A time when Republicans are screwing up. In just about  everything. One being the Presidential debates. Terrible. A disgrace. The candidates in revolt.

Last night was a Democrat debate. Described as a forum. I can understand. All three candidates not on the stage at the same time. Each had his/her own time seated directly opposite moderator Rachel Maddow.

I learned more last night regarding Clinton’s and Sander’s positions and thoughts than I had before. The debate/forum a success from my perspective. Assuming of course that the purpose of these things is to make people aware of policy positions.

Maddow deserves credit for the success. She handled the entire event skillfully. No gotcha attempts. Previous moderators from debates by both sides could learn a lesson from Maddow.

Martin O’Malley for the first time got a chance to show his stuff. He is around 2 per cent in the polls. Made no difference. He was a candidate and got equal time. As a result, for the fist time people are aware of his positions and learned he is an intelligent personality.

Lunch with Jennifer yesterday at Roostica. We had business to discuss.

I ordered also a Sicilian deep dish pizza to go. My dinner last night. I stayed in to watch the Democrat forum.

Syracuse/Louisville at 12:30. I plan on watching. Hope I can get it on TV down here. So far every game has been available. Though none ever listed. I believe the game will be shown on CBS itself. Whatever, I look froward to watching.

Syracuse a 14 point underdog. Three key defensive players did not make the trip. Injuries. Not mentioned as an excuse. Merely for information purposes..

Syracuse is 3-5. Louisville 4-4. Just maybe Syracuse might win.

Howard Livingston tonight. At Casa Marina. He is entertaining the Parrot Heads. I believe the public is welcome.

Sick minds on the island. Nothing new. Still commenting negatively about Fantasy Fest. Specifically, this time the Zombie Bike Ride. A “drunken sexually charged, skin and leather affair…..madness.” As set forth in this morning’s Key West  Citizen’s Voice.

I have never participated in the Zombie Bike Ride. Just about everyone I know doses, however. Ingenious costumes. Bikes decorated. Faces skillfully disguised. Many families. Tons. Entire business offices.

I cannot believe drunken, sexual, etc. Most of the riders not the type who would do such things publically.

We live in a crazy world. I say it every week on my blog talk radio show. Another shooting. Marksville, Louisiana.

Six year old Jeremy Mardis buckled via a seat belt in the front passenger seat. His step father driving. Six year old Jeremy shot to death. His stepfather hospitalized with bullets lodged in his brain and a lung. The shots fired by police officers.

Two police officers arrested and charged with murder yesterday. The police chief on TV said the “…..most disturbing thing I’ve seen.” Meager details so far. Vague. I hope they come out today.

Today in the year 1917. The first free Russia government was overthrown. The White Bolsheviks headed by Alexander Kerensky were deposed by the Red Bolsheviks led by Lenin. Kerensky had been the first President of free Russia.

Alexander Kerensky taught me Russian history when I was in college. Exciting courses. Learning from a man who was there for the revolution and played a big part in it.

He had to escape Russia immediately when deposed. He escaped through European countries and then into South America. Eventually, he made his way to the United States.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou’s police hatred continues, hack. The father led police on a chase topping at 100mph. Then drove at officers when he was cornered. Officers didnt know there was a kid in the car. Just that a car was being driven at them. Only one who knew there was a kid in the car was the bad scum parent.

    • Gotta agree that Monday Morning quarterbacking is far too easy for those of us (as in ALL of us) that were not there. That said, it is a tragedy about the little boy but that blood to me is on his idiotic Father’s hands, what the Heck was he thinking. Oh yeah, he wasn’t.

  2. Don’t be charmed by Martin O’Malley. He is not what he presents himself to be. He’s a smooth talker, but he speaks with a forked tongue and out of both sides of his mouth. He all but raped the residents of Maryland during his 2 terms (yes, TWO very long terms!!) as governor, and then stole furniture from the Governor’s mansion on his way out the door last year. He has been groomed to run for the presidency for the past 15 to 20 years, backed by his wealthy father-in-law. He left this state in a bureaucratic quagmire and taxation beyond belief (he taxed Maryland residents for RAIN!) He, no doubt, would do the same as the Commander in Chief, and would most likely go down as one of, if not the worst presidents in the history of this nation, if we even survived his term ad such .

    • “Maddow deserves credit for the success. She handled the entire event skillfully. No gotcha attempts. Previous moderators from debates by both sides could learn a lesson from Maddow.”

      And to be what FOX claims to be (Fair & Balanced), let’s recall that Maddow made her left political inclinations known long ago so obviously she would be soft on the Democrats.

      However, I wish we could get a civil Republican debate with actual detailed questions on how everyone on the dais will provide the nation and especially seniors with affordable health care, the solvency of Medicare and Social Security, explanations as to why Trump can go bankrupt on each failed business venture while a college student can’t go bankrupt when his college loans financially destroy him, etc, etc. I would rather hear their real world solutions then the stupid personal rhetoric they are set-up for by useless moderators looking for sound bite sot sell advertising placements.

  3. Marksville. I wonder what the liberals will think when they find out the police were minorities and the victims appeared to be white. And, that the father/driver may have attacked the police with his vehicle. Time will tell, we shall see what happens or happened.

    Debate. Liberal MSNBC and Maddox interviewing democratic candidates. Yep, thats going to produce some tough fair questions. Another rousing rendition of Kumbaya. O’Malley another empty shirt thats not to be trusted. If the democrats could come up with a decent candidate I’d be interested.

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