An all female terrorist group bombed the Capitol and plotted Henry Kissinger’s murder. America’s first and only all female terrorist group. A sisterhood of bomb and gun.

The ladies participated in various anti-war and civil rights activities beginning in the 1970’s. They continued to operate into the mid 1980’s. They developed into openly advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government through armed struggle and the use of violence.

Initially, the ladies were part of the M-19 Communist Organization. At some time, branched out on their own.

The day of the bombing November 7, 1983. The northern part of the Capitol building. A Republican cloak area. Damage $1 million. In today’s money, $3 million.

The women a small knit group. Never more than 12 at any one time.

They were essentially middle class, well educated, white people who made the journey from anti-war and civil rights protest to terrorism.

Over a 20 year period, the ladies robbed armored trucks, abetted prison breaks, bombed an FBI office, Israeli Aircraft industrial building, the South African Consulate in New York City, Washington D.C.’s Fort McNair, and on 2 occasions a Naval yard.

In the 1970’s, a new cigarette hit the market. Sales directed at women. Name of the cigarettes Virginia Slims. Its advertising slogan: “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!”

The female terrorist group certainly did.

Whereas most illegal and unsavory terrorists acts today come from the far right, back in the time of the female group’s terrorist activities, it came from the far left.

At some point, all of the female terrorists were caught, except for two. Those caught received extremely long jail sentences. The two not apprehended are thought to have escaped to Cuba.

Another thank you in order for Florida’s Governor DeSantis. He has done it again. A major screw up.

COVID-19 tests have been in great demand the past few weeks. Not enough available.

It was reported yesterday 800,000 to 1 million expired while sitting in a Florida warehouse. DeSantis announced the faux pas at the same time he announced a plan to send up to a million COVID tests to nursing homes, long term care facilities, and other residences with high numbers of seniors.

A DeSantis aide blamed the “expiration” of the tests on a “gaffe.”

COVID numbers have positively jumped in the Keys. Highest ever in Monroe County, the home of the Keys.

Dr. Mark Whiteside said, “Stay home!” It will help cut down the transmission.

The surge obvious. From 12/24 – 12/30, 951 new cases. In the two weeks prior, only 106 new cases.

At this time, 1 out of 3 persons in Monroe County are testing positive.

The entire state is in a surge, also.

It was reported omicron is different from the initial coronavirus attack and the Delta variant one. Though increased in number of infections, omicron has not resulted in a surge of cases in hospitals or deaths. The statement applies to those who have been vaccinated. The unvaccinated continue to fill hospital beds with a number dying.

A recent Danish study revealed some interesting facts. The study involved 12,000 households.

The result revealed omicron spreads faster than Delta among those who are fully vaccinated, and even higher among those who have received the booster shot. Speed the significant item.

The result is evidence of omicron’s “immune evasiveness.” It was reported omicron is three to six times as infectious as previous variants.

The omicron virus is rapid in movement. Jumps readily from one person to another. The Danes tested for omicron’s “doubling time.” The numbers vary worldwide, though all are close.

In the U.S., 2 days, the U.K. 1.8 days, Denmark 1.6 days, Scotland 2.4 days.

The report advised improved vaccines are required.

Some observations/criticisms of President Biden’s address to the nation yesterday.

Overall, good job!

The room was too large. Biden should have made the speech from his desk in the Oval Office. The size of the room created an atmosphere of no one is listening to me.

Vice President Harris was not needed. Biden is President. He needs no one to introduce him.

Harris no longer moves me. She is not the type VP I thought she would be. I suspect many think as I do in this regard.

Moving on to Attorney General Garland and Biden. I hope Garland does his job as he should. I am increasingly uncomfortable with him. If Garland fails, he will do irreparable damage to Biden, the Democratic Party and the nation.

Love the rebellion in Kazakhstan. Adds to Putin’s burdens. Relieves the Ukraine pressure.

I read yesterday Kazakhstan was part of a plan to meet Putin’s thrust should he play games with the Ukraine again.

The Pentagon in 2019 financed a RAND plan for a “soft attack” on Russia in the event. A 200 page report. The purpose to unbalance Russia.

Good show!

Key West has had so many very successful enterprises over the years. Few survive. Perhaps none. However while active, big dollars. Another interesting observation is that as one type business fades out, another is there to replace it.

One of Key West’s most successful industries was the manufacture of cigars. No longer here. However when it was cigar making time, the numbers off the wall. Unbelievable. In 1922 for example, 49,396,675 cigars were manufactured in Key West.

I am a great fan of Nicholas Kristof, the former New York Times columnist. His articles always right on, supported by facts. He did his home work.

Several months ago, Kristof announced he was leaving the Times. He was going to run for Governor of Oregon.

Oregon’s Secretary of State yesterday announced Kristof was not qualified under Oregon law to run. He failed the 3 year residency requirement.

Kristof’s intends to appeal the ruling.

I find it hard to believe a person of Kristof’s stature and attention to detail would screw up re a basic such as residency. There has to be more to it.

Syracuse/Miami this past wednesday. Syracuse lost by one point:  88-87.

That makes for something like 7 losses so far this season for Syracuse. My recollection is Miami has only lost 1 game so far. Whatever, Syracuse must have played well to have lost by 1 point.

Something is wrong. Syracuse keeps losing. What I consider the best Syracuse team in more than 20 years is not doing the job. I am not wrong. They are the best in every regard, except winning.

I know that is what it is all about.

It hurts!

Just announced. Sidney Poitier died. Ninety four years old. A great actor. One of my favorites. May he rest in peace.

Enjoy your day!


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