I just watched the Ukraine’s President Velenskeyy’s address to a joint session of Congress.

He is Winston Churchill reincarnated. Without question. Nobly expressing himself while his nation is under a brutal attack by an evil foe.

Kelenskeyy’s address was a mere 10 minutes. Potent, nevertheless. His words and the video he provided showing what has befallen the Ukraine.

The video the type that tears at your heart. It began with the Ukraine of 3-4 weeks ago transfixed to today’s Ukraine. Day and night! What a difference 3 weeks can make.

I do not believe Zelenskyy’s words fell on deaf ears. He has made similar speeches to certain other nations of the free world in the past few days.

His address had to result in teary eyes for many.

I was impressed that Republicans and Democrats sat together, smiled, and chatted, like friends of old. Something we have not seen in years. Although enemies re most domestic issues, recent information reveals that most members of both parties have come together in support of the Ukraine.

Now we must see what it will be. If not planes, what will be provided which provides the same assistance?

One hundred years from now, the world will look upon Zelenskyy with the same respect and admiration they do today as regards Churchill.

Today’s blog an all encompassing one involving the war. There is so much.

Putin continues his relentless bombing of major apartment complexes. Day and night for the past several days. The news has been running a video this morning of a 12 story apartment complex bombed earlier in the morning.

In Mariupol, hundreds of people, including doctors and medical personnel, are being held inside a regional hospital. Russian soldiers with them using the hospital for protection while shooting at people outside.

Three million people have fled the Ukraine. One half children.

Biden yesterday signed the necessary legislation to provide the Ukraine with $13.8 million in assistance. He will announce later today an additional $800,000.

Russian soldiers continue causing great fear by firing at Ukrainians fleeing in buses along humanitarian corridors. The Ukraines have also set up gathering points for those waiting for the buses. Russians are shooting at them and taking many into custody as hostages.

Japan is reacting It announced yesterday it is revoking its “most favored nation” trade statute with Japan. Japan also is freezing bank accounts of Russian oligarchs and elites. While at the same time, stepping up sanctions on cryptocurrency.

Japan further announced it will assist in helping with refugees.

Note again, the war is only 3 weeks old. During that time, 103 children have been killed and more than 100 injured.

Putin continues to exhibit he is not as bright as many thought. He is playing the you hit me and I’ll hit you back game with the U.S.

What people with brains and/or assets, would have their money sitting with Russian banks. Putin thinks significant numbers. Yesterday, he announced sanctions against Biden, Hillary Clinton, Psaki, Blinken and other top U.S. officials.

I can believe some elite wealthy Americans might have some accounts. That’s it.

Putin is naming the Americans he wants sanctioned. He should sanction Trump. With all the business he has done with Russia over the years, Donald must have a ton of money sitting in Russian banks.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I fear that those Republicans who sat with Democrats today, will be punished tumorrow. Such is the politics of the GOP these days.

  2. I too thought Zelensky’s address to Congress was outstanding. Truly inspiring.

    But what is with these Republicans criticizing him for not wearing a suit and tie? Is that all they can do is try and smear who ever they disagree with instead of offer praise when it is do or something constructive when they don’t.

    Shame on them!

  3. Putin continues to exhibit he is not as bright as many thought. He is playing the you hit me and I’ll hit you back game”

    Hmm, sound a lot like the game Putin fan Trump has been playing for years.

    FDJT- Fired Donald J Trump

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