I had computer problems yesterday. Of my making. Did not know how to correct. Sloan not available. Took me till last night to figure it out.

Ergo, no blog yesterday. Sorry. Today, a doubleheader.

I was out early New Year’s day. Around 4. Did some late partying. Grabbed a bite at Hot Tin Roof. My intent was then to return home to watch a game.

I was walking by the Chart Room. Looked inside and saw David sitting alone at the side bar. Went in to say hello and Happy New Year! Had no desire to drink. Wanted to get home.

A gentleman stood up at the table nearby. It was David Taylor. David is from Kentucky. He has been a loyal blog reader for years. Comments occasionally. I was happy to see him. Met his wife Marilyn and friends Martin and Randy.

Martin and Randy are from North Dakota. North Dakotans are smart people. They went for the pipe line. Everyone earning top dollar. MacDonald paying $20 an hour.

I shared a few words and left. I did not want to be late for the game. I hope David and friends will be here the rest of the week and we run into each other again. If not, next year! I would like to have a drink with you, David.

The Citizens’ Voice has been having an ongoing discussion re the cost of bicycles in Key West. Someone reported two bikes were stolen at the Bight. One $2,600 and the other $1,500. The numbers on the high side. However, bicycles are expensive in Key West.

Someone wrote no bike is worth more than $75. In Key West, one is. As with everything else, a bike costs mucho dollars. Probably half the Key West population are without cars and use a bike for everyday transportation. Cars are not required. Especially if you live in Old Town. Key West is a small island.

Go out and try to buy a used bicycle. $300, if you are lucky. More like $700-800. New ones can be off the wall.

Yesterday, I did a blog which I never sent out. Wiped it. The reason being I was a bit nasty in my comments re an incident. Better to say nothing. I did not write another blog. I was still upset. I wrote a brief note saying no blog because my pen was poisoned.

I received a ton of comments. Why is your pen poisoned? Some via e-mail, some by phone and a couple in person. That which was bothering me, is over now. I am back to me.

Syracuse lost to Miami yesterday 64-51. It is going to be that kind of season. Never would have expected it with the basketball team. Even the mighty shall fall!

Manicure with Tammy yesterday afternoon. Wow! Business was terrific. Women standing waiting for manicures and pedicures. I make an appointment so had no problem.

Tammy was surprised by the crowd. All appeared to be locals.

I think the four day holiday weekend had something to do with it.

Anna from Novara e-mailed yesterday to wish a Happy New Year! She also complained of Italy’s immigration problem as it is personally impacting her.

The immigrants are mostly Muslims from North Africa. Their goal Sweden and Denmark. Novara part of the route to those countries..

Anna was upset. Anna lives in a high rent district. Extremely expensive and beautiful 1,500 year old buildings. She has owned her apartment thirty years.

She advises the immigrants are using the magnificent court yard to defecate and urinate.

Immigration continues and will continue to be a problem in most European nations for several years.

I spent a lot of time yesterday researching this week’s KONK Life column. At the moment, the title will be the United States Invades Russia. We did. Back at the end of World War I. The Russians have never forgotten.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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