Clarence Thomas is a black bigot. A black man who wants to be white. He gets closer to it every day.

In the South Carolina racial gerrymandering case decided yesterday, Thomas voted with the six Republican majority. The victory definitely anti-Black. The decision will make it harder for civil right advocates to bring racial gerrymandering claims. Thomas supported the majority position in a concurring opinion. He had to write one apparently motivated to let everyone know how white he has become.

In the concurring opinion, Thomas implied the Supreme Court should stop intervening in the redistricting process of States’. His way of articulating the Court should not hear racial gerrymandering cases. 

Is he crazy? Racial gerrymandering cases are the Black persons’/minority’s way of seeking relief where a Republican state legislative body votes to screw its Black population out of the power of their vote.

Thomas used his concurring opinion to also write a strong rebuke of Brown v. Board of Education suggesting the Court had overruled its authority in the landmark decision. The landmark decision that banned separating Black  school children by race.

His contrariness re racial gerrymandering cases and rebuke of Brown v. Board of Education shows his Black mental pigmentation is receding and his White coming out. He is succeeding in being accepted as a White man in White circles.

Thomas and his buddy Alito have to go from the Supreme Court. 

Yesterday’s South Carolina decision requires specific mentioning. The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in favor of Republicans that South Carolina did not unlawfully consider race when they stripped Black voters of the power of their vote. The decision will make it harder for civil rights plaintiffs to bring racial gerrymandering claims.

The vote was 6-3, The 6 Republicans voted in support of the decision, the 3 Democrats opposed. Even more repulsive, Justice Alito wrote the majority decision.

Two thirds of Democrats fear violence may follow the Presidential election. Based on a Reuters/Ipsos poll released yesterday.

I agree if Trump loses, there may very well be violence. It is the nature of Donald Trump. His way is ruination. His actions in defeat could  result in a civil war. If per chance Trump wins the election, within a short period of time the U.S. will become a dictatorship. Yes, a Reich. Donald will become Adolph.

The hurricane warning came out yesterday. It was predicted the hurricane season could be the worst in decades.

Eight to 13 hurricanes, four to seven major ones. Most aggressive ever.

The cause is primarily attributed to global temperatures. It has been unusually hot. Cyclones intensify three times faster as a result.

The DOW dropped 605 points yesterday. The DOW closed at 39,065.26.

It was the worst day of 2024 for the DOW.

Worry not. What goes up, must come down. And vice versa.

The market may rise today. If not, bad news Another down day will not be a good sign.

Trump rallied in the Bronx last night in hope of attracting Black votes and making New York State go Republican in the Presidential election. New York has gone Democrat for a very long time.

Trump promised to “make America great again.” Rally attendees appeared supportive. Repeatedly chanted “Build the Wall!”

A change has taken place. Cannabis has topped alcohol as America’s daily drug of choice.

Did a bit of shopping at Publix yesterday. The pantry was empty. For real. It was shop or starve.

Prices up again. Needed Publix tissues. The normal sized box. Three dollars plus the cost for one box. Crazy!

Just like Campbell’s Soup. Over $2 a can.

In my opinion, Biden has done an excellent job. Two problems, however. Two that make some who supported him in the past now believe Trump will do better.

The two items are basics. The price of groceries and gasoline. Biden has to do something with these two items over the next few months.

An issue discussed at the recent Marathon meeting re rehabilitation of the Seven Mile Bridge included adding a dedicated bicyclist/pedestrian lane that would be separated by a barrier.

Seven miles awfully long. Wise?

Time for Schooner Wharf’s Minimal Regatta again. Sunday. Boats made of “barebone supplies.” More of a sink and swim situation.

Party time this day in 1953 on Big Pine Key. Four hundred Keys residents came together to celebrate the advent of electricity on Big Pine Key.

Enjoy your day!

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