Max Yasgur was a farmer who will forever be known because of Woodstock. It was the summer of 1969. He rented his farm land for 1 week to Woodstock’s sponsors.

The sponsors had been trying for some time to find a site to hold what would become a musical event never to be forgotten. They sought a central New York place for the event.

The area small town America. City fathers and residents were not in favor.

Finally, the sponsors discovered Max Yasgur. He owned a farm in Bethel, N.Y. He agreed to rent 600 acres of his farm for 1 week. The rental fee not certain. Most suspect it was $75,000.

Max was approaching 50 at the time. He was a pro-Vietnam War political conservative. Believed in the right of free expression. Respected people with lifestyles and beliefs different from his own.

Once word got out re Yasgur’s renting of his farm, his neighbors became aroused. Most were unhappy. Yasgur not only grew produce,  he was a dairy farmer. Signs suddenly went up around Bethel: “Don’t buy Yasgur’s milk.”

Fifty thousand were expected. Five hundred thousand showed up.

Everything was insufficient. Crowd control, toilets, water, food being examples.

Some neighbors sued Yasgur after the event for damage to their properties. Yasgur sued the sponsors for failing to do whatever was necessary to control the event. Everyone sued everyone. In the end, the lawsuits amounted to next to nothing.

Yasgur’s neighbors gradually returned. They threw him a dinner to show their renewed love for him. Except for the proprietor of the general store. Yasgur and his wife remained persona non grata.

Yasgur purchased a vacation home in Florida. In the Keys. Marathon to be exact. He moved to Marathon full time following the sale of his Bethel farm.

Yasgur died in Marathon in 1973.

Rolling Stones published obituaries. Only musicians were given the honor of a full page obituary. Rolling Stones opted to give Yasgur a full page. Though not a musician, he was recognized as having played a vital part in Woodstock.

Key West has many musicians residing here. I am confident a number were at Woodstock. I am only aware of two. My friends Larry Smith and Chrstine Cordone. They had to be kids back then.

Larry often talks about Woodstock.

Last night was Syracuse basketball. Syracuse beat Wake Forest by 2 points 75-73.

A typical Syracuse game this season. Syracuse had a 12 point lead in the first half, 10 at half time, and then had to work hard to come out on top by 2.

A win is a win, however. Syracuse keeps crawling back.I think they have won 7 of their last 9 games.

Today busy. Sloan at noon. Hot Dog Church later in the afternoon. Followed by Kate Miano’s Gardens.

Shoestring Weekends ran an interesting blog this morning. Made reference to the Last Chance Saloon. Not a Key West bar. Rather located just south of Florida City at mile marker 126.7. The “unofficial official” entrance to the Florida Keys.

The significance of the Shoestring blog was a sign on the outside of the Last Chance Bar: Inside Toilets.

Brought to mind a Stock Island bar that was the place to be for fun and rowdiness in the mid 1900’s. Its name I cannot recall. The sign on the front of its building I can: Free Beer Tomorrow.

I have begun the podcast show I stopped doing 2 yeas ago. Renamed it. Now: What’s Bugging Me Today.” Found on my Key West Lou page.

The podcast short. Yesterday’s 7 minutes. Today’s will be less than 1 minute.

Tino time again.

Tonight, the Academy Awards. There should be an award for best “extra.” Tino would win.

Yesterday he played a political hack. Today, a mail man.




Enjoy your Sunday!


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              • Ahh, pay him no mind. I’ve known that arrogant mick for a long time and he ain’t ever going to change. He’ll even sometimes correct your grammar or sentence while you are talking to him live. He is a victim of a repressive Jesuit education and can not seem to adjust to fit in. He thinks he’s better than everybody else, but expects you to buy the beer.

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  2. I can’t wait till Nov 4th, so I can watch heads explode on you snowflakes. Gonna be great.

    Maybe you can pre-tear your heads on Nov 2nd, like Pelosi did to the speech. That will make the explosion more awesome.

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