The a nation in transition.We will never be the same. Regardless of which side wins.

Biden speaks at 9 this morning. An address before Congress. The Chamber defiled by dissidents one year ago.

Biden will be taking the fight directly to Trump. He will say Trump holds “singular responsibility” for the “chaos and carnage.”

How will Congressional Republicans react? Many have opted not to attend. Will be out of town for one reason or another.

Late last night, I viewed a long and eye opening video. I can’t find it this morning. Search for it. You must view.

It is the story of West Virginia. The transition accomplished. Trump country. Dissident country. Most persons rebellious.

The video made me understand for the first time what Joe Manchin is doing. He sees where his state has gone. He does not intend being left behind. He is going with them.

Manchin knows exactly what he is doing. He has jumped the fence.

Recall yesterday’s blog where I reported a January 6 comment uttered by many of the young insurrectionists: The Founding Fathers would be proud.

These people are going to be hard to beat. They believe they are the Boston Tea Party’s Sons of Liberty and the Patriots at the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

How did this all come to be? Why didn’t enough see it coming?

One of the West Virginia January 6 insurrectionists considers himself a warrior. He has 2 young children. He believes when they are older, January 6 will be in the history books and they will know their father was there. Proudly said by him.

Merrick Garland addressed the nation yesterday. I was not impressed. My thoughts from day one continue to be the same. I hope I am wrong.

My sense he and Justice are doing little if anything to pursue the big guys involved in the planning and financing of January 8. For no other reason, it is the nature of the man. His judge years are directing him rather than those of a hard assed prosecutor.

Arianna. George Floyd’s 4 year old niece shot yesterday at 3 am in her bed at home by bullets from a car driving by. Seriously injured.

More disturbing news has come forth. 911 was called at 3 am. The police did not arrive till 4 hours later at 7 am. Arianna’s parents drove her to the hospital. Probably saved her life by so doing.

Arianna’s family believes they were “targeted” because of their involvement in the Floyd protests.

What goes around, comes around. Putin overnight has major problems. Sufficiently extreme that the Ukraine will quietly slide into silence for the time being. Putin cannot fight two wars at one time.

One of Russia’s neighbors is Kazakhstan. While Putin was playing games with the Ukraine, Kazakhstan has gone into rebellion.  Moscow is in a frenzy. Putin never saw it coming.

Putin announced he was leading in sending Russian troops and those from 6 other former Soviet countries into Kazakhstan. He calls the group assembled “peacekeeping troops.”

Putin’s problem consistent with the old saying that while the cat’s away, the mice will play. Putin deserving of what is happening.

Enjoy your day!



    • This person “Unanimous” just can’t seem to help himself with absolutely stupid posts, proving Lou’s theories about how ill informed and ignorant some Americans really are.

  1. MAGA mentality would overthrow a Democracy so they can install an authoritarian dictatorship, in the name of freedom and “independence”

    Please God, help us fix stupid!

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