Sad Key West news. The Restaurant Store and Cole’s Peace Bakery on Eaton Street are closing after a long run. The Restaurant Store opened in 1989. Cole’s Peace Bakery next door was purchased by the Restaurant Store owners in 2003.

“Mainstays” come and go. Economics the destructive factor when the end comes. The two establishments were an integral part of Key West for many years. Sorry to see them go.

Sonny McCoy was Key West Mayor in 1978. On this day, he water skied from Key West to Havana. Took him 6 hours 10 minutes to cover the 110 miles.

Syracuse walloped Western Michigan 48-7 yesterday.

The game looked like a Syracuse disaster in the making in the early minutes of the game. Western Michigan scored a touchdown on the second play of the game. Turned out to be just a burp. That was all the glory Western Michigan was to receive. 

Syracuse’s first real test of the season comes next week when the team plays Purdue.

Morocco hurt bad! More than 2,000 deaths recorded so far. The earthquake the largest to strike Morocco in decades. Help desperately needed.

Hurricane Lee not expected to make landfall anywhere on eastern U.S. shores. However, Lee will batter U.S. beaches along the way with waves up to 10 feet and severe rip tides. The waves reportedly will cause flash flooding and structural damage.

Never left the house again yesterday. Continued feeling down and out. Hopefully will get out today. I’m late at visiting Donna in the hospital..

Rory McIlroy is striking the ball impressively in the Irish Open. He’s averaging 325 yards plus drives. A WOW! Going into the final round today, he is only one stroke out of first place.

A joy to watch him play!

Highly respected retired conservative Federal Judge Michael Luttig says Trump “corroded and corrupted American democracy.” Added, Trump “catastrophic for America and for American democracy.”

Coco Gauff is the new U.S. tennis star. She won the U.S. Open yesterday. Nineteen years old. A glorious future ahead.

She makes us proud!

Senator Tommy Tuberville is being destructive to our military. Makes him look like he’s on the side of the Russians. Can’t help but wonder.

I find it difficult to believe his efforts are sincere. He is nothing but a smug self seeking 15 second notoriety seeker . Unfortunately, his 15 seconds has turned into months.

It is time for him to realize government is not a college football game.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I remember back in the mid 90’s first coming to KW and stumbling on the Restaurant store around the corner from Harpoon Harry’s. What a find ! it had everything packed into this little space. Hard to explain but sooooo, Key West.

    Then they moved and it was never the same. Larger space, looked all fancy and stuff easier to find. Not worth going. It was like going to a fancy second hand clothing store on ‘Main Street’ back home in Syracuse.

    It’s the locals who have ruined Key West

  2. Same goes for that bakery. Cole’s when it was on Southard (? I think) was an art. Impossible to deal with but OMG a work of art, the kind of place that MADE Key West. But when they moved, it just lost everything and you still couldn’t get what you wanted most of the time anyhow. Besides who really want’s to eat in a place like that if you are in KW. I don’t know that the new owners really “got” Key West

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