Back to Key West in the 1970’s. A time of discovery. The beginning of rediscovery for this gem of an island.

Today, writers. So many have populated Key West. A bit of history re where they lived in the 1970’s.

Many ended up renting small cottages on Windsor Lane. Across from the cemetery. It became known as the Writers’ Compound.

The authors found it a good place write. Something about Key West made it conducive.

Most were winter residents. Lived elsewhere other times of the year . Generally in luxurious homes. The Writers’ Compound provided only small cottages. Their winters a different lifestyle.

Too many writers to list. A few will be named.

Richard Wilbur was a prime mover in bringing his compatriots to Key West. He was the U.S.’s 2nd Poet Laureate. A Pulitzer Prize winner.

Another Pulitzer Prize winner John Hersey. Most famous for A Bell for Adano. He also wrote Key West Tales, a series of short stories.

John Ciardi wrote poetry and prose. Frequently spoke on National Public Radio.

Famous movie actor Richard Burton’s foster father Philip Burton took up winter resident in Key West, also.

An interesting observation., Most of the early authors were not gay. They were straight and lived in the Writers’ Compound with their wives. It was not till the 1980’s that the gay community discovered Key West.

I was out and about last night. Felt good.

Fist stop of course was the Chart Room. John bartending. A bunch of Chart Room friends seated at the round table. Room was made for me.

Enjoyed being with them again. Steve and Cindy, Jean and Joe Thornton, and Sheila.

Steve and Cindy are experts when it comes to the 1970’s. They lived and worked in Key West those years and are still here.

I learn much about the old days when I chat with Steve. Last night was Richard Boone time. Paladin in Have Gun, Will Travel. A successful TV series back in those days.

Boone was visiting Key West. He discovered the Chart Room. Steve says he kept himself happily inebriated the whole trip.

Jean, Joe and I were off to the Hot Tin Roof afterwards for dinner. First time for me in quite a while. Food, help and atmosphere still the best.

New menu was terrific to choose from.

Jean and Joe were my benefactors during Irma. I was an escapee to their home in Birmingham. A close relationship developed from the experience.

We had a good time.

As I was leaving the Chart Room, I heard “Louis.” It was Bob from Pandora, Ohio. Bob and his charming wife Cathy. We had never met before. Bob told me the connection. He has been reading this blog for years.

Love you, Bob!

Bob and Cathy have visited before. The last time 5 years ago. They are staying at the Pier House. Bob is the owner of a window and door business. Cathy is retired. Became bored. Returned to work part time. At an Arby’s! Children grown and out on their own.

Nice people. Wish I had more time to chat with them. Jean and Joe were waiting outside for me, however.

This afternoon at 4 at Jack Flatts. Syracuse/Notre Dame with my friends, Syracuse fans Don and Chris and Dan and Lisa. I look forward to seeing them. It has been almost a year since their last visits.

New Year visitors still here.

I have said it before and I say it again, Key West is way overcrowded this time of year and during season. Even the tourists are complaining.

Traffic an abomination. Took me 15 minutes to travel U.S.1 to the Boulevard from the golf course.

Tourists pay no attention to cars. They walk in front of you without looking. Bicycle riders all over. Each an accident in the making. Key West has had the most bicycle accidents in the State of Florida 2 years running.

Duval too crowded to walk on.

The City fathers are killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Tourism will eventually cut back. Because even the visitors will be upset. They will go elsewhere to vacation.

Money talks. No question about it. The Hill.TV Democratic Presidential Poll came out yesterday. Bloomberg tied for third with Warren.

And he has only just begun!

The funeral for the Iranian general killed in Iraq a couple of days ago was yesterday. Mourners walking next to the car carrying his body and behind it chanting “Death to Americans!”

Yesterday, they wept. Today they will weep. Eventually the weeping will stop and be replaced with revenge. How and in what form will it come?

A world wide conflict could occur because of the general’s death. The Middle East is a hot bed. Muslims must have their revenge. Someone has to pay. The Americans first. It was a U.S. drone intentionally aimed at the general’s car that caused his death.

Trump, Pompeo or someone else in our government said, “The strike was aimed at deterring future Iran attack plans.”

Recognize that the death of one person can cause a major conflict. Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination in 1914 eventually led to World War I.

Enjoy your day!

12 comments on “1970’s WRITERS’ COMPOUND

  1. I wonder if Trump will become like Hitler and take over from his generals in directing ground level military operations?

  2. “He’s already set a standard for presidents that most mortals won’t be able to meet.”
    — Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Trump
    I see two ways to take this one.

    • What if he wasn’t even the target and just another one of our oopses?

      You can play with that theme all day, especially if you are only trying to spin this into some sort of reduced crime event.

      Any way you cut it, it was MURDER.

  3. we used to love Key West for a winter escape, but no longer. Too touristy and kind of a rip off. We found a couple other alternates that fit the bill now

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