Not much to share today. Yesterday was a do nothing day overall. A couch potato most of the day.

It was a good day! There is a need to rest body, mind and soul on occasion.

I watched the Syracuse/Georgia Tech game in the evening. Had planned to watch at Don’s Place. All of a sudden getting ready seemed like too much work. I stayed home.

Syracuse won by one point. 46-45. Not a pretty win, not an impressive game.

Syracuse did play well. The problem was they could not get the ball to go in the basket. Too many shots missed. Several lay ups.

Gamblers know what they are doing. The Vegas line was Syracuse by 1.5 points. Syracuse won by one point. Amazing how they can call most games!

I did work a few hours in the afternoon researching next week’s KONK Life column. A very interesting topic. Involves a new Black Panther group in Dallas. Ferguson motivated the rebirth of the organization.

The north is freezing in sub zero chill factor weather. When  extremely cold up north, it is cold in the south. Key West went down to 62 in the evening. I don’t fool around. Grabbed a blanket and turned on the heat.

Such was my nothing day.

Enjoy your today!

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  1. The city commission does not want to kill the golden goose. It appears Fantasy Fest will remain relatively intact. Good !

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