I read a story in yesterday’s New York Times that touched me. To the point of tears. It may you, also.

Jeni Stephen was 16 when her father was murdered. She and her mother decided to donate his heart. They lived in Pennsylvania.

Arthur Thomas lay in a bed in a New Jersey hospital. Four days from death. He received the heart.

That was ten years ago.

Jeni’s mother and Arthur kept in touch over the years via Christmas cards and an occasional telephone call. They never met face to face. Nor did Jeni with Arthur.

Jeni was being married.

Jeni wanted Arthur to walk her down the aisle. Not in place of her father. As her father in a sense. Her father’s heart lie in Arthur’s chest.

Saturday, Jeni walked down the aisle  on Arthur’s arm. When they reached the point where they were in front of the altar and Arthur was to hand Jeni over to her husband to be, Jeni raised her hand and placed it on Arthur’s chest.

She was touching her father.

The Key West Citizen made an excellent decision when it opted to run William Hackley’s diary. His 1855 Key West life.

Not merely interesting, Hackley’s story is educational. It exposes every day life from another era. One we do not know as much about as we thought.

The little things.

William’s wife Matilda had a baby. Back in those days, the mother’s breast was the source of milk. Sustenance.

Matilda was not producing enough milk. The baby in trouble. William bought a goat from Havana. The goat ran dry. Then a Mrs. Hew breast fed the baby. She ran dry. Baby was then on starch and water.

Today’s entry advises a new source of milk. A Spanish woman. She has agreed to breast feed the baby three times a  day.

Lets hope her milk supply holds out.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Interesting topics. Like a recent study indicating that 81 percent of persons living today are living poorer than their parents, Miami’s attempts to fight Zika, pesticide Nald being used, and FDA gives approval to use GM mosquitoes on a test basis in Key west suburb Key Haven.

Plus, Hillary has physical problems that need to be revealed, a new third party candidate, sex scandals in the Secret Service, a Federal court denying Libertarian and Green Party candidates the right to participate in Presidential debates, Swedish refugees scheduled for deportation disappearing, and more.

Last night began with a manicure at 5 with Tammy. She and husband Ricky do a big business. The place was packed. Fortunately, I had an appointment.

Then to Aqua for the Dueling Bartenders.

Tom Luna behind the bar. Dressed as Tom Luna. The two drag bartenders Goddess Galore and Beatrix Dixie.

I have mentioned previously that Rick Dery is a marvelous Goddess Galore.

Beatrix Dixie new to Aqua. Only a couple of weeks. Wow! He/she could fool me! Tall, thin, an ass, great breasts, lovely face, and a lovely blond wig I could not tell was a wig.

No, I am not jumping the fence. However, Beatrix is a rare beauty.

Sheila was at the other end of the bar. She came over, looked at Beatrix, and said…..Would you believe? First time she had seen Beatrix.

John Nolte was sitting with Sheila. She introduced us. A Key West resident six years. From the Chicago area. Radio stations a big part of his former life.

A nice guy. Look forward to running into him again.

My choices for dinner were crispy duck at La Te Da, a prime rib at Outback, or the Chinese restaurant in the Sears Shopping Center. Chinese won out. I enjoyed egg drop soup,orange chicken, and conversation with a lovely Asian waitress.

I listened to Trump’s economic talk at noon yesterday. He was cutting everyone’s taxes. All I could think was how would we run the government? There would not be enough money.

Enjoy your day!


3 comments on “EMOTIONAL

  1. All liberals understand is raising taxes. Just like hillary saying she will raise them on the middle class.
    A good course on capitalism and economics would help would help with such shortsightedness. It would be too easy to just look at history.

    • From the other side of the coin, Supply side trickle down economics also has been show to be a failure. Starting with Reagan and through the Bush/Clinton era, the national debt has grown exponentially. The economy has been good for some, excellent for a few well connected and pretty bad for tens of millions.

      The real trick to good governance if finding the right balance between needed social welfare programs and the big ticket items like defense and 11 aircraft carriers with the fair imposition of the costs to pay for them upon all levels of income.

      All while paying for the infrastructure, necessary contractual/legal regulations, etc. to foster a truly free and open marketplace. A market all believe in and feel is fair and not rigged for a few special groups.

      Of course, with crony capitalism in play, the fabulous Citizens United ruling and corruption to their very core, neither a Republican nor Democratic government can achieve this ideal. Hence our massive multi-trillon dollar debt that will never be repaid if anyone wishes to be honest and our continued spending overseas on wars, the military and entitlements like a drunken sailor.

      You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either we raise revenue to: 1. pay off a 20 trillion dollar debt (that alone would be a massive tax increase) 2. support the largest military in the world 3. rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and nuclear deterrent now using DOS and floppy disks, 4. continue the social security system to avoid entire states like West Virginia going south worse than the Congo OR we will implode badly and without any control far worse than 2008. We maybe able to print money so far and flood the world but sooner or later, like any profligate family, the credit card balance will come due and the collectors will arrive.

      If you haven’t figured it out, the FED is an insider crony organization that doesn’t know its hind end from the front. A POX on Austrian and Keynesian economics, they both fail.

  2. We maybe able to print money so far and flood the world but sooner or later, like any profligate family, the credit card balance will come due and the collectors will arrive.
    end quote

    I’m afraid that this phony economy will cause a bigger crash than 2008 and when it hits it’ll be hard. But when do we start to bury our money ?

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