Comcast down again this morning. From 7 am to 12 noon. No internet-e-mail and TV. For the doubter last week when I complained re Comcast, Comcast does provide e-mail service with the internet.

Today, tuesday. Great day for Comcast to be down. I have my podcast show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou this evening. Normally, I would do the blog in the morning and then prepare for the evening show in the afternoon. The internet required to do both!

Ergo, I am behind. I started researching for tonight’s show at noon. Skipped over and did Key West Lou Live on Facebook. Now the blog which I normally do first in the morning. When the blog is finished, I will return to working on tonight’s show.

A crowded day. All because Comcast screwed up again.

I am not upset. Pissed, yes!

Last night, Dueling Bartenders. Good crowd for this time of the year. Tom and Rick their usual terrific selves. Lovely Laura Richardson guest entertainer. What a voice!

It was good to see Joseph. The last time I saw him 3-4 weeks ago, his face was swollen. He was aware. Did not know the cause. Last night, his face back to normal. What did you do? Nothing. It went down on its own.

Laura’s parents are Rob and Maria. Both retired lawyers. Now live full time in Key West. Entrepreneurs. The family owns the great new bar Roost, the art gallery SALT, and half of Mary Ellen’s.

I mentioned to Rob and Maria how much I enjoyed Mary Ellen’s. Especially the grilled cheese sandwiches. Added, I had seen the dildo races once. Yes, just what you think.

Rob advised the dildo races were run one night a week and the money raised went to charity. So far the race has raised in excess of $60,000. In less than a year.

Sally spotted me. Came over and sat next to me. A friend from Hot Dog Church and the Rum Bar. Good company.

Hustled over to Macaw’s afterwards. Small crowd. I was surprised.

Mary joined me at the bar. A tour guide at The Little White House. I enjoy talking with her.

The blog is short. I need to work on tonight’s show. Topics will include Kavanaugh/Ford, Florence, baseball great Sandy Koufax, and the new Presidential Alert System.

The preceding topics when completed will take all of 15 minutes. Need to add another 15 minutes.

Join me for Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. A fast moving half hour. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “COMCAST DOES IT AGAIN

  1. Lou,

    Not to pick a fight but your email account is a gmail address. Meaning that it’s available on your phone.

    Even if your Comcast internet is not working, as long as you have cellular service to your phone, you have access to the internet and to your email account. Comcast is just a gateway to the internet, it has nothing to do with your Google (gmail) email account.

  2. However, using the “cellular” area of your phone service for things like email and internet service is generally slow and unreliable, say nothing of VERY costly. Reading while using cellular is one thing, using it to create data or publish a blog is awkward at best. Your ‘help’ on this is not a good answer for Lou’s use.

    • I’m merely stating the fact that he CAN get to his email if he needs to, by using his cellular connection. Whether he wants to use it that way is up to him…now that he has the Facts.

  3. Let’s get back to Global Warming. Just read another article on the subject and it seems like kids born today could see the Keys go underwater in their lifetime.

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