look normal at all.” Billy Bob was a “little tipsy.”

The drunk had fed Billy Bob beer during their time together.

Political insanity continues to prevail in Florida. Especially with friends of Governor DeSantis and drugs to treat coronavirus.

Neil Combee is a Polk County Commissioner. It appears a friend of Governor DeSantis. He sent a letter to DeSantis recommending that Ivermectin be made widely available. Ivermectin the dewormer given to horses and cows. In recent weeks, it has become widely known as a drug to fight COVID infections in humans.

Amazing! The people on the the Ivermectin kick are generally those who refuse to be vaccinated.

The Commissioner wrote, “We’re hearing from many of our citizens that larger hospital chains and some pharmacies are refusing to prescribe…..When a citizen is facing a potentially life-threatening case of COVID-19, he or she should receive the right to try potentially life saving” ivermectin.

A hocus pocus situation. Involves Governor DeSantis. I wrote yesterday about Florida fudging/manipulating death statistics to make Florida’s number of deaths appear significantly lower than they were.

This morning’s Citizens’ Voice referred to Florida’s recording of COVID deaths by the use of the new collection procedure. The procedure withholds data of death figures until death certificates are processed weeks later – the result is a downward slope re deaths reported.

An inquiry on Redditt this morning.  A Florida resident wrote. He has lived in Florida 26 years, but never made it to Key West. He is planning a soon to occur Key West trip.

His question: “But I don’t want to do and see the usual stuff. I want to see the weird and macab! Spooky sightseeing and curio shops, anyone got recommendations?”

My friend, I have been a Key Wester for close to 30 years. Everything is “odd.” The island is small. Only 1.5 x 4.0 miles. Come down and let your feet discover what you seek. Every block can be a surprise!

Hurricane Larry. Already a Category 3. However still way out in the Atlantic. Doubt it will even come close to the Keys. For that matter, anywhere near the U.S. coast line. It has been turning northwest.

Hurricane season nowhere close to being over. November 30 the date. And even then, we have had a storm or two into early December.

Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh did not impress me when he was nominated by Trump, during his time before the Senate Committee, and since he has been on the bench. Not a straight shooter. Throws an oddball comment into many decisions. Not the way appellate judging is done.

I feel the same about Trump’s 2 other nominees Gorsuch and Barrett. Their problem is they are too far to the right. Their decisions not in the best interests of the needy and lower economic class.

My thoughts concern Kavanaugh today.

He brings what I would describe as the traits of a political hack to the bench. He may rule one way today. Yet keep the door open to rule the opposite down the road if it helps the impression he wants the public to have of him.

Kavanaugh was one of the 5 deciding Justices in the recent Texas abortion case. Decided last week. Decision came down just before midnight. The decision banning abortions once the fetus’ heart beat could be heard. Generally around 6 weeks. Most women do not even know they are pregnant the first 6 weeks.

Kavanaugh by his vote announced to the world he was anti abortion. Something we already knew.

Some believe Kavanaugh will in the near future be faced with the specific issue as to whether Roe v. Wade itself should be reversed. He wants to be in the position at that time to “reaffirm” Roe.

Such would place him on both sides of the fence. Re the Texas decision, anti abortion. Upholding Rose, pro abortion.

The indication suggests he wants to be in good standing with those on each side of the issue.

The way of a politician, not a judge.

I find Kavanaugh’s motivation process amusing. He is a Supreme Court Justice for life. Never has to run for the seat. He is only 56 years old. His job good for another 30-40 years.

Why is he concerned about keeping both sides happy?

I can remember when everyone smoked. Cigarettes, not pot.

Wherever you were, the smoke was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Then we became aware smoking was not healthy. Most eventually stopped.

Lets take a step back in time. World War II. Smoking still considered OK. I can recall advertisements saying 3 out of 4 doctors smoke Camels. Doctors smoked in their offices while treating you. Medical staff and patients were permitted to smoke in the hospital and their rooms.

During World War II, our fighting men smoked. The government even supplied them with free cigarettes. Pilots smoked while in battle.

Hard to believe!

I came across an interesting story the other day involving smoking and World War II.

A young man wanted to enlist. His goal to be a flyer.

He could not pass the physical. Low blood pressure. He complained to the doctor examining him. He wanted to fight for his country. Everyone wanted to back then.

The doctor told him to go outside and smoke a cigarette. Return when he was done.

He came back. The doctor took his blood pressure again. It had gone up sufficient for him to pass the physical.

The young man became an Air Force officer and a B-17 navigator flying combat missions over Germany.

Syracuse’s football season opens tonight. Syracuse playing Ohio. Both teams appear to be of similar quality. Either team is favored by 7 points.

Hope Syracuse has a winning season. The last few have been disastrous. If my recollection is correct, Syracuse won only 1 game last year.

I recall my Syracuse years in the late 1950’s. Glorious football seasons! Ernie Davis time. For many years thereafter, Syracuse was one of the top teams in the country. Then it all died! For many years now!

The game begins at 7.

Enjoy your day!



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