There are two constants. Death and change. Death not the topic today. Change is.

The Chart Room has been my home away from home for 20 years. My first stop every evening.

It was Key West. Yesterday and today. The pandemic and death have changed it.

During the 20 years, it was locals and tourists. Rare was the evening I would not run into local friends. Locals including snowbirds.

It was fun. Chatting with them and the locals we would meet.

Now that I am back on the road again, the “locals” most nights is me.  Jean, if she is in town.

The locals have moved, sold their homes, lost them in foreclosure or died. In recent years, it has become economically difficult for many to remain.

The Chart Room is one of Key West’s most famous haunts. Tourists continue to arrive. In even greater numbers than before the pandemic.

John still bartending. Some 5 years. I need more than John to make my evening complete, however.

I stopped in last night. About 10 tourists. I the lone local. Chatted a few minutes with John and the tourists. Not the same. I left.

Decided to have dinner at Pepe’s. Danny Hughes just bought it. Decided to make Pepe’s a once a week dinner stop to show my support for Danny.

Old Key West in atmosphere. Not many locals as I recall. It has been years since I have had dinner at Pepe’s.

I drove by. The place was full. People waiting on the sidewalk. Did not even stop.

Decided to try Shanna Key. A for real Irish restaurant. Located on Flagler. I was looking for food at this point, not company.

A huge bar.

I enjoyed a meal my mother used to make. Fried liver and onions. Outstanding! I enjoyed the meal, thought of my mother, and watched the second half of the Alabama game.

Syracuse had a doubleheader yesterday. Two games. Football and basketball.

It was a bad day at Black Rock. Syracuse lost both games.

Syracuse played football against North Carolina State. North Carolina won 41-17. The result was to be expected. Syracuse continues to fail.

The basketball game was another story. Syracuse played Colgate. Generally, not even a contest. Colgate not in the same league as Syracuse. The game is played this time of the year because Colgate is a Syracuse neighbor and Syracuse uses the game as a warm up.

Not a Syracuse warm up last night. Colgate shellacked Syracuse 100-85. I did not see the game. Caught a Boeheim post game interview. He said it was defense. Syracuse failed on defense.

Colgate was able to make 18 3 pointers. Impossible against the fabled Syracuse zone defense.

Not last night.

Representative Paul Gosar continues to be an object of fame by the nuts with whom he sides. He is the House member who was censured last week for running on Twitter a cartoon of himself killing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  and shooting at President Biden.

Gosar announced yesterday that he thought Kyle Rittenhouse deserved the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The man an elected political whack.

An inspiring quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

Doctors are warning the flu season will be deadlier than most. Their advice: Get the flu shot!

As I am prone to repeat, I swear by the flu shot. Have been getting the shot for 20 years. Prior thereto, got the flu twice a season. No fun! In the last 20 years, not once!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Lou, we met you a couple of times and will be back in Dec. Hope to see you there! I had noticed a while back in 1 of your blogs you mentioned not drinking. I’m sober now and am hoping I will still love Key West as much as I always have. I think I will but there is this little thing jingling in the back of my head…….anyways, as much as I used to tell myself the bartenders hate a tea totaler that is not reason enough. I can totally see that bar being overrun by us tourists but I was hoping there would be fewer not more now. Ah well……

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