Another QAnon star who said only “idiots” get vaccinated died of COVID.

Cirsten Weldon told her fans not to get vaccinated and wanted Dr. Anthony Fauci executed. She died as a result of COVID thursday.

Weldon was a leading QAnon promoter. She told her followers and strangers on the street not to get vaccinated.

Weldon had tens of thousands of followers across right wing social media networks. Her screen name “Cirsten W.”

Re Dr. Fauci, she said he “needs to be hung from a rope.”

Her favorite rant: “Vaccines kill, don’t get it.” She described those getting vaccinated as “gullible. “Weldon started showing COVID symptoms late in December.

Her last video was made December 28. She “struggled” through her remarks about the coming overthrow of the U.S. government, coughing and complaining she was exhausted.

Three days later, she was hospitalized.

She posted a picture to Instagram of herself wearing an oxygen mask. She claimed at the time she had “bacterial symptoms”. She refused to take the COVID treatment remdesivir.

Other “believers” have died refusing COVID treatment. Friends and supporters allege dead QAnon figures are being “murdered” because they were refused ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. The cause of death includes a new cry also” Anthrax attacks.

When Weldon died, certain of her QAnon supporters proposed “the hospital staff be sentenced to death, or be murdered in vigilante violence.”

Forget not one of the lessons of history. People willing to die for a cause are difficult to defeat.

On one of the MSNBC talk shows yesterday, an interesting factor was revealed. Not all the January insurrectionists were members of QAnon or some other terrorist organization. The number of persons  part of organized groups relatively small in comparison to those not. It was agreed by those on the panel that 4 out of 5 of the January 6 attackers were not part of any formal group.

Investigation has revealed they came because “the President asked them.” They thought they were being good citizens. Many considered themselves “part of 1776.”

Solitary citizens not connected to any terrorist group will be hard to beat, also. “Good citizens” heeding their President’s call a mighty group unto themselves.

Key West’s Mayor Johnston delivered this year’s State of the City message tuesday. Her plate was full. She detailed each plan nevertheless.

One of the items she discussed “touched me.” Something I was not aware of.

Key West has many homeless. That I knew. What I did not know was 51 died last year, 5 of whom were infants.

As the Mayor said, “We can do better.”

The main story front page in yesterday’s Key West Citizen had to do with the violation of the Southernmost Point Buoy.The two suspects will be surrendering.

They had been identified: David Perkins, 21, Leesburg, Florida and Skylar Rae Jacobson, 21, Henrietta, Texas.

There are “silent rumblings” that Biden was behind the uprising in Kazakhstan. The action was recommended in the 2019 Rand Report financed by the Pentagon. The purpose was to “unbalance the adversary” should the Ukraine be threatened.

Putin is reported to be upset. He never saw the rebellion coming. His thoughts were 100 percent on the Ukraine. Russia is not prepared to fight two wars at one time.

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  1. Lou, tell me again why we should “beat” or even try and beat, those people who, for what ever reason, are willing to die for reasons they believe are important?

    Unless of course “we” have to pay for their “reasons” or maybe pay for their funerals. +

    • But we know who they are, they are more than willing to tell us that part. My question is why should we try and “beat” them if they are willing to die for what ever reason THEY believe are important, regardless of the obvious fact that that their willingness to dies is very likely and our ability to change their minds is nearly zero?

      How about we try and figure out ways to help them reach their goals, like providing free mazzive rallies (indoor Monster Truck events?) where no masks are allowed and then ban hospital treatment for anyone not vaccinated?

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