Something amiss in the Trump administration when it comes to truth. Little to be found.

It begins at the top and runs down. Trump unquestionably a liar. His subordinates picking up on it. Pompeo a most recent example.

Re the Soleimani killing, Pompeo tweeted Iraqis were “dancing in the streets…..for freedom; thankful that General Soleimani is no more.”

He even offered a 22 second video to support his statement.

The video showed 20-30 persons running down a street. Their voices, if any, not audible.

The tweet went viral. More than 5 million have seen it.

Turns out the persons in the video were running down the street, not dancing. There was a voice. One voice. Of a man standing next to whoever was videoing the scene. He was praising the killing. His comment had nothing to do with the people in the street.

Why do they lie? It galls me. It further bothers me that half the people believe the lies.

War is a concern. Those who think not are fooling themselves.

My hope is that Trump’s decision will end short of war. “Short of” being the operable term.

Pompeo and Trump claim Americans are safe because of the killing. They are not. Anywhere on this earth, including U.S. soil.

This morning’s news tells us that Trump gave Israel advance notice of the plan to kill Solemani. Good going, Donald! Tell your buddy Netanyahu. Fail to tell Congress.

I have said in the past I think Netanyahu plays Trump as Putin does. Netanyahu for years has wanted Iran destroyed. He believes Iran is a constant danger to Israel.

The problem is Netanyahu is afraid Israel cannot conquer Iran alone. He therefore wants the U.S. to initiate an attack first. Israel would then join in the war.

Now for lighter matters. Involving Key West one way or another.

More to share re the Key West of the 1970’s.

Another author of prominence bought a home in Key West. James Kirkwood Jr. Co-author of A Chorus Line for which he won a Pulitizer Prize in 1976.

In the early 1970’s, Kirkwood became one of the first owners of a house in the Conch Grove Compound in Old Town. He was a frequent Key West visitor till his death in 1989. He was one of several gay writers who purchased homes in the 1970’s.

His thoughts re Key West interesting.

Key West is “not Florida, maybe even not America, but a city and a state of mind. It’s the end of the line, even the world.”

He was of the opinion that “Key West always had a great attraction for people who are a little tilted, a little crazy…..a little off center, even kinky.”

My yesterday began with breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s. Amazing the business the place does. Diner food. Good for the soul, sticks to the ribs.

Four o’clock found me at Jack Flats to watch the Syracuse /  Georgetown game. Syracuse lost again. By one point 88-87. The lead changed hands 18 times.

Watched the game with Syracuse area fans Don and Chris and Dan and Lisa. Ollie, too. Other than Ollie, I have not seen the others in roughly a year. It was good to be with them again.

Dan and Lisa have owned a restaurant in Skaneateles, N.Y. for many years. They sold November 1. Good for them.

Not easy running a restaurant. Dan the cook. Worked 7 days a week. Lisa the hostess. Retirement time! May they enjoy.

Stopped at my Lisa’s on the way home. Finished the family’s dinner left overs. Chatted a while. Then home.

Ollie mentioned yesterday a cold front was coming in. It came. It was here this morning. When I started doing this blog at 6, the temperature was 70 degrees. It will not hit 70 or better again today. The temperature will level out at 66.

Winds gusty. I can hear them as I work. Winds 20-30 mph.

Can’t complain. The weather the last 10 days has been fantastic. Hovered around 80.

Two significant events occurred this day. In different years, of course.

In 1531, Pope Clement VII forbade Henry VIII from remarrying. Henry was anxious to dump Catherine and wed Anne Boleyn.

In 1920, the New York Yankees announced the purchase of Babe Ruth. One of the greatest acquisitions in all sport history.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Lou – do you think that the private Russian Bank plane that landed at 3:30 in the morning in Ft. Lauderdale had anything to do with the Iraqi mess being a diversion for something else.

    • Yes, I read about that, it is all over twitter. Apparently that is the Russian Bank that guaranteed all of the loans that Trump got to guarantee all of Loans from Deutsche bank, at least according to a leak from that bank. Scary thing is they say the guy who leaked the documents has now turned up dead. No body knows why the Russian Bank people are here on the QT. Explosive news, I’d say.

  2. Update: the plane left Fort Lauderdale just after midnight today (Sunday) and returned to Moscow. The same plane made the same round trip on the same dates exactly a year ago. Trump remained in Washington during this period last year.

  3. I think that if Iran decides to retaliate by killing one of our generals, say General Mattis, we’d up the anti and probably kill two more of theirs.

    This could go on for weeks or months until the whole world was a war. Thousands of people would die.

    But if Iran was smart enough to take out JUST donald Trump, nothing would be done, except maybe the heartfelt thanks of the entire nation.

  4. Several years ago Russian plans were seen coming and going from the Sanford, Maine air field which is only a short drive from Kennebunkport. Is there a link to the Trilateral group?

    • That was a single, scheduled and preannounced trip, covered by the press and completely above board and open.

      As usual with you Sandy Brains, you have this wrong and total false equivalency, a stupid and clumsy attempt at spinning.

      Don’t forget that Trump was all over the place with how he hads no dealings whatsoever with Russia. No deals, no plans, no loans, etc., etc. He lied, are you OK with that?

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