It’s called growing pains. Microbreweries/minibreweries have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Competition arises. The older guys don’t like the newer ones. Pressure arises. Pressure brought by the older companies upon the newer companies.

Hogfish have been around since time immemorial. Fished with a spear.

Dogfish have been around equally long. A  shark species.

A company in Delaware whose name contains Dogfish wants local Florida Keys Brewing Co. to change the name of one of its beers. Hogfish. To avoid confusion. Don’t want people ordering Hogfish thinking it is a Dogfish brew.

Ridiculous. I do not see it in this situation. No one has a singular hold on fish names. Especially under these circumstances.

Florida Keys Brewing may be considering capitulation. I can understand. Legal costs in such a case can be burdensome. Especially for a relatively new company.

I would take one last shot at the problem. Florida Keys Brewing should tell Dogfish they will change Hogfish to Spearfish if Dogfish changes its name to Shark.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Chart Room last night. Drunk lady not there. I assume she was a tourist. I had never seen her before and hope to never see her again. Bill bartending.

Ran into Ted. Ted from Wampsville, NY. How many of you have heard of Wampsville? Wampsville is a small community in central New York. County seat for Madison County.

Ted is a fellow lawyer. Spent most of his career as a court clerk. A responsible position. The brains behind the judge.

Ted has vacationed in Key West for years. This year for a whole month. Retired.

The past two years, Ted has stopped into the Chart Room looking for me. Our paths did not cross. We exchanged cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses to avoid such a problem in the future. We intend to have dinner together before he leaves.

Ted and I exchanged legal talk. I tried cases in the Madison County Courthouse over the years. I enjoyed the conversation. Lawyer talk. A while since I have had someone to do it with.

John was outside at the Beach Bar. Visited him. Cold!!! The Beach Bar sits on open water. Low 60s with 20 mph wind.

Met Brian and Shanon at the Beach Bar. Nice people. From Columbus, Ohio. I love Columbus. Spent many a day working there on Nationwide matters.

Brian a realtor. Shanon in HR work.

First time in Key West. Having a great time!

On the way home, stopped at Publix. Cupboard really bare. Spent twice what I normally do.

Watched a bit of the Syracuse/UNC-Greensboro game. Syracuse won 90-77.

William Hackley still having dental problems. 1856 had to be a painful year. He was up most of the night with intense teeth pain. Went to Dr. Walton’s office in the morning. Dr. Walton “sacrified” his gums and “cut down to the roots.”

Dentistry years ago not as it is today. Pain!!! I recall my visits in the late 1930s and 1940s. Today, almost painless.

I can imagine how painful it had to be in 1856. Dentistry? Or, butchery?

The North Roosevelt Boulevard cross-walks continue to be in the news. Someone wrote to Citizens’ Voice re the danger: “Next to all the cross-walks on North Roosevelt Boulevard should be kiosks where you can buy life insurance.”

Something bothers me. I am a liberal at heart. As most of you are aware. I believe conservatives generally are on the wrong track.

The Key West Library is permitting its facility to be used at noon today for a two hour meeting. The group the Florida Keys Indivisibles. Political. Democratic at heart. Popularly referred to as bird doggers.

The organization is an activist training seminar. Speakers I assume trained provocateurs. The cry to organize and oppose. Require legislators to attend a town meeting, attend town meetings yourself, tie up with similar groups across the, be confrontational,  etc.

Will the rhetoric of the campaign ever cease?

Sounds like a guerrilla training camp to me.

Bocce tonight.

Have to hustle. A haircut with Lori at noon.

Enjoy your day!




  1. “A company in Maryland whose name contains Dogfish wants local Florida Keys Brewing Co. to change the name of one of its beers. Hogfish. To avoid confusion.”

    Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is incorporated and based in Milton, Delaware. As an attorney like you, I know you appreciate the legal facts.

  2. I hope Hogfish doesn’t knuckle under. A Hogfish is a Hogfish, a member of the Wraisse family. There are mostly speared in the Keys, but, are caught on hook and line elsewhere. We’ve ‘caught’ , not speared, quite a few this season. A change to Spearfish is wrong and I hope the company fights the demand to change, and, wins. And also wins their legal costs.

    I continue to believe liberals are on the wrong track, especially those like the ‘indivisibles’.

  3. Louis, I met those Florida Keys Indivisibles at their ‘recruitment’ table outside of The Bottle Cap bar 2 weeks ago. I just bet that they are paid for their lefty efforts training and protesting at Republican elected leaders’ town meetings by that infamous, made wealthy by offensive means, socialist,one world order advocate George Soros. I should go to the Fleming St public library where the Indivisibles are 2 hour training to protest their miserable antics, but I will stay in and listen to Rush on the radio station that comes from Marathon bc Key West won’t play Rush.

    • Diana, you’re far too lazy and dumb to lead anything. I do like the idea of you and Louis paying a bunch of money to self publish some turd of a book. See The Workd Upside Down. What’s that up to , Louis, 10, 12 copies sold? Can’t wait for Growing Up Italian. Said no one ever.

  4. Key West radio won’t play Rush !? Thats a good place for a protest.

    Maybe its time for a group called the Florida Keys Individuals [or some such moniker] to protest opposite the indivisibles.

  5. Patrick, good idea you have there – a Key West group protesting opposite the Indivisibles. I might lead it. Thanks.

    • Indeed. You could call them the “True Americans” and mandate that anyone looking remotely foreign or strange leave at once. Probably a lot of places in Key West where people don’t look or act like the typical Ohio farm couple, which is the American Ideal of purity and Greatness, so starting there would be fun.

    • Diana, you’re the worst. Like, it’s a thing. You’re shit Upper Keys reputation has gained a foothold in the Lower Keys. The other day I got some unsolicited shit talk about you from Tom Hambright. Nicest guy ever, super patient, still got one in there. Cause that’s you. And just to round it all up, you’re a racist, you’re poorly educated and you have no professional accomplishments. As Trump would say: Sad! Terrible!

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